Thursday 18 September 2008

135 Muslim Arakanese Arrested for Traveling

 By NDPHR(exile),

136 Muslim Arakaneses were arrested in Kyauk Tan bridge area of Akyab, Arakan state, on 15 Sept 2008.

They were arrested at about 7:30 am of while they got in the cars which run to Rangoon. Authority suspected them as traveling to Rangoon therefore they were arrested and lifted by military lorries. Males were detained at no(1) police station lock-up of Akyab and females were detained in Central Jail of Akyab.

The source from Akyab said, “they all were sentenced to 6 months jail without court order, for their traveling from state to state. Since the military imposed restriction on the movement of Muslim Arakanese, their traveling is act like illegal”. Source also confirmed that some in the previous have been already passed more than 7 years in detention with no trail.  However, there is no such punishment for traveling in the legislation of country’s Laws..

He also added, “6 of 136 persons  who are believed to be agent or monitor, were lifted to Rangoon for the fulfillment of further punishment upon any-means of their relatives presently living in Rangoon”.

A confidential source from Rangoon said, “ we are worrying for reminiscence by authority. We have been settled in Rangoon for some decades. This is one of the unacceptable exemplary punishment on us. We were born and grown up in this country but no right to live like others”.

“The arrestee 136 persons are likely to be lucky compare to previous arrestees in Thaungup township who were killed by local Buddhist Rakhaings demonstrating anti-Muslims pogrom in Arakan region”. He further added.

“It is very hard time for us in Burma. We are not getting enough source to sustain and no right to move from one place to another. We need international intervention to free our lives”.  Said a spokesman from Islamic Affairs Council who declined to mention his named.

“Muslims are not our citizens. It is Buddhist country. If Muslims need to stay in our country, they would practice our customs. They would join in various Buddhist festival as well”.  Stressed a member of military from Tetma(1).