Tuesday 23 October 2007

All Burma Democratic Force of Malaysia's Media Release: A Memorandum to the Government of Singapore

Source from, The Malaysian Bar, 22 October 2007

All Burma Democratic Force's Media Release: A Memorandum to the Government of SingaporeOn behalf of all Burmese national regardless of race and religion, we, at the All Burma Democratic Force (ABDF), Malaysia that is an umbrella organization of different ethnic, religious and political organization of Burma, which include National League for Democracy (liberated Area) led by Dr. Naing Linn, National Democratic Party for Human Rights (NDPHR) exile, Malaysia, Democratic Federation of Burma (DFB), Malaysia, All Burma Muslims Organization (ABMO), Malaysia, Burmese students and youths forces and peace loving people strongly condemn the Government of Singapore for extending supports to the brutal military regime of Burma that has been cracking down against peaceful demonstrators and so urge upon Singapore to immediately cancel your supportive hands over the regime in order to settle the crises in Burma urgently.

We notified that Singapore Inc companies have been some of the biggest investors in and supporters of Burma’s military junta, while its government, in the rare times it is asked, suggests a softly-softly diplomatic approach toward the junta. Tiny Singapore ranks alongside China and Thailand as Burma’s biggest trading partners. It is collectively known as Singapore Inc, they gather around the $150 billion state-owned investment house Temasek Holdings, controlled by Singapore's long-ruling Lee family. With an estimated $3 billion invested in Burma (and more than $20 billion in Australia). When it comes to Burma, Singapore pockets the high morals it likes to wave at the West.

Moreover, Singapore is a crucial manager and supplier to the junta, and Burma's economy through hotels, airlines, military equipment and training, crowd control equipment and sophisticated telecommunications monitoring devices, the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, (GIC), has invested heavily in the Myanmar Fund, an investment company set up to promote and finance investments in Burma. Lo Hsing Han's Asia World Co. also has shares in the Myanmar Fund.

Singaporean companies also have provided computers and communications equipment for Burma’s defence ministry and army, while upgrading the junta's ability to communicate with regional commanders - so crucial as protesters take to the streets of 20 cities in Burma, while your (Singapore) government has provided the equipment for a "cyber war centre" to monitor dissident activity, while training Burma's secret police, whose sole job appears to be ensuring democracy groups are crushed.

Mention may be made that Lo Hsing Han controls a heroin empire and one of Burma's biggest companies, Asia World, which the US Drug Enforcement Agency describes as a front for his drug trafficking. Asia World controls toll roads, industrial parks and trading companies, while Lo Hsing Han is tied with half of Singapore’s investment in Burma. Lo Hsing Han is a drug lord, an ethnic Chinese, from Burma's traditionally Chinese-populated and opium-rich Kokang region in the country's east, bordering China.

All these have been highly encouraging to commit repeated crime against humanity and against is own people. Singapore is the main responsible country for the state terrorism of Burmese regime because, the international community is calling upon the regime for immediate reform in the country and also requesting neighboring countries of Burma to review their policies towards regime as well.

The brutalities of the Burmese regime is not new phenomenon in the region but taking place for decades to which Singapore would open its eyes and ears for the welfare of innocent civilians who are the victims of gross human rights violations.

In the recent day, the regime has imposed sever restrictions on the movement of civilian including monks, activists, human rights defenders, peace loving people and religious leaders and that has intentionally bringing starvation, while brutally and crucially killed numbers of peaceful demonstrators. The regime is also systematizing women, children, young generation and aged old people in serious ways, monks and religious leaders were severely beaten up with the buds of guns as non-sense who do not have religious belief and commonsense at all.

In order to stop violence and to have peaceful settlement in Burma, Mr. Ibrahim Gambari, the appointed UN envoy visited Burma and neighboring countries. But your government did not show positive views with the UN Envoy and the International Calls. It is seemingly showing support to militarization and totalitarianism in Burma, while the regime is intentionally neglecting the calls of international community and world leaders for economic and political reforms in Burma and to release all political prisoners including Daw Aung Sann Suu, the only imprisoned Nobel Laureate of the world. This regime has along history of violent reactions to peaceful demonstrations and involved in gross human rights abuses against its own nationals, particularly against the ethnic and religious minorities like Rohingya, Chin, Kachin, Karen, Shan, Mon, Pa-Oo, Palong, Muslims, Christians, Hindus and etc.

For us, it is the time for Singapore that must immediately freeze the bank accounts of regime’s members and boycott diplomatic relationship in order to restore democracy in Burma unless the regime engage in dialogue with Burma's political forces, including the National League for Democracy (NLD) and all ethnic groups in Burma; to take initiative to alleviate economic hardship and introduce serious reforms, ensuring human rights, peace, justice and freedom for all regardless of race, religion, color and etc.

These kinds of fascist and brutal behaviors of the regime and your supports are well known to the world and this Burmese regime is recognized as the worst regime which is totally not acceptable anyone in the world.

The Burmese regime is a threat to the regional and international peace and security as it does not respect the human rights and violates the universal declaration of human rights and international human rights mechanisms.

It is, therefore, we urge upon the Government of Singapore to immediately review its policies and to cut off all kinds of supports to the Burmese military. In case of failure to chance your motives, you may face serious problems in the future as we will not give up our rightful and legitimate struggle for the restoration of democracy and human rights in Burma, ending the brutal state terrorism of the regime; and we may urge upon the UN Security Council (UNSC) and international community to take action against the supporting countries of the regime.

We also call upon the UNSC to send UN Peace keeping forces in Burma rather than sending UN envoy as the situation is deteriorating day by day. China and Russia must warn Burmese regime that they would support full consideration of the situation there by the Security Council, as well as adoption of a Council’s Resolution on the same issue.

We also call on the international community, particularly China, India, and ASEAN countries to increase pressure on the SPDC to immediately cease its violence against unarmed peaceful protesters and to commence political dialogue focused on genuine reforms.

All Burma Democratic Force (ABDF), Malaysia is an umbrella organization of different organizations of different races and religions.

For Media Contact:
Mr. Mohammad Sadek (English) Tel: 0163094599
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