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A Brief Presentation on Rohingya” by clicking the below link-


Victims of Ethnic Cleansing in Modern Day Concentration Camps (July 2014)


RSF: How long will the Burmese Media Spring last?

(interviewed with Habib on "Test of Media Liberalization")


The Equal Rights Trust - Burning Homes Sinking Lives
(source: \)
(Burning Homes, Sinking Lives A situation report on violence against stateless Rohingya in Myanmar and theirrefoulementfrom Bangladesh, June 2012)

MYANMAR: What next for the Rohingyas? (March 2012)

(source: )

Thailand Rohingya Refugees:   


Burma, Bangladesh and the Rohingya: a Failure to Protect?
By Rebecca Devitt on September 6, 2011-

The Rohingya Refugees: Victims Of Exploitation

5 Oct 2009, by Kyaw Soe Aung, gs for NDPHR(exile) USA,


"Perlious Plight" : Burma’s Rohingya Take to the Seas
May 26, 2009, HRW 


23 Jan 2009, Equal Rights Trust-ERT letter to Thai PM Abhist Vejjajiva


( The first reported forced expulsion on 11 December 2008 resulted in approximately 580 Rohingya being cast out to sea. Over 230 of them are reportedly missing or dead.)

( The second forced expulsion involving over 400 persons took place in the same manner on 18 December 2008. This group was towed in a single barge and abandoned in international waters north of Thailand’s Koh Surin Island. Over 300 of this group are presumed missing or dead.)

The Burmanization of Myanmar's Muslims 2008, Cambridge Journals Online;jsessionid=E70DC858848BE1C070883F8DF9646832.journals?fromPage=online&aid=688139

Burma’s Muslims: Terrorists or Terrorised?, 
Canberra Papers on Strategy and Defence Number 150 (Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University, Canberra, 2003).

10 years for Rohingya refugees in Bangaladesh: past, present and future

by MS Frontières-Holland - 2002



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