Thursday 25 October 2012

Attacks(8 June - 20 Oct 2012)

"Report of ongoing ethnic-cleansing pogrom against defenceless unarmed Rohingya"
in Arakan state of western Burma (8 June - 20 Oct 2012)
Total destruction and causalities
According to the information we received, the death toll of Rohingyan exceeds 10,000 from Sittwe township alone and a few thousands covering from Maungdaw, Rathedaung and Kyauktaw townships. Most of them were shot dead, brutally beaten to death, burnt alive and killings of thousands of the rest of those taken away by security forces into hidden areas. 
About 16,000 of Rohingya houses and at least (57) mosques from (70villages across (8) different towns of Sittwe, Maungdaw, Rathedaung, Kyauktaw, Rambre, Myebon, Pauktaw and Ponnagyuan townships were burnt down and more than (100,000) Rohingyas are displaced and shelterless in these regions.
Muslim victims comprising Rohingya, Kaman and Rakhine mulsims of Rathedaung, Kyayuktaw, Rambre, Myebon, Pauktaw and Pnnagyuan townships received no aid from the beginning and no aid group has visited up to August.

 ......................................................escalated report details...................................................................
The following report is a brief of ongoing crisis in Arakan is developing day after day based on information attained from inside Arakan by the help of Rohingya activists in both home and exile. Some information are lately came as a result of communication difficulty therefore please read them all again.

Overall Situation for All Areas: 
22 Aug: The high ranking authorities are enhancing the Yangon based muslim organizations to organize  a rally against UN envoy and foreign intervention. Authority said that they should do if they want to stay peacefully in the country.

(Fresh Attacks Begin in Kyauktaw, Ponnagyuan and Rathedaung towns of Arakan from 5 Aug )
5 Aug: From today afternoon of 5 Aug, Rakhine people begin freshly attackings of Rohingyas in Kyauktaw, Ponnagyuan and Rathedaung towns. Despite the villagers informed the military on the time of Rakhine people approaching their villages, the military did  not respond.
Rohingyas in these regions are very minority and no foreign diplomat or UN staff has been accessed to visit.
There are yet to escalate more brutal crimes while no appropriate action has been taken by the UN.

27 July:  Rohingyas are still confined and faced the worst part of difficulties with foods and medications. Those in Northern Arakan state are extraordinarily facing constant harassments of authorities.
Homeless Rohingyas from Kyaukatw and Rambre townships received nothing from the beginning. Overall those additionally dying day by day from starvation and sick are mostly children and older people.

21 July: Rohingyas in all over Arakan are still confined as refugee detainees, facing subsequent harassments and buying or managing foods is officially prohibited.
The condition of very few Rohingyas, Kamans and Rakhine muslims living in the other regions of Kyauktaw, Rambre, Mrauk Oo & Minbya, Pauktaw and Kyaukpu townships is unknown. Generally, UN Organi zations do not have formal contact with people of these regions. Unlike Rohingyas in Northern Arakan, their lives and survival are in the hands of local Rakhines and authorities.

17 July: It has been over 40 days now, the military government is openly escalating more brutal crimes. Rohingyans have been confined with constant abuses and without food. Some Rohingya those attempted to escape by boats through the sea were fired by launchers by navy forces and those captured in inland-waters were defined as illegal enterers and punished to unknown. (photo of thrown bodies of Rohingyas after shot)

Schools have been opened from last week and all Rakhine children are attending while Rohingya are disposed to languish in uncertainty.
The government and Rakaine state minster who is also Rakhine people party-RNDP's president and high-ranking authorities are openly stopping any kind of food supply or finding foods by Rohingya themselves.

However, the demon military government that repeatedly committing crimes has been receiving more kind and diplomatic approaches. It is the time therefore no Rohingya could be survived. Soon, they all will be exterminated within the scope of government's pogrom.

11 July: The overall situation in Arakan/Rakhine state is still worse and there are tens of thousands of Rohingya with lack of food and shelter, particularly in isolated areas like in Rambre, Kyauktaw, Rathedaung township where muslims are very minority. The dead numbers from starvation and lack of medic are steadily rising day to day.
A few thousands of those live in the tents of refugee camps along Darbaine (Daebaine) village, Gwaladil (Taechaung) village, Shisha Fara and Thakkaybyin (Sakki fara) village, are also facing flood due to heavy raining season.

Systematic confinement without food, shelter and not allowing to find or manage food, is another crime related to slow extermination system of the government. Day to day a number of sick people including women and children are dying from starvation, lack of medical care and shelter.
It has been one month now the communities from around the world are restlessly callings and already elucidated in many reports. The failures in Burmese affairs like in the past by UN and Western Developed Countries would escalate more death toll.

Newly founded the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission which founded on 5 Sept 2011 by three retired military generals and three professors, had provided report last week after four days visit to Arakan from 27 June. In the statement, 56 of 72 relief stations are at Buddhist monasteries and being met with basic needs.
It is also found that the commission's report was referred for Rakhine nationals and all sorts of aid have been distributed to Rakhine people under the supervising of local authorities that included distribution to unrelated four relief stations for Rakhine people of Rathedaung township and at least two relief stations for Rakhine people of Ponnagyun township.
In deed, There were no Rakhine displacement except from less than 10,000 Rakhines those from model villages of Maungdaw town and about 500 people those from about 50 houses of Mingan village of Sittwe town. All authorities do considered are for its national people while muslims are not considered as national at all.

Conduction checks on immigartion status of muslims by immigration authority came from Yangon jointly with local authority, has been reached at Aungmingala Quarter of Sittwe and all of those listed were categorized as Bengali. The list has been taken at the house of secretary of Aungmingala Quarter, known as Saya Shwe Hla. Regardless of origin Kaman or Rakhine muslim or Rohingya, it is described in the official paper that these Bengali people are come to live in the following village.
It clearly indicates the government's draconian plan to exclude all muslims from Arakan before it conduct the census by 2014. Previously, it is not a matter for muslims of Arakan to become Rakhine muslim or Arakanese muslim or Burmese muslim but the problems with like now the government is branding them as illegal immigrant, depriving their rights and taking away their properties.

1) ............................ In Maungdaw township ....................
18 Oct (Ko Ko Lin's email): In the morning around 8:30am, 4 Rohingya youths from Buggone Nah village, were captured by a group of 22 Bengali Rakhine Natala villagers while the 4 youths were going to cut grass near by the hill for their household cattle. 20 of 22 Bengali Rakhine Natala villagers equipped with knives and daggers and the rest two were with M-16 guns. After capture, the 4 victims were tied up and brought to the Natala Rakhine village where they were harshly tortured.
During the gang sat for drinking alcohol, the 4 victims managed to escape. The gang chased them back so one of them who was on struggling with tied rope was unable to escape.
The freed 3 victims reached at their respective homes. The parents and relatives of the remaining victim reported the issue to the military camp of Nyaung Chaung village. But the military authority replied that it is none of its business and to solve the problem by own way.
What happen about the captive victim,  Mohammed Hasson-26 s/o U Abul Hashim is also unknown.
The freed 3 victims are identified as:, Iman Husson-22 s/o U Lay Rhdu, Mohammed Roshid-20 s/o U Abdullah, and Mohammed Shah-30 s/o U Abdu Malek.
19 Oct (Kaladan Press): The police personnel- U Maung Chey- extorted 100,000 kyat from 5 Rohingyas youth who are sitting and talking each other in a place near the Maungdaw clock tower with allegation of breaching the emergency Act 144.

15 Oct (Kalandan Press): A group of Nasaka personnel went to the Barsara village tract under Nasaka area number(8) and arrested 2 villagers– Mohamed Jalil -45 s/o Abdullah and Jakaria-50 s/o Noor Mohamed – while they were sleeping in their homes on October 13. After arrest, Mohamed Jalil was severely beaten up by the Nasaka personnel without any reason.  However, on that night, he was released after taking Kyat 100,000. But, Jakaria has been detaining in the Nasaka camp because he is unable to pay the Nasaka demand money.
Besides on 11, Nasaka personnel also arrested two villagers – Sayed Alam-30 s/o Sirazul and Pir Ahmed-32 s/o Jalal – hailed from Myint Hlut village. They have been tortured and detained in Nasaka area No.(8).
In similarly, Rashidullah-30 s/o Abdu Rahim, hailed from Udaung village, was arrested by the Nasaka  of Udaung out-post under the Nasaka area  No.(8) on 14 October.
The three Rohingya villagers- Syed Alam, Pir Ahmed and Rashidullah- are still detained in the Nasaka camp as they are not able to pay the Nasaka demanded money to be released. They were also accused that they were involved in the riots.
At present, Nasaka personnel accompanied by Village Administrator U Thein Maung (Rakhine) are harassing; extorting money, arbitrary arresting the Rohingya villagers in Udaung village.
(Kaladan Press): Natala (New settler) villagers are stealing Rohingyas’ cattle openly in Maungdaw since June riot. The security forces are also helping the new settler for stealing the cattle while grazing near the forest. The army also took away cattle, goats and fowls from the villagers with the collaboration of Natala villagers. Sometimes, they shot the cows and goats in the field and were taken to their camp. Occasionally, the army shot dead some of the villages when they met on the road. They have no difference between Rohingyas and animals.
The Natala villagers took away 4 cattle from grazing field where many cattle were grazing at that time on October 14 evening. The cattle belong to Hamid Hussain-40 from Khonza Bill village  under Aley Than Kyaw  village tract. Hamid complained to the local Nasaka personnel under Nasaka area number( 7)  about his cattle which was taken by Natala, but the officer told him that they will investigate later.
Similarly, the armies who have been taking security measure in Maungdaw south were taken away 50 cows along with Natala villagers from Gudusara village, while grazing in the field.
The army went to Nurula Para after arrival at Maungdaw south from Buthidaung, took out all the villagers including women and children and beat them severely. Some of the villagers were arrested and also looted goods, gold ornaments and cash from the villagers.
(Kaladan Press): A Rohingya villager Abdu Karim-28 s/o Abdu Goffar from Gudu Sara village, was arrested and severely beaten up by army and Natala villagers while he was returning from collecting firewood nearby forest at around 2:00pm. They severely tortured till he became unconscious and left by hanging at a tree to be seen by people. At about 4:00 pm, being informed, his relatives accompanied by some villagers went to the Nasaka camp of Padaung and gave the information about the event. So, a group of Nasaka along with the villagers went to the spot to bring the unconscious man.
(Kaladan Press): Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) checked every family lists, houses and shops in Maungdaw south recently. Yesterday, a group Nasaka personnel from the Nasaka area No.(7) went to the Khonza Bill village and checked every house. The Nasaka also checked family lists and houses in Aley Than Kyaw village tract earlier. With various allegation, the authority arrested some owners identified as Kabir Ahmed-30, Sayed Karim-32, Azam Ullah-30, Aman Ullah-35 and Toyub-28 from Khonza Bill under Aley Than Kyaw village. Toyub gave Kyat 20,000 to the Nasaka personnel, but other four villagers were not able to give money to the Nasaka personnel, so their family lists were taken away and told their family members to be present in the Nasaka camp today.
14 Oct (Rohingyablogger): On 13 October 2012, around 4:00am, a group of about 30 armed Rakhine extremists attempted to attack the main mosque of Maungdaw (Myoma Kyauk Pali Gyi). They destroyed the main gate and broke into the mosque at a time when Curfew or Martial Law imposed in the region was in effect. They entered the religious school besides the mosque and threw away the Holy Qurans from the cupboards.
After that, they broke into the room of the generator engine and tried to take out petrol in order to torch the mosque. When the two people who guard the mosque screamed seeing them, the people who live around the area of the mosque gathered. So, the gang run away before the military arrived.
12 Oct (Kaladan Press): The army arrested Noor Ahmed-45 s/o Zabor Muluk, Mohamed Hussain-36 s/o Du Du Meah , Kalu-55 s/o Meah Hussain, and Shuna Meah-33 s/o Abdu Zalil from Theray Kondan village of Maungdaw south. The armies are also looting valuable things from villagers, taking away their cattle, gold ornaments and money.  The Rohingya villagers were arrested by the collaboration of Natala villagers. After arrest, they were severely tortured and then brought to Maungdaw town and handed over to police. Now they are under the police custody. They also took away one motor bike from one of the arrestees. At present, every day, the armies with the collaboration of local Rakhine villagers go to the Rohinga villagers of Maungdaw south and commit rape against the Rohingya girls and women. When the army went to the village at night, the male villagers (men) ran away from the villages to avoid arrest. Taking this advantage, the army and the Rakhine villagers committed rape against the Rohingya women and girls. It is being a normal occurrence in the Rohingya villages.

In Maungdaw Town, police enter the Rohingya houses in the guise of searching the defendants (culprits) during night and raped the women while the men are absent for fear of arrest.

In addition, on October 9, at night, police went to Ward No.(1) of Maungdaw Town, and entered four houses, not finding any man; they seized 4- family list and asked the women to choose it the following day, said a local elder who denied to be named.

5 Oct (kaladan Press): A group of Rakhine youths of Horsara Natala village accompanied by army stopped the vehicle near Horsara village and attacked it and looted a bride-party vehicle when the bride-party was returning from Nolbona (Pandawpin) village at around 3:30 pm of 4 Oct.
All the people including bride were severely beaten up by them after getting down from the vehicle. But, they took away gold ornaments from bride, Ms. Shazan and her sister.
Meanwhile, some Rohingya villagers informed the event to the British ambassador who is visiting Maungdaw south yesterday but when some members of envoy went to the spot to see the matter, the culprits –Rakhines and army—fled from the scene. However, all the victims including bride went to the Nasaka camp No.(7) and gave complaint the matter. An officer of Nasaka told them. The bus owner was identified as Musu Uddin of Aley Than Kyaw village tract.
3 Oct
 (Kaladan Press): The Nasaka has established Nasaka check-posts in every bridges, or culverts, Maungdaw-Aley Than Kyaw high way and Maungdaw- Bawli Bazar high way and then increase toll collection from Rohngya travelers.
The Rohingyas villagers from rural areas have to pay Kyat 200 to 500 per head at the Nasaka out-post. Sometimes, the Nasaka takes Kyat 500 to 1000, if the villager has more in the pocket.
1 Oct (Kaladan Press): Burma border security force (Nasaka) personnel from outpost camp-12 under Nasaka area number(5) arrested 3 Rakhines who beat Rohingya fishermen in Ywanyotaung village today after the information was sent by village administration officer. The Nasaka personnel rushed to the area where the Rakhine group were beating the Rohingya fishermen and arrested 3 Rakhines and other were fled to the Rakhine village.
The 3 Rakhine arrestees are kept in the outpost-12 for interrogation. The Nasaka officer identified the 3 Rakhines as- two of them are from Bangladesh and one from Rathedaung town.

(Kaladan Press): In the morning of 30 Sept, a group of Sarapa army (military intelligence), Nasaka (Burma's border security force) accompanied by some local Natala villagers (Rakhines) went to Horsaraona  and Lamba Gona villages of Zawmatet village tract and tried to arrest the villagers. So the villagers ran away and the security forces beaten up some 30 women including Ms Madani. The forces entered into the houses and looting  some gold, money, clothes and destroyed household things.  They also looted 35 cows and over 50 goats from the village. They entered at least 40 houses and destroyed cooking pots and some new ones were taken away. They also arrest some villagers including Fazal Haque and were brought to the Nasaka camp. The Natala villagers were holding long swords during the operation period of security forces.

The same security forces also entered the Marulla Para (village) and took away eight family lists and asked the female villagers to choose it by giving money when their husbands arrived from hiding places.

They also went to Sarcombo village and its market and chased the villagers but one villager named Fazal Ahmed-45 was arrested. They also beaten up women villagers as they did not find their husbands. A woman from this village was severely beaten up as she barred them from taking away her 3 cows. They also took away 7 cows from the village.

Besides, the security forces entered the Kunna Para (village) and insulted the females and then arrested some villagers.

According to villagers, about 300 youths are being trained at Kyein Chaung (Bawli Bazar) army camp from last September. After training, they will be appointed  to Rakhine villages as Militants. The training is going on from 8am to 4pm. They will be equipped after training.  This makes Rohingya villagers more frighten.

30 Sept (Kaladan Press): A passengers bus carrying  more than 35  Rohingyas- men, women and children- coming from Inn Din village of Maungdaw south to Maungdaw  Township, was attacked  by Rakhines and army today at about 2;30pm. The owner of bus is U Khin Zaw alias Shanuwas  son of master Abul Jamil @ U Ba Maung.
The bus was stopped by the army – the security forces for new settler (Natala) villagers-  Khaing Gyi  where most of their partner Rakhines – new settler of Khaing Gyi – were hiding near the check post. The army started checking the bus after stopping and the Rakhines were looting all the belonging of passengers. After that, both Rakhines and army started beating the passengers (Rohingyas). Some passengers ran ways from the bus and take shelter near Rohingya villages. The army and Rakhines destroyed the bus glasses and chairs. At last , the bus finally reach Maungdaw Township with some wounded Rohingya passengers  and reported to the concerned authority, but  no action was taking  to Rakhines  settler and army  till evening.
Besides, Oli Ahmeed son of Bodi Rahman from Pa Nyoung Bin Gyi (Shaira) was beaten by Rakhine settler from Wethali village – near three miles Nasaka checked post- when  he  was coming from Ward number-6 (4 mile village).
No officers from three miles checked post were involved to save Oli Ahmed from Rakhines settler and he  was very serious position now. The victim was now in Maungdaw hospital  and getting treatment.

28 Sept: Several villages- Mraung Fara near Kiladaung, Quarter 3, Quarter 4, Quarter 5, Dil Para and Hawabil were surrounded by Rakhines and began various attacks.
According to ARU(media), yesterday some Rakhines from Natala village near the Rohingya village Kiladaung tried to kill a Rohingya boy from Mraung Fara near Kiladaung. But the villagers rushed on the spot after hearing the boy's screaming. The villagers followed the Rakhine kidnapers and snatched the boy from Rakhines` hands. Later, the Rakhines entered again in the village with the help of army and harassed and tortured villagers. In fact, the Rohingyas in these villages expressed grave concern over their security and feel need of International Peacekeeping Forces for their protection.

27 Sept (Kaladan Press): Today, 3 Rohingyas- Mohamed Shafi-21 s/o Habi Rahaman, Azizullah-23 s/o Abul Kalam and Habib Ullah-25 s/o Abu Taher from Soung Hodar Bill village of Kyandaung village-  were arrested and detained by the Burma's border security force (Nasaka) over the allegation that they went to Bangladesh.
According to a local villager, a group of Nasaka personnel from the Nasaka camp of Aley Than Kyaw accompanied by a collaborator Biala went to their homes at night and arrested them with the fabricated case while they were sleeping. After arrest, they were severely beaten up on the spot and brought to their camp by the Nasaka personnel where they were detained in the camp and demanded Kyat 500,000 per each to be released.
Besides, on 25 September, 6 Rohingyas were arrested by the Nasaka personnel of Nasaka-out post camp of the Nasaka area No.(5) of Maungdaw north. Of them, two arrestees are identified as Mv Rashid s/o Sayed Hussain and Salim Ullah s/o Nukmal from Hoktuma village under the Ngkura village tract. They have been detained in the camp, so far.  Nasaka personnel demanded huge money for their release.

(Kaldan Press): A Rohingya youth, Mohamed Alam-35 s/o Shofi Rahaman from Tharat Oo village, was killed by the Burma border security force (Nasaka) of Kawar Bill Nasaka Headquarters yesterday night and and the dead body was not handed over to his parents. He was arrested by the Nasaka of  Kular bill Nasaka  personnel of Nasaka area No.(6) on September 15, from his house over the allegation that he was involved in the recent riot between Rakhine and Rohingya community. After arrest, he was brought to Kyigan Pyin (Kawar Bill) Nasaka headquarters, where he was severely tortured and detained.

(Kaladan Press): Today, the armies decided to construct three army camps at Maungdaw south of Aley Than Kyaw, Horsora and Kyauk Pandu (Shita Purika) villages. The armies accompanied by Sayedullah (Nasaka agent from Aley Than Kyaw ) are collecting Kyat 10,000 and two-big bamboo per house. The villagers have to provide forced labor in future to build the army camps. Rohingya villagers are forced to pay money, materials to those constructions.
There is an agreement between Burma and Bangladesh not to build any army camp within 16 miles from zero-line boundary. The Burmese army's attempt to build army camps within the restricted border area is acceptable to Bangladesh or not.

26 Sept (Kaladan Press)The authority – Burma’s border security force (Nasaka)- arrested  more Rohingyas in order to extort money with false allegation.
Nasaka arrested a Rohingya youth, Sultan Ahmed-19 s/o Hussain Ahmed from Horsara village on September 24, over allegation that he was holding a Bangladeshi mobile set and demanded Kyat 500,000 to be released. Despite he was tortured, he does not effort to pay the demand.

(Kaladan Press): An officer of Burma’s border security force (Nasaka), area No.(7) called village admins of Maungdaw south and held a meeting and asked them to give money for building a security camp, on September 24.
The officer called all village admins of Maungdaw south from each village under the Nasala area No.(7) and told in the meeting that he wanted to build a security camp at Buhamu Para in regard to the present situation of the Burma and all have duty to protect the country from enemies. The officer also ordered to the village admins to pay money as per their village. that the village admin (formerly called village chairman) of Aley Than Kyaw has to pay Kyat 600,000, the village admin of Khonza Bill has to pay Kyat 300,000, the village admin of Buhamu Para has to pay Kyat 60,000 according to the size of  village  etc.
25 Sept
 (Kaladan Press)Some of Maungdaw police officers along with some of local Rakhine leaders have listed recently more 190 Rohingyas after discussion to be arrested in Maungdaw Township.
The police officers are identifies as –Maungdaw police station officer U Tin Hla (OC),  U Kyaw Kent (Surveillance), U Thine Lin Soe (police officer), U  Than Tin (officer), U Hla Sein (officer), Aye Tun Sein (officer), U Too Too (officer),  U Hla Win ( Sergeant), U Hla Myint,( Sergeant),  U Maung Chay and U Khin Maung Win. The police will arrest villagers from Maungdaw town and the villagers of Maundaw south, especially from Naska area No.(7) and (8).
On August 14, the said police officers accompanied by some local Rakhine leaders prepared a list of more 190 Rohingys to be arrested and submitted to the district Judge to get approval, but the Judge rejected it. As a result, the police and the local Rakhine leaders went again to the District Administration officer U Aung Myint Soe and submitted the list and got approval. After getting the permission of warrant list of 190 Rohingyas to arrest, the said police officers daily went to the— Shwe Zaar3-.mile Gate village – Somonia village, Maungdaw Wards  and Maungdaw south villages to arrest the people  who are listed in the list. As a result, villagers in rural areas and in Maungdaw Town are not able to live in their homes for fear of arrest by police and Nasaka.  The riot has been nearly four months passed; but the situation is not still calmed.
On September 23, at about 10: am, a local youth named Alison-17 s/o Fokir Ahmed from Maung Nama village went to Maungdaw town for marketing by his bicycle, was halted by Natala villagers of Aung Min Gala when he was crossing the Natala village(established in 1995), and seized Kyat 200,000 and his bicycle. He was also severely tortured by Than Tun, a group leader of the Natala villagers. 

 24 Sept (M.S Anwar's email): About 30 Rohingya shopkeepers were severely beaten up and tortured by NaSaKa near by the station of Zaydi Pyin in the village of Shweza at around 1:00am of today when Rohingya shopkeepers were sleeping in their shops as a means of guarding their shops from thieves and robbers. Some shopkeepers managed to escape were severely beat and tortured them to their satisfactions. Later, NasaKa extorted money amounting Kyat 10000 from each Rohingya shopkeepers and released them.  Since the violence against Rohingyas started in June, many Rohingyas cannot sleep in their homes for fear of arreste and persecution They sleep wherever possible and those who have shops sleep in their shops are being robbed and stolen.

(Ko Ko Lin's email): The 2 Rohingyas- Mohammed Youos-28 s/o Omar Kazi and Abdur Rahman-29 s/o Hussein Ahmed from Kan Bu village of Aley Tan Kyaw village tract, were arrested by Nasaka at 8:00 pm of 19 Sept.

Khaleq Ahmed-40 s/o Younos from Myoma Kayindan was arrested by Police inspector Aung Kyaw Kan and group in front of Maungdaw Custom Office on 21 Sept.

(Kaladan Press): Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) personnel, military and police are continuing arrest and harass the Rohingyas. They arrested have been identified as Jaffar-50 s/o Ullah Meah, Kamal Hussain-35 s/o Shormuluk, Sona Meah-40 s/o Noor Ahmed from Shwe Zarr village. Besides, Kala Ahmed, hailed from Sikder Para was also arrested by Nasaka and police on September 17 to 22 and yet detained in the police camp of Maungdaw.
2 of them were released after taking huge amount of money by the Nasaka personnel of Shwe Zarr out-posts No.(14), and Jaffar has been detained in the camp since September 17, as he was not able to fulfill Nasaka’s demand. As a result, he was severely tortured in the camp.
23 Sept (Kaladan Press): Yesterday, an old Buddhist woman65, was normally dead in a Natala (new settlers of Rakhine) village nearby Charkumbow village, about two miles away from Aley Than Kyaw village.  But, the police tried to carry the dead body to a nearby Muslim village to implicate Rohingyas in the dead connection. But the Rohingya foiled the ominous attempt of police and still prevailing tense situation in that area. Regarding the matter, yesterday night some of army personnel of the Nasaka area No.(7) went to the village to control or to drag the situation into riots between Rakhine and Rohingya communities. 
A group of police from Maungdaw Town went to the village by car yesterday at around 9:00 pm and returned today at round 9:00 am after arresting three Rohingya villagers from Oo-Daung village.
Besides, yesterday, homeless Rohingyas about 18 households from Sobonia Para went to Nasaka aea No.(7)  and asked the Commander for shelter. The officer replied that he has no idea about it, so the villagers went to Aley Than Kyaw village to take shelter.

Today, at about 10:15 am, three Nasaka personnel from Pawet Chaung Nasaka –out post camp  went to  Balu Khali village and arrested Mv. Kala Shuna-45 s/o  Mir Ali from Maung Nama village of Maungdaw township while he was sitting in a tent watching his fishing  project.  He was severely tortured and humiliated by holding his beard. Now he is dying position. Seeing the incident, some of the villagers were approaching to the spot. Sensing the villagers’ approach, the three Nasaka personnel fled from the scene leaving their motor bike. After the event, the victim was sent to his house by the villagers. Later, the motorbike was brought to the Nasaka camp by a Naska aide. The victim was innocent and knowing nothing about the Nasaka’s harassment.
22 Sept (Kaladan Press)Police personnel involving U Aung Kyaw Than, U Hla Thein, U Hla Myint, U Maung Chay, U Hala Shin entered into the Rohingya villages with a new warrant of arrest lists and arrest Rohingya villagers. It is a new method of Rohingya cleansing after returning of Burmese Investigation Team – established by President Thein Sein with 27 member of civil society.
According to villagers,  since June 8, over 1,200 Rohingya villagers were arrested by security forces, now over 800 Rohingyas are remained in jail, others’ whereabouts, were they missing or dead?  

In addition, Rohingya villages are robbed by army, Nasaka or police at night and make propaganda that the terrorists from Bangladesh entered Maungdaw Town and commit robbery. In the morning, the security forces go to the village and arrest Rohingya villagers.

Recently, a group of Nasaka accompanied by some Rakhine youths went to Sonbonia Para and committed robbery against the villager and made propaganda that terrorists from Bangladesh entered Maungdaw and committed robbery. The following day, early morning, police went to the village and arrested many villagers, and extorted money and released.

On September 20, at about 11:00 pm, Boshir Ahmed-22 s/o Dil Mohamed from War Pyin village of Powet Chaung village tract over the allegation that he was sleeping in a tent of fishing project watching the fishing project of his owner Monsor-45 s/o Nazir Ahmed of the same village. After arrest, he was brought to the Powet Chaung out-post camp and detained there.  However, on September 21, at about 6:00 pm, the arrestee was released after taking Kyat 170,000.
20 Sept
 (Kaladan Press): A minor girl (Abdul Anam’s seven years old daughter), was hit by a motorbike of Rakhine on the road of Maungdaw-Aley Than Kyaw high way on September 19. Her leg and backbone was totally damaged but the Rakhine was not arrested. The young girl was not admitted at Alay Than Kyaw hospital as she was Rohingya and no paper of accident was issued by security force. The hospital staffs want money from victim and also security asked mony to issue the paper.

(Kaladan Press): Two Rohingya youths- Hamidullah-26 s/o Gulam Ahamed and Jasim Ullah-22 s/o Sultan Ahamed from Khonza Bill, were stabbed and seriously wounded in their bodies by a group of Rakhines with the cooperation of military on September 19.
A group of 7- Moghs (Rakhines) including a military went to forest from Natala village of Sommana and arrested the two Rohingya from the forest where Hamidullah went to his cultivated land to grow seeds nearby forest and Jasim Ullah went to the forest for grazing his cattle.  After arresting, they were severely beaten up and brought to Natala village. Again they were severely tortured and beaten up again till unconscious by Moghs and military in the military camp of Sommana. Later, Hamidullah was stabbed and wounded in his head and shoulder and Jasim Ullah was also stabbed in his head and one in shoulder by Moghs. The both Rohingyas youth were also kicked and tortured by the military who accompany with Mogh.
They were thrown nearby a stream of Sommana by Moghs in the evening. The relatives of the victims got information and went to the stream and brought to the homes. The both are not able to go to the hospital where payment to staffs and for medical treatment require. They are not able to move as still bleeding from the stabbed.
Last night at about 12:00 pm, a group of Sarapa (Military Intelligence) from Aley Than Kyaw went to their homes and investigated them. They took 3-Photograph per each. They (Sarapa) also told them for treatment. Today morning, the victims were taken to Sarapa camp by the family members while the Sarapa were not present. However, they were brought their homes again without treatment.
(Ko Ko Lin's email): The police Aung Kyaw Kan group arrested Mamed Ullah-19 s/o Kamal Uddin from Shwe Zarr village, Rawbi Alom-35 s/o Noor Amed from Ward(5). They were told, "you, kalla (foreigner), illegal immigrant from Bangladesh, run away, this is not your country as you heard what the president told".

The army and Natala Villagers(Rakhine) killed a cowboy Md Salim-22 s/o Hamforo from Kee Lai Dawng village during he was going with cows
and oxen. They also looted the two oxen. 
The  Hluntin and Moghs tortured 2 Rohingyas near Shweza Bridge
18 Sept: Following to email from Abdullah Arakani, The Nasaka arrested Dawshtik Alom-27 s/o Soyed Alom, Mamed Sha-32 Kamal Hoson s/o Shommo Lawk-35 and looted 10 million kyats from them. Another Rohingya man was betaen-up in the centre point of city play-groud road on 17 Sept.

(Kaladan Press): In the morning of 16 Sept, a Rohingya woman, Arafa-45 w/o late Shafi, hailed from Khonza Bill, was severely beaten up by the military along with Natala villagers of Udaung village tract because she went to the Natala village to take back her relatives' cattle that were taken away by army and local Natala villagers from grazing field, said a villager on condition of anonymity. When she reached to the Natala village, she was coerced to bow down the Buddhist Pagoda with her forehead by the Moghs. When she refused, she was severely tortured by them.She was released with the cattle after taking Kyat 30,000. Army or Nasaka with the collaboration of Natala villagers are taking away the cattle of Rohingya villagers while grazing in the field, said a local youth preferring not to be named.

(Kaladan Press): A Rohingya, Nur Hakim-25 s/o Abdu Razak from Ward No.(5), was arrested by police officer U Aung  Kyaw Kent yesterday at 1:00 pm.  over the allegation that he told the real happening to the Major Geneal Maung Oo. Hakim proved with documents  to the high level officers that his house was burned down and also some Rohingya Muslim were killed by the police, Hluntin (riot police) along with Rakhine during the communal violence in June. He is still detained and tortured by the police at the police station of Maungdaw since yesterday.
After their ( ex-Western Command Commander)  departure, the security forces, Nasaka, police, Hluntin and army have increased arresting the Rohingya people with fabricated cases against the Rohingya people. They tortured the arrestees and some were released after taking money.

17 Sept (Kaladan Press): Nur Hakim-30 s/o Abdu Rajak from Ward No.(4) was arrested by police officer U Hla Thein today, in the morning from his village. His house had already been burned down by Rakhine mob in riots period. The police officer asked him to pay Kyat 300,000 three days before, but he refused to pay the money.  As a result, he was arrested by police today and detained in the police station. Besides, Mohamed Khan-18 s/o Mohamed Ali from Ward No.(2)  was arrested by police officer U Hla Myint, yesterday at about 12:00 noon. Police officer asked Kyat 20,000 for his release, but he was unable to pay the money. So, he was still in detained in police custody.

16 Sept (kaladanpress): About 2:00 am, a group of Nasaka personnel (Burma's border security force) from 3-mile went to Khanda Para (village tract) and arrested three Rohingyas from the houses. The arrested were identified as Younus s/o Abdul Karim, Abdul Latif s/o Abdur Rahim and Kasim. According to sources, Nasaka personnel's' intention was to loot houses and rape women, but they failed. So, they were arrested by the Nasaka personnel. Now, they are detained in the Nasaka camp in 3-mile.

15 Sept:
 According to Mohd Hussein Ali's report, a group of Rakhine and Hlun Tain + Na Sa Ka attacked 4 Mile Rohingya village and burned 3 house at 19:30pm. Then then they arrested  Fardus s/o Roshid Master.
That night on September 16, at 3:30 am, a group of Na Sa Ka and Rakhine around 35 persons (Na Sa Ka from 3 mile Na Sa Ka check post and Rakhine from 3 mile  Rakhine village) also attacked Myo Thu Gyi Sonbonna village and fired. Due to fear of killing and arrest the village ran out of the village, then that group destroyed the house of Abdul Karim s/o Abdul Raham, arrested 4 persons mentioned below and taken them to 3 mile Na Sa Ka chack post., (1) Abdul Latif  s/o  Abdul Raman ( 60 years old ), (2) Ayas s/o Abdul Latif, (3) Yusup s/o Abdul Karim, (4) Yunus s/o Abdul Karim.
(Kaladan Press): General Maung Oo is also the present USDP secretary of Arakan State and accompanied by upper house Parliament member U Aung Zaw Win of Maungdaw constituency, U Shwe Maung, the upper house parliament member of Buthidaung constituency and others parliament members from Rangoon visited to the northern Arakan (Maungdaw) on September 12. After their departure, the security forces such as— Nasaka, police, Hluntin and army increased arresting the Rohingya people with false and fabricated cases against the Rohingya people, tortured and some were released after taking money." The followings are some of the arrestees identified as —-Mohamed Alam-35s/o Shaffi Rahaman, hailed from Mangala (Tharat Oo) village was arrested by the Nasaka of Kular Bill (Thu U Lar) Nasaka out-post under Nasaka area No.(5) , today at around 12:00 noon, from his house and tortured severely. The Nasaka also took away his motorbike. After arrest, he was brought to Nasaka Headquarters.
From Nari Bill village, under the Nasaka area No.(6),  Mohamed Noor-17 s/o Abu Sidique  was arrested yesterday by the Nasaka of Nari Bill out-post camp at about 6:00 pm while he was on the way to home after fishing from his fishing project. However, he was released after paying Kyat 300,000. He paid this money after selling his house compound. Besides, Ahmed Hussain-40 s/o Osiur Rahman, hailed from the same village was also arrested by the same Nasaka yesterday while he was watching his fishing project. He was also released after taking Kyat 100,000. From the same village, the Nasaka more arrested Abdullah-22 s/o Hussain, and Akter Hussain-25 s/o  Mohamed Shoffi while he was going to the market of Kyauk Hla Gaar market from his village at about 12:00  noon. They are detained in the camp and asked Kyat 50,000 per each to be released.
In addition, the Nasaka (Burma's border security force) of Konsi Pyin village Nasaka camp arrested 14-villager yesterday night from Konsi Pyuin Village. The victims were identified as— Mv. Abu Sidique-55 s/o Zabber, Abu Bakker-33 s/o Jabber, Rashid Ahmed-25 s/o Monzor, Dil Mohamed-28 s/o Khalu, Nezamuddin -40 s/o Olison, Abul Shama-55 s/o Mohamed Hussain, Sayead Alam-35 s/o Mohamed Kasim, Bodar Alam-65 s/o Dor besh Ali, Abul Bosher-25 s/o Affalatun,  Mv. Nurul Amin-55 s/o of Asharaf Ali,  Jarmuluk-58 s/o Jabber, and Hussain Ahmed-30 s/o Mohamed Hussain. They were released after taking Kyat 20,000 to 30,000 per each. Another two youths from this village namely Shaker-12 s/o Mohamed Alam and Akram-15 s/o Kalam Kader were severely beaten up by the Nasaka for flashing their  torchlights  to  them while the Nasaka were approaching the local sentry post at mid -night..
Moreover, a group of Nasaka personnel of Fadensa (Padang) Nasaka camp went to Du Yaung Pyin Gyi (Shaira Para) at about 10:00 am, to arrest Imam Hussain -30 s/o Modon Ali, but they failed. So, the Nasaka arrested his mother and brought to the the Nasaka camp yesterday.
On September 14, a group of Hluntin accompanied by some Natala villlagers went to the Baggona village tract at around midnight and tried to attempt robbery against the villages.  But villagers made hue and cry and also rushed to the spot. So they were unable to commit robbery.  Meanwhile, nearby security force (army) also came to the spot and fired to the robbers. So, one of the Natala villagers was hit on his head and immediately sent to Buthidaung General hospital for proper treatment.
13 Sept
 (Kaladan Press): September 8, Noor Khobir-23 s/o Noor Hussain was arrested by police officer U Aung Kyaw Kent of Maungdaw police station. The victim belongs to Ward No.5. Later, he was released after taking Kyat 3000,000. The victim was arrested in the morning while he was going to the market for marketing.
On the same day, at about 4:00pm, Mohamed Rofique-35, a labor from Ward No.3 was arrested by police while he was working at the market and later he was released after taking money.

Besides, Baksha Meah-43 s/o Sultan was arrested by Burma’s border security force( Nasaka) of Pawet Chaung Nasaka out-post camp on September 9, at about 3:00 pm while he was sitting in his shop at the market. He is a shopkeeper, hailed from Wak Pyin village of Pawet Chaung village. After looting Kyat 14,000 from his pocket, the Nasaka went back to their camp.
Moreover, on September 12, in the morning, the police officer U Aung Kyaw Kent (police surveillance) accompanied by some other police men with civilian dress went to Ward No.5 and arrested Sayed Hussain s/o Abdu Rahaman when he was getting out of his house. However, he was released after paying Kyat 300,000.
On September 9, some Rohingya villagers of Nyaung Chaung (Khadir Bill ) village tried to meet the commission members at around 4 pm . But, they could not meet the commission members because of threats from Dr. Aye Maung, the Chairman of Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP) who has instigated the violence against the Rohingyas and one of the main culprits of atrocities against Rohingyas. He threatened Rohingyas in many ways in front of the security forces. As a result, police Hluntin and Nasaka are encouraged to arrest Rohingya people in future.
 9 Spet (Rohingyablogger): The police in Maung Daw started a fresh bid of arresting senior members of Rohingya community. It is said that police are arresting and locking up more learned man and figure heads from Rohingya community so that Rohingyas cannot meet the Inquiry Mission set up by the President and other forthcoming investigations and explain the crimes committed against them.
On Friday around 11am, a Rohingya figure man, U Maung Kyaw from Quarter-1, was arrested for no reason and subsequently sued. We are not sure yet under what cases he was charged. On Saturday (yesterday), around 17 Rohingyas from Quarter-5  were arrested. There were numbers of senior members were arrested from ShweZa village, too.
8 Spet (kaladanpress): 300 families from Maung Nah(Sa Oh Brang) village Buthidaung township was uprooted  by security forces  and looted all their property. The security forces drove out the Rohingya families from the area to Maungdaw. But, the Burma border security force (Nasaka) again drove out them to the Buthidaung town. Now, the Rohingyas families are staying at Nan Yah Gone (Mein Gee Si) village without any home as the security forces are not allowing them to enter to their village.
Similarly, Rohingyas from Rathedaung township move to Maungdaw south, staying in the jungle or village under the trees  since last month. No accommodations are made for them by authority. These Rohingyas are not able to stay in their villages of Rathedaung for their security. Rakhine community from Rathedaung are always trying to attack the Rohingyas community.The security personnel- police, Nasaka, Hluntin and army are not giving protection  to them.
7 Sept (Kaladan Press): Maungdaw police personnel arrested  Rohingyas  from the Maungdaw market and while on the way to market.
Police arrested Noor Mohamed (aka) Maung Kyaw-50 s/o Master Jamalfrom Ward No.(1) of Maungdaw Town, Fayros Khan from Ward No.(4), Delu from Myoma Kayan Dan(Shikdar Para), Mohamed s/o Iliyas and Mohamed Ayas s/o Nurul Salam from Ward No.(5).
U Aung Kyaw Than and U Hla Sein, the police officers led the operation to arrest the Rohingyas from the town. They are also threatening to the Rohingys not to talk to anybody who come from outside after paying demand money to police officer. If anyone talks about the payment, he/ she will be jailed for 30 years.
The police officer U Aung Kyaw Than also said that they have to arrest around 128 people from the Ward No.(5), who were already judgments for sentenced  without person.
A village elder from the Ward No.(5) said that 128 people had already been arrested by security forces and sent them to jail. The police officer demanded Kyat 30,000 per each for their release, but they were not able to pay the money. So they are detained in the police station, so far.
Yesterday, the police officers also arrested U Ba Maung (aka) Potia  from Myoma Kaya Dan village while he was going to Maungdaw market.

(Mohd Hussein Ali's report): The two star police officer Aung Kyaw Kham and four police from Maungdaw Police Station arrested Rohingya villagers and looted money, valuable things. Those arrested victims  are:-
(1) Abul Husson  s/o  Hamzar from Ward Number (5) on 3 Spet  at 9:00 am. His wife also raped by Aung Kyaw Kham.
(2) Ishaque   s/o Hason Shorif  from Myo Ma Ka Yenin Dan (Shiddar Para) village on 6 Sept at 2:00pm.
Arrested on 7 Sept at 11:00am are;
(1) Maung Kyaw (a) Noor Mohamed  s/o Jamal Ahmed from  Ward number (1) 
(2) Saw Lue from Ward number (4)
(3) Farus from Ward number (4)
(4)Mohammed  s/o  Elyas  Ward Number (5)
(5) Another one  from Maung Nee ( Maung Nee Para) village.
 6 Sept (Mohd Hussein Ali):
A Rohingya man with a child and a woman were killed in Maungdaw down town by police and Hluntin on September 4. They were arrested from Maungdaw market and called to South East of Maungdaw big pond behind City-hall where Hluntin security outpost. On 6 Sept, it was seen that police and Hluntin took out those 3 dead bodies from that place and brought to Maungdaw 4-Mile Hluntin Regiment.
Again at about 4:00pm, two Rakhines named Maung Ba Tun and Saw Maungdaw from Bagonna Na Ta La village entered to the East block of  Bagonna Rohingya village followed by five policemen seized all the documentary papers such as ID card, Famililist, land records and extorted money.
(Kaladan Press): The army check-post is established nearby Shwe Zaar bridge of Maungdaw Town. The army has been collecting Kyat 5000 per house excluding Rakhine village.
An owner, Zalal Ahmed has paid 1,800 Kyat for his own two goats to take back from the army which stationed at Nwah yon Taung ( Hor O Dil) school. The two goats were taken away by the army while grazing in a field nearby his house on 25 Aug.

Four fishermen; Abul Shama-45 hailed from Kular Bill village and Abdu Shuker-40 s/o Boshor, Komile-25 s/o Dil Mohamed, Osir Ullah-22 s/o Fazal Ahmed from Nari bill, were arrested by Burma border security force (Nasaka) on September 4, at night for fishing in the Naff River. They gave two kg of fish and paid money to the Nasaka per head to obtain permission. However, they were arrested by the Nasaka at 11:00 pm and detained at the Nasaka camp as a result of the poor fishermen are unable to pay the demand of 50,000 Kyat per each.

(Kaladan Press): A Rohingya female with her three children’s dead bodies were found in Maungdaw town by police and Hluntin and took away by truck on September 4.
The dead bodies were not identified who they were as the local villagers were not allowed to see the dead bodies. Some of the Rohingya villagers had seen the dead bodies that were floating in the creek – it is old stream, the western side of old Rohingya graveyard- and on the western side of the Maungdaw foot-ball ground.

(Kaladan Press): In the present of The Hluntin (riot police), a Rohingya youth Shuna Meah-20, hailed from Bakah Gone Nah village of Maungdaw North, was catapulted by a Rakhine youth in front of the Maungdaw general hospital and from authorized pawn shop on September 2, while he was on the way to home after marketing from the Maungdaw market.
His forehead was seriously hit by the catapult and the iron ball entered to his head. As a result, he was fell down to the ground and some Rakhine youths came to the spot to carry the wounded body in the intention of hiding the body. But, luckily, a vehicle  of GE (army) came to the spot and rescued the victim and sent to nearby hospital for treatment.
On the same day, the Rakhine youths also beaten up severely to a Rohingya shopkeeper who was selling rice  at Maungdaw market. However, he was rescued by some Rakhine women from the market.

(Kaladn Press): A village head Abul Hussain-50 s/o Hamza from Ward No.(5), going to the Maungdaw market, was arrested by the police officer U Maung Kyaw Than accompanied by three other police personnel and taken to police station on September 4. As we NDPHR received information, Abul Hussain and the 6 other Rohingyas were arrested and took away by putting black-mask on the face.
Similarly, Mohamed Isque s/o Hasson Shrif of Myoma Khayoungdan village, was arrested from home today morning with false allegation of involved in the recent riots by police officer  Aung Kyaw Than.

In Maungdaw Town, the police officers such as— U Aung Kyaw Than, Tu Tu, U Hla Thein, U Aung Kyaw Kant and U Thet Naing Soe —- are the most notorious officers  and  give troubles to the Rohingya community.
3 Sept (Kaladan Press):
The Nasaka Commander of Nasaka area No. 6, with the collaboration of Ayas s/o Dil Mohamed from Paun Zaar village and Shah Alam s/o Issaque from Labbor Zaar village arbitrary arrested. Some arrestees from Labbor Zaar (Kayin Taw) village are identified as Mohamed Rashid s/o Abu Siddik (Kyat 3.5 million had paid for his release), Moulvi Habib Salam s/o Abdu Salam (Kyat 2.8 million), Fayas Ahmed s/o Abu Siddik (Kyat 2.2 million), Hafez Iddris s/o Moulvi Amir Hussain (Kyat 1.7 million), Ziabul Haque s/o Boshar (Kyat 1.5 million), Mohibullah s/o Nuruz Zaman (Kyat 2.5 million), Hafez Ziaur Rahaman s/o Rahshid Ahamed and his younger brother Afzur Rahaman (Kyat 4.5 million), Moulvi Mohamed Sayed s/o Amir Bokshu (Kyat 2-million), Moulvi Mohamed Khan s/o Abdu Salam (Kyat 3.2 million), Hafez Ali Hussain s/o Hamid Hussain and his younger brother Ali Boktu (Kyat 2.5 million), Mohamed Juhar s/o Mohamed Hussain (Kyat one million), Moulvi Abu Siddik s/o Abdu Sukkur (Kyat one million), Hafez Mohamed Tareq s/o Usman Goni (Kyat 0.7 million), Moulvi Sona Meah s/o Lal Meah (Kyat 3.5 million), Mohamed Jubair s/o Gura Meah (Kyat 0.8 million), Ms Ayesha m/o  Ismat Ara Begum ( Kyat 0.4 million), Mohamed Esaque s/o Nazir Ahmed (alias) Khalu (Kyat 0.2 million), Moulvi Mohamed  Nozum s/o Khobir Ahmed (Kyat 5 .4 million), Hafez Kamal - Ali Akber  (Kyat 0.8 million),  Noor Alam s/o Queila Meah and his son ( Kyat 2.5 million), Moulvi Idris s/o Mohamed Hussain (Kyat 1.5 million) and Mohamed Yousuf s/o Mohamed Hussain (Kyat 0.7 million).  Besides, Nasaka personnel also arrested Moulvi Mohamed Meah s/o Hamid Hussain from Lobba Zaar village. At first, he paid Kyat one million for his release, but Nasaka again demanded Kyat one million, so he is going into hiding as he was unable to fulfill Nasaka’s demand.
Another villager Kolim Ullah s/o Abul Hashim is also going into hiding because he was not able to pay the Nasaka’s extra demand. At first, he paid Kyat 0.8 million to the Nasaka for his release, but after release, Nasaka personnel again demanded extra 0.8 million money.
Abdur Rahim son-in-law of Yasin from Labbor Zaar village was also arrested by Nasaka personnel and was released after paying Kyat one million. He was detained for 10 days in the camp. After release, Nasaka demanded extra another Kyat one million to avoid arrest again. But, he was unable to pay the money, so he was arrested again.
Mohamed Harun s/o Nazir Ahamed, hailed from Labbor Zaar village was arrested by Nasaka personnel and released after paying Kyat 0.3 million. However, the Nasaka again asked him to pay another Kyat 0.3 million. But, he is unable to pay the money and is going into hiding.”
Kabir Ahamed s/o Noor Mohamed and his younger brother were arrested by Nasaka personnel. He is a shopkeeper of Maungdaw municipal market. At present, he lives at Ali Para of Ward No.(1). Both of them were released after paying Kyat five millions.
On August 21, Border Affars Minister Lt General Thein Htay said that only 987 people were arrested involved in the riots. But, according to local information, more people were arrested by the concerned authorities.

kaladanpress): Some Rohingya villagers were arrested by Nasaka personnel from Udaung village under the Nasaka area No.(8) are; Moulvi. Abdul Motalob-40 s/o Noor Ahamed, Salim Ullah-45 s/o Boduran, Majiullah-20 s/o Salim Ullah, Eliyas-43 s/o Kasim, Noor Kamal-18 s/o Ibrahim, Iqbal-16 s/o Ibrahim, Rahamat Ullah-25 s/o Lal Meah, Leta-30 s/o Amin, Zahid Hussain s/o Fazal,, Moulvi Anwar-70 s/o Ahamed Hussain, Noor Mohamed-55 s/o Tazu Mulluk, Lal Meah-55 s/o Abdu Karim, Azi Rahaman-50 s/o Lal Meah, Leta-50 s/o Taqgul and Azimali-60. 

They have been detained and severely tortured in the Nasaka camp and demanded huge money for their release. However, of them, six Rohingya villagers were recently released after paying Kayt 200,000 to 450,000 per head.

Again, yesterday night, four Rohingya villagers were also arrested from Udaung Village Tract by the Nasaka personnel of Udaung out-post camp under the Nasaka area No.(8). They are detained in the Nasaka camp and identified as Shamsu-25 s/o Ismail, Imran-22 s/o Moulvi Hashim, Moulvi Nazim Ullah-27 s/o Abdullah and Afzu Rahaman-22.  The Nasaka demanded money from them for their release, but they refused to pay the money. So, they are detained and beaten up continuously in the camp.

( Rohingya Blogger, compiled by M.S Anwar):
At 4:00am, a two-star-ranking top police officer called Than Tin was arrested in a raid by a joint group of different departments. The police officer has been in forefront in arresting and torturing innocent Rohingyas and arbitrary extortion of money. He was found in the Sky View Guesthouse with some arrested Rohingyas and caught with the money extorted from them.

Besides, Dr.Nurul Haque, a Rohingya medical doctor from Maung Daw, has been sentenced to three-year-imprisonment for the possession of Bangladesh Phone SIM card. He was arrested soon after the violence against Rohingyas erupted in Arakan.
2 Sept (Kaladan Press): Some of the Rohingya border pass travelers were beaten up by Rakhine youths in front of the old cinema hall – Hluntin out post where mostly Rakhine youths stay with them – Maungdaw Town and looted their goods while they were going to their homes after returning from Bangladesh with one day border pass.

This matter was appraised to the Nasaka personnel of Maungdaw exit/entry gate, but the Nasaka denied taking any action against the Rakhine culprits. The Rakhine youths blocked while the Rohingya travelers returned on the way to their home, so they stayed overnight a nearby Rohingya village named Ukil Para (Auck Ywa) for their safety.

(Kaladan Press): A young Rohingya girl nick name Sara d/o late Kalu from Baggona village, was picked up by Nasaka personnel when she was crossing the bridge of Pan Daw Pyin Nasaka out-post of Aley Than Kyaw, has been raped  by Nasaka personnel on August 31.

A Nasaka out- post is established  near the bridge for bridge security and the Nasaka  also collects 300-500 kyats per head who crossing the bridge( it is only for Rohingya community).
 31 Aug (kaladanpress): Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) shot dead two Rohingya youths, Jaber-25 s/o Shab Meah and Saber-30 s/o Ramjan Ali, yesterday after releasing them at Maungdaw Township. The two youths belong to Dagriza village under the Nasaka headquarters of Kawar Bill of Maungdaw north.
The two youths were arrested by the Nasaka personnel of Nasaka Headquarters on August 26, over the allegation that they had been holding mobile sets without permission of concerned authorities and released  after taking Kyat 1, 50,000 per each on 30 Aug.

(Kaladan Press): Yesterday, Burma’s border security force (Nasaka) arrested two Rohingya youths, Noor Kabir-22 s/o Abdu Rajak and Arafat-25 s/o Abdu Salam while they were sitting in a village sentry house at about 4:00 pm, a local elder said preferring not to be named. Both of them hailed from Naribill village of Maungdaw north. After arrest, they were brought to the Nasaka camp where they were detained. They are the students of class ten. However, they were released after taking Kyat 100,000 per each.
On August 25, Aman Ullah-40 s/o Madi, Abulu-35 s/o Khadir Hussain were arrested by Nasaka with the collaboration of village Chairman U Thein Maung. Both of them belong to Udaung west village of Maungdaw south.
Besides, on August 27, the Nasaka also arrested Mohamed Hussain-20 s/o Abdu Shukur and Lalu-30 both of them hailed from Fokira Para of Udaung village tract over the allegation that they were involved in the recent riots.
Earlier on August 23, eight villagers were arrested from this village tract by Nasaka over the allegation that they were involved in riots between Rohingyas and Rakhines on June 8. Nasaka frequently attack this village, so that the villagers cannot live in the village for fear of arrest by the Nasaka. Those, who were arrested by Nasaka were severely tortured in the Nasaka camp. Some of the villagers were released after paying money and the villagers who are not able to pay money are being detained in the camp.

On August 28,   Aman Ullah-55 s/o  Fokurul, hailed from Nari Bill of Maungdaw north was arrested by the Nasaka personnel of Nari Bill out-post camp, over the allegation that he didn’t provide the fish to the Nasaka that he caught from the fishing project. He was arrested at noon and brought to their camp where he was detained for money.

On August 28, five girls and three youths of Fokira Bazar of Mauungdaw north were arrested by Nasaka and brought to their camp and detained there. The girls were accused for not giving information to the concerned authorities where they stayed as guests and the said three youths were accused for holding mobile phones. However, at night, the village administrator brought the girls to his home by giving grantee to the Nasaka that the next day the girls will be sent to the camp again. The next day, the girls were sent to the camp. Their relatives till know, didn’t know the fate of the girls.
Rohingyas give security for Pagoda:
On August 23, at night, a group of Rakhines was trying to destroy the Buddhist Pagoda of Tha Yae Kumbo village, which was built at the center of the Rohingya village. The Rohingya villagers, seeing the event, they informed the matter to the local Commander of Nasakra area.. So, the commander immediately sent a group of Nasaka (Border security force) to the spot. When the Nasaka reached near the Pagoda, seeing them, the Rakhine villagers ran away to a nearby mountain and disappeared.
26 Aug: 3 Rohingya cowboys were attacked by a gang of Rakhine people on their return with cattle to own Nurulla village from near by the farming land. One of them was escaped and and informed the villagers. On the time of the villagers followed to the scene, the two cowboys were found slaughtered. 

(Rohingya blogger): Three staffs of UNHCR arrested with no valid reason at an earlier time of violence in Arakan, Burma, were given imprisonments by Maung Daw District Court upon many criminal acts of law. Ma Cho Lay Maa, a UNHCR staff, was sentenced to six years imprisonment and other two staffs, Maung Khin Shwe and Maung Khin Zaw, from Buthidaung Township, were sentenced to 3 years and two years respectively.
24 Aug, (kaladanpress):
Yesterday morning on August 23, a woman and her son were shot dead by the Nasaka. The victims belong to Godosara village of Maungdaw north. At first, the Nasaka shot to a cow owned by said female. So, she went to take her cow, but she was shot to death by the Nasaka. Seeing the event, her son went again to carry her mother, but this time also, Nasaka shot dead her son on the spot. This means, Nasaka killed the Rohingya people like birds after the new Nasaka director Lt Col Maung Maung Oo was appointed at Kawar Bill Nasaka Headquarters of Maungdaw.

On August 22, in the evening, a Rohingya youth was stabbed by a Rakhine mob while he was riding a rickshaw at Maundaw town in front of the police, a youth said from Maungdaw.

Besides, on August 22, in the morning, a Rohingya youth named Sadek-15 s/o Nasir Ahmed, hailed from Powet Chang village, went to his relative with a carrier of curry, but he was stopped near a Rakhine village by Nasaka accompanied by Rakhine villagers and seized his carrier of curry and sent him to his village again. The Nasaka ate all the curry and thrown his carrier to the paddy field.

In addition, another young Rohingya boy named Amran-16 s/o Abu Kalam, hailed from Powet Chang new village of Maungdaw north was stopped nearby a Rakhine village by Nasaka while he was gong to his relative by riding a bicycle. He was severely beaten up and seized his bicycle.

Besides, on August 23, the Natala villagers carried away pillars and other wood from Tha Yae Kone Dan Madrassa. The army provides full security to the Natala villagers.

On August 21, a Rohigya youth was severely beaten up by a group of Rakhine youths on the Shwe Zaar Bridge and leaving him on the bridge, the culprits ran away. It was done in front of the security police. However, a patrol car of Nasaka reached on the spot and picked up the victim and sent to Maungdaw general hospital for treatment.

The Nasaka personnel of Nasaka area No. 5, seized rice and chili from beggars on August 21 when they were crossing the Kular Bill-Nari Bill bridge. The Nasaka also collects Kyat 500 to 1,000 per head who crosses the bridge. This is the Nasaka out-post of Nasaka camp No. 12 of Nasaka area No.5.
In similar way, the Nasaka personnel of area No. 6 also collect Kyat from the travelers who cross the Letpu Gong-Nari Bill Bridge of Maungdaw north.

The travelers who are not able to pay the money are fasten and later send to their camps and forced them to work in the camps. But, they are released before 5:00 pm.

Besides, Sarapa (Military Intelligence) with two cars went to the north of Maungdaw on Eid-day to take photographs of Eid celebration of Rohingya villages. But, they failed. As result, the Sarapa forcibly took some Rohingya villagers with Muslim dresses and forced them to pray in a mosque and took photographs in various angles. In this way, the Burmese authorities will try to show false documents to the International community that there is no religious discrimination in Burma.

On August 19, the Nasaka personnel of Aung Mingla Nasaka camp of Maung Nama village tract of Nasaka area No. 6 arrested Mohamed Solu-22 s/o Amir Ahmed accompanied by six others. All belong to Maung Nama south village of Maungdaw township. They were arrested for driving an elephant herd from paddy field at noon. The paddy field was owned by one villager named Abu. The herd of the elephant destroyed over 5-acer of paddy field on the night. However, the arrestees were released, on that day after paying Kyats 200,000 per head. The Nasaka also arrested six others villagers who went to paddy field to join with first group to drive the elephant and were released after paying 100 bamboos per head. It is learnt that all the arrestees are accused that they went to attack the Rakhine village.

12 villagers on 21 Aug, 4 villagers on 23 Aug and 8 villagers on 24 Aug were arrested by Nasaka, police accompanied by Rakhines from the Udaung village. After arrest, they were severely tortured and sent to Nasaka camp of area No. 8 and detained.
The 8 Rohingyas arrested from Gaw Ra Karli by Na Sa Ka (Sector-8, Myaint Hlut) at 1:30pm of 24 Aug were identified in Mohd Husson Ali's report as; (1)Saddam s/o Abdul Gonee, (2)Osman s/o Hashim Ullah, (3)Salam s/o Hambulee, (4)Kabir Ahmed, (5)Tandue s/o Abul Kair, (6)Mv. Mustafa Kamal s/o Abdul Rashid, (7)Amdadullah, (8)Rohimullah, (9)Rashiddullah s/o Abdul Shukkur, (10)Molvi- Abul Monnan s/o  Azahar, (11)Sha Alam s/o Ali Zuhar, (12)Ali Zuhar s/o Nazu Muddin, (13) Zahid Husson s/o Hamiddulah, (14)Molavi- Arfat Ullah s/o  Amdadullah.
And some names of 25 Rohingya arrestees from Udaung village on 24 Aug are; 
(1)Abdul Motalop s/o Noor Ahmed, (2)Salim Ullah s/o Bodiurrahman,  (3)Mojibullah s/o Solimullah, (4)Akbal s/o  Ibrahim, (5)Noor Kamal,  (6)Mohamed Elyas s/o Mohamed Kasim.

Since August 22, five groups of Rakhine mobs, in turn, enter the Honsara village, destroying fence, cutting down old trees while the male villagers are absent. They (Rakhines) are holding long swords and enter the village with the help of police and Hluntin. Among the groups, there are at least 12 to 15 people in one group.

In similar way, since August 21, the Nasaka, police and Moghs have been arresting the Rohingya villagers. But, on August 24, 4 villagers from Kanpu village were arrested by Nasaka.
On August 23, two Rohingya villagers were severely beaten up on Shwe Zaar Bridge by the Rakhine villagers of Aung Mingla village.

Hakim Ali hailed from Sambala village (near Balu Khali) of Nasaka area No.3 and Abdu Sharif, the village chairman (village administrator) of Balu Khali under the Nasaka area No. 3,  were severely tortured by army  for not providing young girls or women for their sexual enjoyment on August 21. They (villagers) were asked by army to provide them 10 girls or women per village, but the said village elders did not comply with their order.

On August 23, at about 11:30 pm, Fokira Bazar was set on fire by some civilian Moghs and 31 shops including 3 big clothes shops were burned down into ashes. Later, the security force and army went to the spot to see the situation.

On August 22, two dead bodies were found under the bridge of Khayakhali-Maungdaw by local villagers, but these bodies were not identified. People believe that they were killed recently.

On August 22, army destroyed a shop from Ghodora Bazar of Maungdaw Township and took away two goats and some fowls from the village.

On August 23, five villagers per village of Maungdaw north were called to Nasaka headquarters of Kawar Bill of Maungdaw township to train them, how to talk with the inquiry commissions that will come from Rangoon. They are the aides of Nasaka personnel. The villagers are very disappointed; the real report will not be reached to the hands of inquiry commission.
21 Aug: Around 40 police from Maungdaw police station departed for Maungdaw south by the two trucks at 4:00pm. They reached at Mawrawaddy (Na Ta La) Rakhine village at 5:00pm and met with the Rakhine villagers. Then, 2 police went to Alethenkyaw Sa-Ra-Pa camp to call the in-charge Sergent Than Win by the motor-bike. For a while, they came back and walked towards Tha-Ye-Kon-Bon village accompanied with Rakhine youths of Mawrawaddy (Na-Ta-La) village. 45 minutes later, the group arrived at Tha-Ye-Kon-Bon military camp and discussed with the Na-Ta-La Rakhine villagers.
About 8:00pm, security forces jointly Rakhine villagers approached to the historic Kala Masajed (Ka La Mosque) which is two furlongs far from the south of Na Ta La village and The-Ye-Kon-Bon religious school. Then they started demolishing of the Mosque and its school up to 12:00am and destroyed all Holy Religious books. (reported by Mohd Husson Ali)

Again on 5 Aug, around 12:00pm, the joint security forces with Rakhines of 3-mile Na-Ta-La villagers, destroyed the historic mosque which is situated at Maungdaw 3-mile, not so for from the west of Maungdaw UNHCR Office.  (Areported by Mohd Husson Ali)
17 August (Kaladan Press):  Oo Daung Nasaka camp officer Pyro Way Aung and Oo Daung village administration officer Thein Aung  ( Rakhine) with other Nasaka personnel went to  Salim Ullah home in Oo Daung village at about 10:00pm on August 16.  They went to Salim home with a plan of attempt to rape his daughter where Salim Ullah family has three members – he, his wife and his daughter (young lady). The old man, Salim Ullah was shot at his arm and arrested him with an allegation of attacking on duty officer when the villagers rushed to the home for hearing the gun shot. Salim was kept at camp and took photograph with sword then sent him to the area commander office.
Similarly, Army and Rakhine attacked the Fokira Bazar village where they killed 8 Rohingyas on August 16.
Besides, Rakhines from Taungpro killed 6 Rohingyas on August 6 and the villagers found the dead bodies of Rohingyas near the stream which was informed to Nasaka . The Nasaka ordered the villagers to bury the dead bodies. The Taungpro villagers are not known the dead bodies and the realized that the dead Rohingyas are outsider. May be, the Rakhine killed the Rohingyas who try to cross the border for recent riot and not able to stay at their home.

(Kaladan Press): The army stationed at Zawmatat village tract and Rakhines from Tharaekonbon (New settler) attacked Lambagona village to loot and harass the villagers at about 10:00pm of 16 Aug where the villagers scream out for help and nearby villagers rushed to the spot to save the villagers of Lambagona. The army open fired to the villagers who rushed to the spot. That killed 5 Rohingyas and 17 injured.
Abdul Salam s/o Amir Housson, Kawtiza w/o Yasein and Asgar (7 days old) s/o f Rahamat Ullah, were among the death. 
Further more, the army and Rakhines arrested 3 people; Madu-30 s/o Mohamed Yasein, Kawlim Ullah-28 s/o Mohamed Yasein and
Nurul Haque-35.
The concerned authorities are organizing the Rohingya community to stay peacefully in Maungdaw with Rakhine, but the security force and Rakhines are attacking Rohingya villagers in the other side.

Arrest and Extortion (Mohd Husein Ali's report)
Between 13 to 16 of Aug,
(1) Na Sa Ka camp in-charge of Oo Daung camp extorted 300,000 Kyat from  Yakub s/o Aye Sha Dulla of Oo Daung Village on 15 Aug.
(2) Sa Ra Pa (Military intelligent) of Ale Than Kyaw extorted money from;
     (a) Rohimulla s/o Moggul ---------  250,000 Kyat
     (b) Boshor s/o Slamed  ----------    200,000 Kyat
     (c) Abdulla  s/o  Nukmal Hakim-- 300,000 Kyat
     (d) Boshir s/o  Ahmed        -------  500,000 Kyat
     (e) Mamun Roshid  s/o Mv. Haroon--- 200,000 Kyat
     (f) Purkan  Ahmed s/o Ali Zuhar ---     200,000 Kyat
     (g) Ismail  s/o Kala meya   ---              200,000 Kyat
     (h) Mv. Karim s/o Mohammed Amin-- 200,000 Kyat
     (i) Maburaman s/o Abduraman -----     200,000 Kyat
     (j) Rohim s/o Noor Mohammed ----     700,000 Kyat

(Rohingya blogger): On 12th August 2012, Thaung Htut, a two star Ranking police officer, with his two Rakhine associates and 8 Hluntin (security guards) went to Bagonna village and destroyed 7 houses besides looting everything in broad day light. 
On 14th August 2012, some 15 Rohingyas from Myothugyi, Myoma Kayindan, Nyaung Chaung and Pandaw Pyin were arrested by Hlutin (Security Guards). Then, Hluntin called some 30 Rakhine youths and let them (Rakhines) beat Rohingyas until they were pleased. When one of the victims from Myoma Kayindan (a trishaw driver) went to Police to complain, police replied “we can’t do any justice for you and your people. If you can’t bear up the tortures, you can leave the country.
Some 70 Rakhine extremists with weapons have come to Sainda village and HausSara Village to kill Rohingyas and loot their properties a while ago (i.e. around 8pm Myanmar Time on 16th August 2012). Now, there has been fighting going on between these armed Rakhines and Rohingyas. NaSaKa have come to the village and gun-shots are being heard. It is not certain yet that NaSaKa is firing at whom. Besides, there are 50 Rakhine extremists armed with guns have come to Baggonna village and there are around 20 military at Bagonna Baazar. They have not done anything yet. But the villages are extremely worried as to what will be done to thme

16 Aug, (Kaladan Press): Army killed one Rohingya, Abdul Salam s/o Amir Hussonand more injured in Lambagona village while army open fired the village tonight at about 10; 00pm.
The army officer of army station at Tharaekonbon stopped the Natala (New settler) villagers who wanted to attack the Lambagona village again and other army personnel round up the village of Lambagona.

14 Aug (Kaladan Press): A Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) of Nasaka area No. 5 of Maungadw north, Arakan State committed suicide on August 13, at about 10:00 pm while sitting in a house of Rakhine village named Aukpruma.

Extortion: The general administration officer recently ordered to the Rohingya shopkeepers to open their shops which are established along the road not in the Municipal market.  The police and Hluntin went to the shop and extorted money from the owners of the shops and sometimes looted goods from the shops without paying money.  U  Aye Tun Sein, the police officer of police station of Maungdaw Town checked all the Rohingya travelers from the Clock Tower junction of Maungdaw Town and looted all the goods that they have.
Force Labour: Rohingya community from Maungdaw and resident of Nurulllah and Bagona villages are forced to transport logs and Bamboos for rebuilding Natala villages –Kharay Myan and Kanpin Thaseez- while Rohingya are going to Bagona for visit or residents of said village went to market to buy foodstuffs of kitchen, said a Rohingya who pay forced labor yesterday.

Looting and Harassment: Hluntin personnel stationed at old cinema hall and Bomu village –along the connecting road of Myoma Kayoungdan village and Kanree village (Ward number-2) are harassing and looting Rohingyas while they pass the station.
The Hluntin camp of these two stationed also stopped and checked Rohingyas when crossing the outpost. At that time, some Rakhines were beating the Rohingya severely who were checking by Hluntin.  Some Rakhines are start thronging stone to the Rohingya rickshaw pullers when the Rohingya pass the Shesoe photograph shop from Ward number-4 of Sanpya village, since Sunday.
12 Aug, (Kaladan Press): Sub Inspector Aye Tun Sein and its group arrested Enayet Ullah s/o Fazal, hailed from Nurrullah para and other four persons, while they were going to market today morning.

“The police officers kept the Rohingya inside the Superstar Boarding near the clock tower junction, to extort money from them.The police officers demand 500,000 kyat per head to release. But, the Rohingyas escaped from the bordering while the police officers were out the spot. This is a new place to extort money from Rohingya by police officers who stationed near the clock tower junctions.”
Ayub-42 s/o Abdu Soban, hailed from Pawet Chaung village of Nasaka Area No.(5) of was arrested by the Nasaka personnel of Powet Chaung Nasaka out-post while he was going to a Rohingya village nearby a Rakhine village, at about 10:00am.  He was arrested with the cooperation of Rakhine villagers and kept him in the Rakhine village. 

At about 10:30 am, Hluntin (riot police) stationed at old cinema hall, beat severely Mohamed Hakim-60 of Italia village of Maungdaw Town, while he was returning home from Maungdaw Town market with foodstuffs for his home. Seeing the event, some of villagers rushed to the spot and rescued him and sent to nearby clinic for medical treatment, said a villager on condition of anonymity.
11 Aug, (Kaldan Press): The Police personnel gear up its harassment on Rohingya community after visiting of UN envoy.
Arafat-15 s/Nazir Ahmed and Ismile-28 hailed from Maung Ni village, who are sitting in their shops near the Maungdaw Juma Mosque today at about 10:00am by Police officer  Sub Inspectors Aye Tun Sein, Hla sein and Then Htun  without any allegation. After arrested, the police officers demand to release 500,000 kyats each.
Similarly, a high school student from Ward Number(5), was arrested by police today morning from the village.

Osman Gani-55, Abul Fayas-40, Abul Kalam-30, Ex-Custom officer Kasim-70 and Yasein-35 were arrested  from Ward Number(5) yesterday (August 10), night  by police.

The police personnel are going to villages/Ward at night in the name of family list checking and looting Rohingyas property and attempt to rape if they get change in the houses where no males were in the houses.

The police took the family lists Rohingya families where the head of family member is not found in Bumu village on August 9. Same as, the police also took the family lists of Rohingys families from Myoma Khayoungdan village. The Police also arrest Rohingyas who was met in the houses.
Ayub-9 s/o Younous, and Moulana Rashid-45, from Bomu village were arrested by police  on August 9 at night.
Police personnel who are going to the villages at night for checking of family lists, taking the motorbike, if found in the houses and didn’t return to the owners. The Rohingyas show all documents of motorbikes, but the police are not returning the motorbikes, said a motorbike owner from Bomu Village.
Nazir-22 s/o Kabir , Moulana Mohamed Alam and  Kaseim-25, from Poung Zar village Nasaka Area Number 6) were arrested By Nasaka.
9 Aug, (Kaladan Press): The authority announced the extension of curfew period, said an official from Maungdaw.
Police, Nasaka and village administration office members are going to the villages to check to the family lists at night where the Rohingyas are facing without moving during the period of curfew. When the Police and village admin enter the Rohingya house and asked about the head of family, if not found they took the family list and ordered to contact to the village admin office where the officer will demand huge money from Rohingya. If the officers meet the family head, the officers arrest the person and took to their office where they will demand huge money.

The Nasaka and police arrested Haji Younous and his two sons – Kawbir and Moulana Tayub from Bomu village of Ward Number(4) on August 8, night.

The police officers were also looting the property of Rohingyas while they were not found the head of family member. The police officers took two CDM mobile phones which worth 1550,000 kyats each and 600000 kyat each value of 4 CDM mobiles from Bomu village on August 8.

Similarly, Moulana Mohamed from from Paung Zaar village was arrested by Nasaka personnel of Area Number(6) on August 6 and now the Nasaka demand huge money from him to release.

Besides, Mogh community from Yaymyet Taung village screams out with the voice “ Kala destroying  our pagoda “ on the night of August 7 where the Moghs and the Nasaka personnel rushed to the spot with open fired in the sky. But, Nasaka personnel didn’t find any Rohingy at the area, then the Nasaka drove out the Moghs from the area.
8 Aug, (Kaladan Press): The security forces- Army, Burma borer security force (Nasaka), police and Hluntin deployed all the points of Maungdaw and Maungdaw town is tight security today. The security forces block the Rohingyas who want to go Maungdaw market to buy for their daily life struggle, said an elder from Maungdaw.
“The Rohingya community is rounding the town with motorbikes or walking as a group, the security are not stop to this Rakhine groups.”
“Today is the day where the two communities fight each other and the authority backed the Rakhine community which made Rohingyas community heavy lost in their struggle.So, the security forces posted with alert of tight security.”
Rohingya community closed their shops and all the people stay inside the home as the town was totally control  by security forces and ordered to Rohingya not to go out of their home.

“Yesterday, Rkhines youths threaten Rohingya villages – near Shwe Tha Zine Hotel, Bomu village, Kanriee, clock tower junction and Wards number(2) – to set on fire yesterday. It was leak out to the people and town dwellers informed to the authority,”
“If any one – Rohingya- goes out from their villages or home, the Rakhine youths beat them in front of security forces. The security forces are not taking any action against the Rakhine youths.”
7 Aug (Kaladan Press): Police and Nasaka personnel raided Ward number-2 (Fayazi para) at night without informing to the villagers to check the family lists yesterday night at about 10:00pm. When the Police and Nasaka personnel entered to the village, all the male are run away from the village and the security forces loot the Rohingyas’ house, according to a villager. “The security forces also toke the family list when they didn’t get all the family members.”

Yesterday at night, a group of police accompanied by Rakhine youths led by police officer U Kyaw Than went to Bhumu Para and seized some of family lists and asked the villagers to choose it after paying money, the next day. When the police went to the village, male villagers ran away for fear of arrest leaving their women. Taking this advantage, the police assaulted the women. Police become hero in Maungdaw town as government lets them to commit any crimes against the Rohingya community. Every day, police hareaaas, loot Rohingya people who go to market to buy somewhere else.

Moreover, yesterday, at about 3:00 pm, the Nasaka personnel of Nasaka area No.(6) arrested two Rohingya youths –Abdullah-25 s/o Kamal  Hussain and Zubair-21 s/o Mohamed Hussain while they were walking on the road. They are still detained in the camp.
In addition, Maulana Mohamed-60 and Mohamed Alam-32, both are from Paung Zaar village, were arrested by Nasaka personnel of Nasaka area No.(6), yesterday, at about 4:30 pm, from Darga Bazar only for extorting money.

Abul Hussein-25 s/o Mohamed Hussain, hailed from Dura bill village of Nasaka area No.(6) under the Maungdaw Township was killed on July 25, in the Maungdaw police custody.  He was arrested by Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) on July 10, without any fault and brought to the local Nasaka camp where he was severely tortured.  Before one week of his death, the Nasaka offered to the victim’s father to pay Kyat 2.5 million for his release. When the father met his son Abul Hussain, he asked his father not to pay money as he will die soon, not misuse the money. The next day, he was sent to Maungdaw police station, where he was dead after three days later. Being informed, father went to the police station and asked to hand over the dead body, so he was ruthlessly kicked by the police.
6 Aug (Kaladan Press): Abdul Rahim s/o Abdul Kurdus Haild from Bagona village was severely beat by Moghs from Ward (4), in front of Maungdaw general Hospital today in the afternoon while he was going to the market. Despite he struggled to escape, he was died in the Myoma Kyayoungdan village due to unable to admit at local hospital run by Rakhine people.
4 Aug: About 100 cattle from Nurula villagers of Maungdaw, were took away by Rakhine people. The Rakhine people said it is democracy rule and the villagers can report at visiting UN officials if they don't satisfy.
5 Aug (Kaladan Press ) 
“The Police personnel – Sub Inspector Aye Tun Sein, Sub Inspector Hla thein and Then Htun – are stationed at clock tower and harassing all Rohingya who are passing the clock tower junction.”
The police personnel from clock tower junction looted – money and goldsmith shop voucher- Mohamed Shafi hailed from Pandawpin villager when he went to the goldsmith shop to take the gold ornament today, said a trader from Maungdaw.
“The police personnel went to Ward number 2, Fayazi para and arrested Moulana Assad Ullah from his house and forcefully toke Kyat 500,000 and released on August 3.”
Similarly, Hla Myintand its surveillance team arrested Moulana Iddris and other two young Rohingyas from Fayazi para of Ward number 2 and sent then to the Police custody of Maungdaw police station on August 4, said a villager from Clock tower junction.
3 Aug: According to Mohd Mustak and Mohd Arif of FRC, the Nasaka and police raped minor girls and married women in broad daylight in Baguna village and Nurulla Para  at 3:00 Pm. The victims are:
1) Zainab-16 d/o Nazir Ahmed, 2) Nur Kaidah-17 d/o Hussain, 3) Zainab-17 d/o Manu Meah, 4.) Fatimah-17 d/o Manu Meah, 5) Sharah16 d/o Anwar, 6) Azizah-18 d/o Abul Hussain, 7) Hamidah d/o Basir, 8) Tayubah d/o Abdul Haque, 9) Yasmin d/o Abdul Jabbar, 10) Aishah d/o Rashid Ahmed, 11) Nur Hamidah w/o Abdul Shukur, 12) Halimah w/o Hj. Abdul Shukur, 13) Shazan d/o Ali Ahmed wife of Yusuf, 14) Jahara-15 d/o Eliyas, 15) Rahajan-15 d/o Abubakar, 16) Fatimah-15 d/o Yunus, 17) Jahera-15 d/o Eliyas.

31 July (Kaladan Press):

Military Intelligence arrested Anwer the owner of three diamond jewelry shops yesterday when he was sitting in his shop.

Sarapa (Military Intelligence) arrested the current village administration officer of Maung Nama- Dil Mohamed-30 s/o Abul Boshor, and Ms Mahmuda Khatun-20 the domestic servant of Zubair, the ex-village Chairman of Maung Nama village Tract, on July 27. Dil Mohamed and Zubair were close aides of ex-Nasaka Director Lt Col Aung Gyi of Nasaka Headquarters of Gyi Kan Pyin (Kawar Bill) village of Maungdaw Township. It is learnt that Sarapa has been arresting the close aides of Nasaka after sacking of Nasaka director Lt Col Aung Gyi recently.

Kaladan Press (30 July):
Police officer U Hla Sein with other 4 police personnel entered more than 20 houses from Ward Number (5) where the police beat the family members – women and children- and destroyed all the house hold items. At last the police toke the family list and handed over to Ward admin,
Foor Khan-21 s/o Syed from Naribill was arrested by Military Intelligence officer Hla Win Khine  today at about 4:00pm where he was tortured  to confessed  to say some name of villagers which the officer want to extort money from them.
some policemen -–Assistant police officer Aye Htun Sein and sergeant Than Maung Gyi- who stationed near the clock tower are looting money from the people and collecting 1000 kyats as toll on per rice -sack.

Kaladan Press (29 July):
The police surveillance officer U Aung Kyaw Than went to Baggona village and arrested two villagers- Mohamed Zuhar and another one today and brought to police station where they were severely tortured to extort money.
U Aung Kyaw Than gave his telephone number (00-95-0945-670, 545) to every village in Maungdaw Township to contact with him. He listed, at least 20 to 30 villagers from every village to meet with him. The police officer threatened to the villagers that if the villagers do not meet him to pay money, they will be arrested and will be sent to Buthidaung jail.
U Aung Kyaw Than has good relation with Officer-in- Charge (OC) U Tin Hla, U Hla Sein, U Hla Myint, and U Maung Chay of Maungdaw police station. This group also involves in Yaba tablets smuggling with Bangladesh. The group uses Rakhines and Rohingys for smuggling Yaba tablets to Bangladesh and they have to pay money to the group per week.
Yesterday, at about 4:00 pm, police and Hluntin arrested Mohibullah-27 s/o Tin Soe (clerk), hailed from Bohmu Para at Clock Tower junction, while he was going to his home.
On July 27, Ayat Ullah-20 s/o Salamat, hailed from Ward No(1) was arrested by police personnel – Assistant police Inspector and sergeant Than Maung Gyi -   at Clock Tower junction while he was crossing the junction. After arrest, he was severely tortured at the road. Today, early in the morning, police threw a dead body of Rohingya villager nearby a Hindu Para of Shwezarr but it was seen by Rohingya villagers. Therefore, the police took away again to Maungdaw Town. Villagers believe that the dead body was the son of Salamat.
On July 25, Nasaka arrested Arif Hussain (22), son of Baser hailed from Sangri village of Kyauk Pyin Seik village.
Rakhine Refugees camps again setup in Maungdaw
The authority called all the Natala villagers , Rakhine community from Maungdaw north , Rakhine community from Maungdaw town and others area- Buthidaung and Rathedaung -  to join at the Maungdaw State High school as a refugees, pretending  who are  not able to stay in their villages for fear of attack from Rohingya community.
Before, the Rakhine setup   7 refugee centers at monasteries , but now they again setting up new style  in Maungdaw High school. It is just for showcase of refugee to show the UN Human Rights Special Rapporteur, Tomas Ojea Quintana who will visit soon.”
Mosques checking in Maungdaw
On the other hand, the security personnel are checking the Mosque to Mosque and targeting Rohingya religious leaders and students. So the religious leaders and students are hiding  for fear of arrest. No one stay in the villages.”
Court staffs attack Rohingya community in Maungdaw
The court staffs have been throwing stones to the Rohingya community who went to see their love one (family members) at the hearing session.
“The court staffs also said that you are not allow to attend the courtroom. This is not your place.” The judge also stated the case period into double and fine also double. The Rohingya community, who has a case with bail bound, are called by court and sent to the jail with double jail term and with fine.

27 July: According to ERCA's member Razak, 4 Rohingyas patients involving women who approached to hospital were took over by Rakhines. After hours of intervention by hospital staffs they were finally released and the staffs send them home safely..

Mr. Razak received a source via a monk confirmed that about 60 Rohingya youths arrested from all over Maungdaw town were handed to Buddhist monastery of Hunri Fara by yesterday evening and each time 3 to 4 Rohingyas are taking away for execution.

26 July: A source came from the two famous Rohingya informers known as Zubair from Manawma village and Sayad Alam from Darga Fara (Nasaka Area-6) who worked more than a decade with Naska authority, confirmed that there are thousands of human bones and skulls in the valley of Hawrawla Zuri (Valley of Hawrawla Mountain) situated at the base of the mountain within the Nasaka head quarter territory of Kyikanbyin (Hawabil) villageThey both confirmed that thousands of those Rohingyas executed from the past ten years were thrown into the valley.
They also said that the Nasaka Chief Commander- Aung Gyi was picked up for interrogation from Nasaka head quarter by a Helicopter which came from Sittwe sine the end last month as a result of Rakhine community lodge a complaint against him for releasing Rohingya arresteesSince then, a new commander who is a Rakhine origin has been replaced.
The Nasaka troops also came to pick up the both informers but they managed to escape early after they received information.

25 July: A Rohingya from Kyaukpyinseik (Naribil) was arrested by Nasaka. The source said Nasaka authority came to arrest mobile phone holder his brother with the suspect of informing news. When his brother was not there on the time of Nasaka arrived, the younger brother was lifted.

24 July 
(Kaladan Press): The police officer from 3 miles check point arrested 4 Rohingya from Samawna para near the Myothu Gyi villager yesterday evening at about 5:30, said an elder from Myothu Gyi village. They are Abdul Sukur s/o Reyaz, Abudl Sukur s/o Kala Meah , Rashid s/o Abdul Sukur and Putu s/o Abdul Sukur.
23 July (Kaladan Press): Nasaka arrested Somi Ullah s/o Dilu, Rahamat Ullah s/o Dilu , Nur Hashim s/o Basher and another  from Guna Para of Shwezarr Village.
Shadek Husson s/o Osman from Sawmawna para was arrested by Nasaka station near Natala (Shetler) village  at about 4:30pm, but he was released by ransom 20,000 Kyat payment.
On the other hand, Abul Bashar s/o Zakawriya and Yasein (Converted Rohingya) from Thanda village were arrested by army but the relative are worried for them as the army took them to the jungle and no information about them.
Besides, Abdullah s/o Nurmal Hakhin, Habib Ullah s/o Sultan, Maghgul s/o Abdul Rashid and Foor Khan s/o Ali Husson from Alay Than Kyaw were arrested by Nasaka.

22 July (Kaladan Press): The officer from Nasaka Area Number(6), summoned all village admin officers with five religious leaders at his office at about 9:30am. After meeting, the officer arrested 5 religious leaders – Moulan Abu Siddique-45 from Hla Poe Khuang (Sorfordin Bil) village, Moulana Yousuf Ali-40 from Zin Paung Nyar village, Moulana Mohamed Alam-40 from Poungzarr village, Moulan Kawlim-40 from Hlabawzar and Moulana Dil Mohamed-40 from Hlabawzarr.
Besides, the Military Intelligence and Nasaka arrested 4 other Rohingyas from the Juma Moaque of Thayai Gonetan (Knonena Para) while they were praying in the veranda (porch). The arrestees are; - Moulana  Fazal Haque-50, Butu-31,  Amir Abdul Gaffor-42 and another Moulana. The arrestees were kept in the Nasaka custody of Nasaka area number (7).
Similarly, the Nasaka and Military Intelligence arrested 6 Rohingyas from Pa Nyaung Pingyi and 3 Rohingyas from Du Nyaung Pingyi in the morning. Most of the arrestees are religious leaders or students.

21 July,
Hafez Jafor from Ali Para Mosque and Moulana Mohamed Yunus from Kanree graveyard Mosque of Ward number (2) were arrested from the Mosque compound at about 12:00pm by police officer Aung Kyaw Than.
Moulana Mohamed Amin and Moulana Sami Uddin from Ferry point (ghat) Mosque of Maung Ni village, were arrested by police officer at about 12:30pm today.
The police officer along with police personnel tortured all the four religious leaders on the road and beat after pulling their beard. On the times of the religious leaders called for God mercy, police personnel put slippers into their mouths.

20 July
Abdu Razak (ERCA) also report that Authority told the Rohingya villagers of Shwezar (Hayun Khali) that they are unwanted dark Bengali people and they might go back to Bangladesh in good time.

19 July: An old man who alert in fasting times from Quarter-1 (Fayazi fara), was dead yesterday after struggled with the bullet shot at the leg by military since 15 July.

Unreported report of 6 July
According to Mr Sharuk, a member of Rohingya Human Rights Organization-MERHROM based in Malaysia, confirmed that a 10yo Rohingya boy s/o Md Ali from Laungdong village of Nasaka area(5) near Kyein Chaung, was shot by Na-Sa-Ka. As aid and medication are still restricted, some villagers did manage to send the boy for hospitalization at Bangladesh. A day after, the family members those involved in helping including Ali Zohar family were accused of spreading news and taken away (photo) by Na-Sa-Ka authority for questioning. They were at last 14 people including women and children, were now confirmed missing.
Regarding this case, president of Village Peace and Development Council- Maung Thein (Rakhine) and in-charge of Na-Sa-Ka for this area- are still extorting randomly about 200,000 Kyat from villagers. Those who doesn't have money on hand are forced to transfer money at Yangon via their relatives living in foreign.

18 July, Kaladan Press: Rashid s/o Nawbi Hussain, Harron s/o Habibul Rahaman, Ayas s/o Zawru, Anwar s/o Mason and Omar Faruck s/o Mason from Myothu Gyi village, were arrested by a military intelligence officer Shwe Oo and a police officer from three-mile check point,  yesterday morning at about 8:00am. The officers were without uniform while they arrested the Rohingyas from the village market. Omar Faruck is working at Buthidaung town as a field officer of ACF(Hunger for Action) and was stranded there during the riot period and returned back last week.
Similarly, Ali Husson, the responsible person of Religious gathering center of Myoma Kyaoungdan village and Ellu s/o Master Gaffor from Ward number(2) were arrested yesterday from office and home by police.
Yesterday evening, a Rohingya youth from Bomu village who came out from his village and tried to buy some foods, was chased by Hluntin personnel. He ran  back into his village and Hluntin forces entered the village where the security forces attempted to rape females. While females raised hue and cry, the villagers rushed to the spot and the security force leaved the village.

9 July
Rohingya organization-GWAB report confirmed that police officer Thein Sein with Lun Htin (paramilitary forces) raided  the market along the Cinema Road and broke two muslim shops so far and loaded goods to their truck.  The shop owners are  identified as Yasin s/o Osman and Ismail s/o Osman. The authorities continued to break 3 more shops.

8 July
The GWAB's report also confirmed that the same group of authorities led by police officer Thein Sein raided a house of Rafique in the village behind the cinema, Quarter No(5) and looted a lot of goods from the house and damaged a Jeep-car own by Rafique..

Rakhine mobs entered into the village of Sanda Fara of Alethangyaw (Haisuratha) and tried to rape women. As a result of thousand of villagers from nearby villages gathered on the scene instantly with the traditional slogan, the military forces arrived there and opened fire towards Rakhine mob. 2 Rakhines died on the spot and some injured. The villagers later dispersed to their homes by the request of the army.

Kaladan Press report of 11 July: 7 villagers of Lound Don and Daybonia (Taungbro letwe) were arrested by Nasaka authority came from Nasaka Headquarters of Hawar Bill (Kyigan Pyin) at about 14:00pm.

Evening: A group of Rohingya pilgrims who were returning to own village of Kyein Chaung (Bolibazzar) were arrested by Na-Sa-Ka. Witness said that they were 7 to 9 men and authority found a memory card from one of them.


At least 300 Rohingyas who were arrested from Maungdaw and Buthidaung Townships last week were taken from Buthidaung Jail to Akyab(Sittwe) by boat. The Rohingyas from Maungdaw cannot go out of their houses to buy food. During last few days at least 43 people died (Confirmed) due to lack of food, shelter and medicine.

Kaladan Press news:
5 Rohingyans were arrested by Na-Sa-Ka. They are;
Hafez Salim with other three Rohingya from Ashika Fara were arrested at 21:00pm of today after checking the family list.
Mohamed Alam-35 s/o Mohamed Ismail was arrested three days ago and severely tortured in Nasaka area No.(6) as a result of he was unable to pay the Nasaka demand money 2.5 millions Kyat for release.

Again on 6 July, 15 of family lists from Balu Khali village and Wark Pyin village (the Pawet Chaung village tract) of Nasaka area No.(5), were taken away by Nasaka with false accusation of involvement in setting fire of Rakhine village in the past riot. The villagers were asked to choose the family lists within five days with money. The villagers have to pay at least Kyat 500,000 to one million per list. When the list are import to prove that they are people of that village.

In Maungdaw Town, the police officer U Than Tin, U Thai Lin Soe and Sergeant U Hla Myint accompanied by some Rakhine youths went to the Rohingya villages and asked to meet with them to pay money otherwise, they will set fire the houses.  This group is led by U Than Tin, the police officer of Maungdaw town police station who boasted he is above the law and no one is there to punish him. He asked money from one villager at least 5,000 to 10,000. He actively participated in the recent violence including looting goods and money and extortion money by arresting.

Around 11:30pm of 7 July (Rohingyablogger): A joint group of military, police and Rakhines in military uniforms went to Hashif village and raped many Rohingya girls. Subsequently, 14 Rohingya girls died.

“NaSaKa in Prampuru (Faerumfur) village of Maungdaw are demanding 500,000 Kyats per head to release the people arrested in these days. They are threatening that they will kill all detainee if the remaining members of respective families cannot fulfill their demand”.

On July 6: A Rohingya man from Quarter-2 (Haarifara village) was arrested, beaten and tortured almost to death by police. Then police threw him at a place near to Hindu village Quarter-4 thought that he already died. Fortunately, he remained alive and was found by some people.
A Rohingya man was arrested from Bohmuu village by police and taken to unknown location. His family members are extremely worried about what has been being happened with him.
“Three trucks loaded with police, military and security forces tried to raid Maung Ni village again. Since people had already known about the raid, people in the village could escape to the nearby villages.
Military and NaSaKa in Bagonna and Nurulla villages are constantly threatening the villagers if they don't fulfill their demands such as money, rations, cattle and so on. Many houses were looted. The people in the villages are living under continuous fear of being killed as most of them are facing difficulties to fulfill the demands.

4 July
Early morning: A joint raid in Maung Ni Village arrested at least 100 Rohingyans, 2 shot dead and the 8 other wounded..

As we, NDPHR received information, except from the 2 dead bodies, all of them including wounded people were taken by trucks after brutally beating until some got unconscious. The forces also did religious humiliations by kicking and pissing on the Holy Books, prayer-mats and in the mosque..

1 July

17:30pm: Hundred of military forces rounded-up the Nurula village and took away about 20 villagers. During the operation, the military entered house to house and damaged every household tolls and dishes and then looted golds and cash, beaten women and kids,  The source said that except from side walls everything had been damaged by stamping and pounding with guns.

30 June, Kaladan Press report: One of Na-Sa-Ka forces took away Rohingyans on 16 June, Aklas-22 s/o Sayed Ahmed from Moti Fara of Kawar Bill village, was found dead in the filed near the Zambana out-post Nasaka camp on 28 June.
30 June: Some of about 20 Rohingya villagers of Mingalagyi (Feirumfur) village were released by payment one to three millions Kyat after brutally tortured a week in Na-Sa-Ka custody.

The authority also informed that there will be another raid on coming Friday.

24 June, Sunday
Na-Sa-Ka warned the villagers of Myo Thu Gyi that if they don't provide 20 million kyats before Wednesday, they will arrest young people from the village and will rape young Rohingya girls.
Estimated 400 Rohingyas people  from Maungdaw were arrested and shifted to Buthidaung township for interrogation.The villagers heard some of unnamed 6 Rohingyas were died in the custody and the dead bodies were not even returned. 
A 26 yo man, Bashir s/o Jamal, was also killed by “Na-Sa-Ka” in Nurulla Para village without any reason.

23 June, Saturday
The government forces are continuously arresting all Rohingya elders mainly from Maungdaw and about hundred from Rathedaung township. The authorities in Maungdaw are telling that they will arrest all boys above 13yo and would take away. It is feared that the government forces would bury them alive in own digging grave after torturing like in 1994.

22 June, Friday
19:45pm: According to Kaladan press news, Mr Habib Ullah-55 s/o Nazamuddin, hailed from Nari Bill village of Nasaka area No(6), was arrested by Nasaka and taken to tortured in the camp.

21 June, Thursday
Dark evening: A group of military personals entered two Rohingya villages called FaThanSa (Padaung Paik Seik) and Nurulla Fara in Maungdaw south. All the males were gathered in one place and the houses were ransacked and looted by the military. During the operation the following women and girls were raped by the military in addition to the looting of properties and cash.
The raped victims from FaThanSa village are; 1) Samira, daughter of Kala, 16 years old, 2) Arafa, daughter of Kala, 17 years old, 3) Yasmin, daughter of Gaffar, 17 years old, 4) Wife of Dil Muhammad, mother of 2, 22 years old. Victim number-4 (wife of Dil Muhammad) was gang raped by 3 high ranking military officers and now her situation is critical.
The raped victims from from Nurulla Fara are; 1) Humaira Begum, daughter of Kassim, 16 years old, 2) Formina, daughter of Shuna Mya, 19 years old, 3) Minara, daughter of Ula Mya, 16 years old, 4) daughter of Habibur Rahman, 17 years old, 5) daughter of Anwar, 19 years old.
In Myoyindan village, military forces have entered in Rohingya houses and arrested 4 Rohingyans and looted goods and cash.
The situation is extremely sorrowful. Police, Army, Na-Sa-Ka(Border security force) and Sa-Ra-Pa(Military intelligent) are searching Rohingya with list and most of the villagers are going into the panic. The villagers run away from their villages to somewhere for fear of arrest. The authority mostly target young men, educated person, village leaders, smart and well to do family members. The authority arrest Rohingya arbitrarily and rape the women which is deliberate action against Rohingya. And those arrested Rohingya would never be returned alive.
Police arrested 150 Rohingyas from Shidar-Fara. Some Rohingyas arrested in recent days from Maungdaw were sentenced for up to three years.
The Rohingyas those arrested from Maungdaw South were not freed and demanding three Lakh Kyat per head. Na-Sa-Ka also demanding  3-4 million Kyat per village to cancel the raid in those villages.  
In some villages, Na-Sa-Ka (Border Security Forces) told the Rohingya villagers that they can return to normal life without harassment and they don't need to escape but they could effort to offer payment.

Afternoon: In Kila-daung village all Rohingya elders were escaped for fear of arrest therefore only teenage boys aged around 10-12 and over aged were presented in the meeting with Na-Sa-Ka. In the meeting, a few Rohingya boys around 12yo were lifted and the rest around 10yo were brutally beaten on the ground by Na-Sa-Ka forces while over aged Rohingya men and women were touched their heads to the ground.

20 June, Wednesday
Noon: According to Kaladan Press report, army open fired at Gawdusara villagers. Young and elder male- run away from village for fear of arrest. The villagers become unrest and only female are staying at homes also with fear of rape and harassment.
Another report of Kaladan Press, more than 50 Rohingya arrested today from Shwezar village. Some are; Bashar with his son,  Rashid son of Kalu,  Bashor, Iiliyas son of Waris, Badiya son of Salim, Shawtar Hussin son of Jamil, Shakayer son of Sulayman and others.
Rohingya villagers from Kyi-kan-byin (Hawa-bil) were told that at least 100 people must be handed to Na-Sa-Ka. Na-Sa-Ka and military made similar demand from other Rohingya villages. The villagers confirmed that those arrestees have been taken to Na-Sa-Ka head quarter of Kyi-Kan-Byin and some to 10 mile camp of Buthidaung. This scheme also turns into alternative income for authority by extracting or extortion money from Rohingya villagers who effort payment.

Massive Rapes:
5:30am: Source from Maungdaw Township confirmed that a group of Nasaka forces entered into 3 Rohingya houses, informing to check illegal residents. Upon entering in the houses, the forces routinely raped 13 women aged between 13 years to 65 years.
The victims are; 1) Lulu wife of Zafar, 65 from Magyi Chaung, 2) Arefah, wife of Elias, 25 from Magyi Chaung, 3) Anwar, wife of Dil Mohammed, 24, Magyi Chaung, 4) Nuru wife of Kala, 40 from Magyi Chaung, 5) Nur Begum, wife of Kala Miah, 45, Magyi Chaung, 6) Arefah, 13 years, 7) Rehenah, 14 years, 8) Tum Banu, wife Gaffar, 45, 9) Yasmin daughter of Gaffar, 16 years, 10) Anwarah, daughter of Shukkur, 17 years, 11) Samirah, and daughter of Abul Hashim, 20 years.
All the females are from Magyi Chaung village, were routinely raped by the Nasaka and military forces. But their names remain disclosed to protect the dignity of the women. One of them, Nur Begum was assaulted with gun barrel, while Yasmin is passing critical life for gang rape. Nasaka official paid Kyat 50,000 to her for basic medication.
The source also confirmed that Nasaka forces involved in massive extortion, torture, rape and killing from the beginning of they took control Rohingya villages.

19 June, Tuesday
Arbitrary arrests and tortures, sexual abuses of women and girls, extortion, looting continued by Na-sa-ka and military personal. At least 200 Rohingyans have been arrested during two days from all over Maungdaw.

18 June, Monday
24  Rohingya leaders were arrested in Maungdaw Town including Dr Hla Myint, High School Teacher Hussein (Former EC Member of NDPHR), Dr Nazumuddin and U Fazzal (NDPHR elected member of 1990 election). They were invited for a meeting then taken to the Na-Sa-Ka headquarter of Kyi-kan-Byin.
70 Rohingya villagers from BagunaNurula villages were invited to a meeting by Government authorities (NaSaKa, Police, and Paramilitary Forces). When the villagers arrived, they were forced by authorities to hold the gun and taken video and pictures by the authorities. After that, the villagers were taken away. Those taken Rohingyans would be never returned specially in this circumstance. Most of the Rohingyas who were found with mobile were arrested by NaSaKa.

17 June, Sunday
15:00pm: Military invited meeting and arrested 25 Rohingyans from Nol-bonnya village. At the same time, military looted cash, gold, clothes from Rohingyan houses in Bagguna village.

10:00am: Another 27 Rohingyas were taken away from southern Maungdaw by Na-Sa-Ka. Those taken away people would be never come back. They are; 1. Azimullah s/o Ali Ahmed, 2. Hamid Hussain s/o Ismail, 3. Anzullo s/o Ismail, 4. Halo Mia s/o Shida Ali, 5. Mv. Hashim s/o UllahNazir Ahmed, 6. Abu Soyed s/o Wali Ahmed, 7. Abu Kalam s/o Wali Ahmed, 8. Kalaya s/o Nazir Ahmed, 9. Mohammed s/o EliasKalaya, 10. Sayedulllah s/o Abdu Mozid, 11. Dil Mohamed s/o Younus, 12. Elias s/o Shari Hossain, 13. Anamatullah s/o  unknown, 14. Zonaid s/o Nur Hossain, 15. Mr. Azizullah s/o Mv. Hanifa, 16. Amir Hamza s/o Miyo Hossain, 17. Ex-chairman Kollimullah s/o Bodur Rahman, 18. Baitta s/o Nazira, 19. Mv. Noor Hossain s/o Younus.
(Note: from serial no. 1 to 13 = Anauk YwaUdan village, Maungdaw. From serial no. 14 to 19 = Zumma YwaUdan Village Maungdaw)
In other villages of Maungdaw, Nasaka called Rohingya villagers and meeting and then arrested them. In the mean time of meeting, the Rakhines and military forces entered into Rohingya’s houses and looting their valuable things and took Rohingya  girls and raped them.
In Rohingya evacuation center, there is no food and medicine authorities are not providing food for Rohingya.

16 June, Saturday
Eveing: According to Kaladan Press news, Hamida (12yo girl) was killed by Rakhine Police in Kiladang village. Her brother confirmed it from the ground that Rakhine those involved in the attacks are identified as; Soe Win, Mg Mg Che, U Kaung, Pho Tha Tu, Ney Min Twe. Maungdaw Ward(4) Ploice officers  Hla Myint, Tun Tun Kyaw, Maung Cha, Tin Aye (Who killed 10yo Rohingya girl). Led by Bo Latt, Aung Kyaw Thein killed more than 150 Rohingya people. Identified 36 dead bodies of Rohingya were found and other unidentified Rohingya dead bodies were also taken by Police Trucks. There are more than 100 people still missing.

A group of Rakhine people burnt Rohingya houses in Haindapara  Village.

17:00 pm: Around 20 trucks load of Rohingyans are arrested and lifted to Na-Sa-Ka Head Quarter. Some identified as;
(1) Robis Ahmed, head of 100 house ( Ra Ayin Mu) and Zaw Ma Thet of Salimma para, were shot  dead by Na Sa Ka  
(2)Sho Fiullah, 10 household head ( Say Ayin Gong) of  Lomba Goona village, was shot dead
(3) Sakina, 11 years old girl  from Tha Yee Kon Tan village shot  dead
(4) Roshid Ahmed,  Tha Re Kon Tan Village (Shopkeeper- Tha Re Kon Tan Mar Ket (Sair Konbor Bazar)- was strongly beaten by Na Sa Ka and looted all commodities and destroyed the shop.
(5)  Nobi Hussein- Tha-Re-Kon-Tan Village seriously beaten to dead.

15:00 pm:  USDP secretary Phan Phyo’s (Quater 1) son Tun Hla Sein jointly organized with his collaborators  Mg Nyi Mg Chay @ Hla <Chay@Hla>Myin son of Ni Mg (Quater1), Paun pae s/o Aung Gyi (Quater 4) and Kyaw Aye(Quater 3) were formed a gang to rape Rohingya women and to loot Rohingya villages. Tun Hla Sein provided his gang Police Uniform and sort of weapons according to reliable source from the ground. Almarajan(age-20) and Shafika(age-17) from Taray kundan (Sairkumbar-hoinna fara) village,  are allegedly gang raped by  Burmese military. 25 Rohingya youths were arrested by Na-Sa-Ka and taken to Na-Sa-Ka Head Quarter.
Afternoon: Military invited meeting with Rohingya villagers from Sair-kom-bon and Sair-kon-dan and 30 attendees were taken away. At least 3 Rohingya villagers those not attended meeting were also picked up from home.

Morning: According to Kaladan Press news, the Nasaka personnel from 3-mile and Hluntin (Paramilitary forces) surrounded the Rohingya village of Sawmawna near Myothu Gyi  under Maungdaw over the allegation of hiding arms inside the village. The remaining houses in this village are facing the allegation where no men are living in the village. Only female are protecting their home from looting.

Early morning: Stranded Rohingya 15 boats load of more than 2000 Rohingyas in Naf River are disappeared.

15 June, Friday:
Military forces involved in guarding Rohingya villages. Moving house to house is allowed between 12:00pm to 3:30pm. However, the authority still prevent bringing foods from other areas. Foods, waters, medic were not yet provided. Now heavy raining period, homeless Rohingya have no shelters to protect from raining.

14 June, Thursday 
Evening: A group of Rakhines entered to loot from the Nurula far villagers.
According to Kaladan Press news, the military arrested 4 armed Rakhines from Bakagonena field  which is between 3 miles and Kawlizabanga village evening. The armed four Rakhines confessed that there are other Rakhines with arms in Maungdaw.

According to Kaldan Press, 10 Rohingya girls raped today by military.
They victims are identified as; Hamida-18 d/o Rahim Ullah, Rahena-19 d/o Momina and other six Rohingya girls  from Baggona village and  Hasina-18 d/o Abdul Haque, Hamida-16 d/o Baser and Nur Kaida-17 d/o Habi Rahaman from Nurullah para.

Afternoon: A Rohingya shot dead, five other injuries by security forces shooting into the mosque of Nurula fara. The two other Rohingyans were taken away.

13 June, Wednesday
Night: A large group of Rakhine Rebel fighters with arms were rounded by the Burmese army near Nga-pu-ra village and Nine-kyaung (Ngan Chaung) villages. But only 8 of them were captured.

Night: several Rohingyas were arrested. Unconfirmed reports are coming that there are clashes between military and Police in Shwe Za village during looting from the shop by the police together with Rakhine. Burmese Army shot dead 20 Rakhines who were wearing police uniform and robbing from Rohingya..  
Evening: In some Rohingya villages, extortion and sexual abuses are taking place. Rohingya families who don't effort payment are faced sexual abuses in front of their families.
Folllowing to Kaladan Press news, 12 Rakhines with arms were arrested by army at midnight while climbing up to Pruma river bank nearby Khain Paran (Rakhine) village from a small boat.

15:00pm: A Rohingya youth in Udang village and another one in Hongyabil village were shot dead by security forces after the villagers came out to resist back the Rakhines attacking their villages. The shootings  were stopped after military intervened.

Afternoon: Rohingya people have been warned not to perform Friday prayer by the authority. Dozens of Rohingyas were arrested during day time.
12:15am: Rakhines came to attack Rohingya village of Udaung but it was broke away by after villagers came out. In the mean time security forces opened fires upsides that killed a Rohingya mother of two kids.
12 June, Tuesday
11:30pm: Police, Paramilitary forces and Rakhines set fire on 3 houses of Rohingyas in Ward-(2) of Bomu Fara. Police officer Aung Kyaw Khant is leading in this operation. Police arrested many Rohingya men and youth in Maungdaw and forced them to wear Indian-dresses (or something similar to a molvi). And put each a gun on their shoulders and a backpack on their back, in order to perform as Taliban or Mujahid fighters. This piece will be circulated in the media soon.

Authority gives warning with loud speaker that whoever accommodating refugees and injured person will be arrested.
Bangladesh Border Guard had recovered two boatloads of weapons from Naff River on the night. Two Rakhines are being detained in Cox’s Bazar and continuously interrogating about the trafficking of weapons on where about it.

11 June, Monday 
Midnight: a group of Rakhines entered into the Ali Thangyaw (Haisuratha) and tried to torch the religious school but the villagers had able to drive them away. Then, security forces started opening fires at Rohingya villagers.
23:00pm: A reliable source said there are 3 Burmese Navy cargo vessels arrived near Ali Than Kyaw coastal reef to unload ammunition and weapons.
Evening: Ali Tangyaw (Haisuratha) village is still surrounded heavily by security forces, smokes and the noise of the gun-fires are shaking the village.
15:00pm: Rakhine are coming out from the Monastery (located Maungdaw City Central) with Islamic religious dressed. Rakhines involving local security forces took about 10 young Rohingya girls.
14:30pm: Donpyin village set on fire by Lon-Tain(Paramilitary forces) and Rakhines. Initially, there were six trucks with full of Lon-Tain (Paramilitary Forces) surrounded the village. And they escorted Rohingya houses and let the Rakhines to enter into the village. Paramilitary Forces supported while Rakhine are setting fire on the villager houses. Many Rohingyas were shot dead by the security forces. Eye-witness described it was so horrible that even the stomach organs burst out from some bodies.

13:30pm: Houses in Hun-re Fara and the mosque are burning. Rohingya villagers who came out were faced shooting by security forces and brutally beating by Rakhines. Dozens of Rohingyans were took away by security forces that include; Master Shumshu and his family, Md Ali and his family, Dalal Roshid and his family, shopkeeper Sayed Hussein and his family. Their houses were burnt down and what happen to them is unknown. Rohingya villagers those died on the spot were taken away by trucks.

09:30am: A few Rohingyan houses were burning in Quarter(4). After Declaration of State of emergency by President Thein Sein, this morning local time 8:30 am some of Rakhine with the co-operation of police & Hluntin (Paramilitary forces) were entered Bomu-fara. Firstly, they took away property & burnt 5-7 houses of Rohingya.
At the same time, some of Rakhine monks were trying to stop burning house. Behind them, one or two Photographer are taken picture to record their documentary as a Rakhine houses was burning.

07:15am: U Ba Than Military Office (Camp no.378) shot two Rohingyas.

10 June, Sunday
18:30pm: Rohingya villagers escalated 3 Rohingya dead bodies in Myo-thu-gyi village.
From evening: Security forces started seizing of hand-phones, recording devices and cameras checking whether there is any records and foreign calling numbers.  
18:00pm: Large group of Rakhines including arrivals from different towns were gathered at southern part.
17:55pm: The trucks loaded with the dead bodies of Rohingya villagers were carried to Buddhist Cemetery.  
09:15am: Police Officer Than Htin killed innocent one Rohingya girl (Ramzaan- 12yo ), a Rohingya boy (Abdu Rahaman-10yo ) and her brother injured. The dead body was taken by Paramilitary Forces.  
9:00am: Government ordered to leave all the NGOs from Northern Arakan State.
03:00am: Some Rohingya youths were carried away by NaSaKa Border Security Forces. At least 70 Rohingyas were killed from Myothugyi village (Kaindapara) alone.

9 June, Saturday
Afternoon: Rakhines brunt down the mosque after military guarded Narittardil(ward-5). The following day the following religious buildings have been torched to burn down; 1)Morcos mosque of Sikdarpara, 2)Noapara mosque, 3)Sambanna and Sarkumbo mosques of Ali Thangyaw.

12:25pm: Deputy Home Minister accompanied by U Aung Zaw Win (USDP- MP) arrived at Maungdaw.
The security forces and Nasaka joined with Rakhines and carry out mass killing and torching fires. Because of the Curfew order, no one dares to go out.  And at the absence of witnessing Rakhines setting fires on Rohingya houses, village after village, any Rohingya comes out from house gets bullet. It is surprised that Natala villagers and Rakhines are also armed and shooting at Rohingya villagers.
In the mean time, monks are busy with media supplying fabricated news. These tragic events have been well planned in advance.

Morning: Armed security forces with Rakhine extremist equipped with lethal knives were roaming in Maungdaw town and surrounding villages. 4 Rohingyas were carried away from Fayazi village.
The monks and Rakhines escorted by security forces were announcing ‘War on Kalas, (war on Rohingyas) along the street of Maungdaw. This message was spreaded like a wild fire all over Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships.
The villagers also confirmed that many security forces dressed civil-clothes but with arms are firing at the Rohingyas.
Early morning: military forces entered into Hunri-fara and shot at Rohyingyas . At least 5 Rohingyans dead and those injuries and the dead bodies were lifted by truck.

8 June, Friday
Midnight: a groups of armed forces jointly with Rakhines came into the Rohingya villages. They opened fires into the Rohingya houses. When the inmates left their homes the Rakhines set on fire.
The Hlun Htein forces from Ngakura/Ngpura village accompanied by the Rakhine village of San Oo Rwa (Hatipra) attacked the Rohingya villagers of the same village, killing one person injuring 3 others. The dead body was carried away by the killers.
Similarly in many other villages, security forces corporately with Rakhine people fired into the Muslim houses. When the inmates left their homes, the Rakhine set fire. The villages of HataliaSommoniaRazarbilKayandan and San Oo are among those which were also attacked.

2:30pm: Two young Rohingyas who were returning home after Friday prayer from Maungdaw Central Mosque were seriously beaten by police. One of them whose hand was broken was released after sometime while the other who received head injury was still in police custody. His condition is still unknown.
Beside, the main central mosque and prayers were attacked by Rakhine people in the presence of riot police.
That was the beginning of creation of furious tension and followed attacking each other and sparked all over Arakan.
2:00pm: The riot police fired more than 40 rounds at about 500 Rohingya peaceful prayers who are going to congregate peacefully in religious propagation centre of Myoma Kayandan village of Maungdaw town to give the respect for 10- Muslims those killed in Taungup on June 3. That killed at least two Rohingyas, several other injuries and some houses are burning at the this moment.

2) ..................... In Akyab/Sittwe city ................................
19 Oct: Moreover, the Rakhines and its monks have begun aggressively blocking and checking all suspected vehicles and then took away the foods that are carrying for Rohingyas. This kind of actions are taking place mostly in Sittwe town since the government has announced its official rejection of the OIC office opening on 15 Oct in regard to maintain the military guide democracy placates the extremist Rakhines and radical monks striking began across Yangoon, Mandalay and Arakan.
12 Oct: Thousand of Rakhines and monks demonstrated against the OIC office opening from yesterday. After that they turned to surround the Aungmingala (Mole Fara) village from 21:00pm (local time). Confrontation were took place about an hour and the military eventually opened fires around hundred bullets upside and tear gases.. So, the crowd finally retreated from the village. But no incident has been escalated yet.
The sources say
 now the 'Martial Law' has been declared for the Aungmingala village but hundreds of Rakhines and monks are still gathering at U Uttama Park and Pharargri.

7 Oct: Today at around 14:30pm, Police authority corporately with extremist Rakhines entered into the ancient Sittwe Central Mosque (beside Cultural Museum) by claiming to check electric shock and set fire the mosque and houses around it. On the time of military forces arrived to extinguish the fire, 5 houses around it were already burnt down and the mosque has been damaged and over thousand of holy books were also burnt.. (photo)
At the same time, more than thousand extremist Rakhines plus radical monks also surrounded the Aungmingala (Mole Fara) Quarter. They attacks with rocks and poisonous arrows and attempted to set fire the village. However, the military and police forces have heavily deployed on time and still trying to handle the situation by defining restricted lines.
The sources confirm that the extremist Rakhines and radical monks are still around the villages and chanting with various violent words.
30 Sept (Kaladan Press): A truck with a Rakhine dead body was seized by patrol army personnel nearby Akyab University main campus adjacent to Molake Ward on September 29, in the morning.
On suspicion, the patrol army personnel stop the truck while it was going to nearby Muslim village, searched the truck and found a dead body of a Rakhine. The army brought the truck to their camp with the people where they were detained. The dead body was handed over to the relatives or not, it is unknown.
The dead body was brought to the Akyab university main campus nearby Rohingya village, Amla Para, Mowlake Para to throw it in the compound of university in the intention of that the Rakine was killed by Muslim Rohingyas. By accusing the Muslim Rohingya villagers, they want to attack again the Rohingya villages—Mowlake, Handi Hola, Amla Para, and Hoshai Para —-like September 28 (Friday), event in Akyab.
28 SeptFrom today afternoon, Aungmingala (Mole Fara) village has been surrounded by about 2,000 Rakhines involving monks from the front and chanting to leave all 'kalars'. Military and police forces are already there and just watching the activities.
Yesterday evening, a Rohingya boy from the same village accompanied with a military going into the market, was took over by Rakhine gang and the military too was threatened. When police followed the scene, the boy (Lalu) was found throwing near the drain beside the limes selling area.
The observers say the attacks would be developed by night. This is only village exist in the town and as a result of non-stop disturbances by Rakhine, most of the villagers had been sneaked out from this village. So, the lives of a few remaining villagers mixed of Kaman and Rohingyas are in the worst.

According to internal sources, Rakhines are frustrated with the government for not fulfilling their 18 demands made in Mayu Conference held in Rathedaung town on 25-26 Sept. The demands include to remove the muslim villages along the main communication streams in the Rakhine state that requires the removal of the surrounding muslim villages beside the both Sittwe Universities.
However, gathering of such large number of Rakhines was with false incitement by Rakhine leaders that one of the Rakhine boy (Aung Naing Oo) missing was killed in Rohingya village etc..
23 Sept: Rohingyas continuously sneaking out from Sitttwe, most of those recently moving out are rich families.
A Rohingya youth s/o Ismail from Barsara (Sanpya) village, going to the town from Bumay (Furan fara) by mortor-bike has been captured by a group of Rakhines near the foot-ball field in front of BEHS(1) on 18 Sept. Since then he has been missing.

42 Rakhines arrested across the town by military forces from last month, were released on 17 Sept after Rakhine community staged several protests. They were arrested for attempting to attack over Rohingya villages but when ever they were handed to police, the police reversed the charges as 'trespassing into curfew area'.
13 Spet: According to Bo Min Aung's letter and ground report confirmation, A Burman Muslim who went to Sittway for humanitarian assistance together with Malaysian group was attacked by Rakhine.
One of our colleagues from Yangon went to Sittway, Rakhine state together with Malaysian organization (MRA) few days ago. He and the other four (two Singaporean and two Malay) visited both side camps in Sittway; Rakhine Buddhists and the Muslims. Actually, his colleagues arranged the trip by the agreement with Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP). A member of RNDP also followed together with them.
The Burman Muslim, Mr.Shine was attacked while he was standing in front of the central market after they bought different materials and goods for the refugees both Rakhine and Muslims. Two Rakhine men (an old Rakhine man was included) vigorously attacked him and about 500 Rakhine also surrounded him. Some Rakhine took him to a shop and he was beaten. Another one tried to beat him with a hammer on his head. He mentioned that he went for humanitarian assistance together with Malay group. But Rakhine said he must be beaten to death because he went there together with Kalar group.
He was stabbed by a Rakhine but he protected himself with a small bag. While a police tried to take him by motor bike, another Rakhine hacked him with a long knife but he protected again with his bag. Finally, another Rakhine beat him with the hammer on his head. He was wounded and hospitalized and taken to the police station as well. Next day, he  with Malay group flew back to Yangon.
-12 Sept: A Rohingya cowboy was brutally beaten up Rakhine gang while he crossing into burnt down areas. Now he is admited for medication in Thankkaybyin village.
11 SeptNasaka authority came to stamp its premise to be set up in Darrpaine (Thae chaung) village.
Former political prisoner lawyer Kyaw Hla Aung (senior staff of MSF), is gone into hiding after the town chief police followed by dozens troops came to hunt in Thakkaybyin (Sakki fara) village, for his speaking with recently visited U.S. Envoy Mr. Derek Mitchell with others on 9 Sept 2012.
The source also told that a number of the Rakhine photographers took pictures of Rohingyas who met with foreign delegates and soon after police authority follow to hunt those Rohingyas..
Yangon based anti-Rohingya organization call Myanmar Resources Foundation(MRF) guided by military generals, came to organized muslim community in Sittwe on 9 Sept 2012 and invited meeting with graduate Rohingya youths at Aungmingala (Mole fara) village secretary's home. In the meeting, about 20 Rohingya youths have been recruited and assigned as its members. The organization's activity is not clearly told but in the first stage they were instructed to list the population and families of muslim.
27 Aug: About 4,000 Rohingya victims of Sentoli villages taking shelter at the school of Thakkaybyin (Sakki Fara) village were forcefully expelled from the school by the Rakhine state education minister yesterday afternoon. The victims said that expulsion came an hour after a team of UN visited them. Now the victims are wetting under the rain without shelter and food because they have even not registered at refugee camp.

Following the president's announcement, Rakhine people expressed dissatisfaction and attempting to attacks Rohingya villages from the past week. A group of 4 Rakhines who entered Aungmingala (Mole Fara) village with lethal knives and fuel bottles were captured by military in the afternoon of on 23 Aug. Another two Rakhines attempted to attack the same village were also arrested by military in the evening of 25 Aug.

Total displaced number of homeless Rohingyas plus Kamans and Rakhine muslims in Sittwe is estimated about 96,000 people and only about half of them are registered at refugee camps and the rest are still languished without food and shelter, according to the ground report .
As we received a list as below, in Sittwe refugee camps so far at least 64 people died from contracted diseases and starvation. The number is higher for the other towns where no aid group has been visited from the beginning.
The death toll in Sittwe refugee camps: NDPHR(exile)
15 Aug: Yesterday morning, the three foreign tourists who tried to cross the remaining muslim houses of Aungmingala Quarter (Mole Fara) were arrested by police.
Around 10am, the three foreign tourists who were trying to cross the remaining muslim houses of Aungmingala Quarter to find out the places of where the Rohingya houses were burnt down between Nazi village and Aungmingala Quarter, had been stopped in the entrance of the village by security police. One of them is woman and said to be from Untied States of America. Another one hanging the camera on the neck.
After an hour of confrontation with police, the three tourists did not turn back from the village. A short time later, about 200 police forces were arrived by trucks and cars and then surrounded them. Police forces did not grab them but threatening through various way of taking away the camera, taking out of police use equipment such as the daggers, aiming with the gun and order to shot their legs. At the end, a Rohingya student voluntarily came out from a house to appeal the tourists to turn back and explain it will bring more trouble for the villagers.
Finally, the three tourists were lifted to police station by a police jeep. But soon after interrogation they been freed within one hour.
8 Aug Rakhine gangs involving a few monks begin crossing into Aungmingala village and shouting to leave the remaining muslim from their homes in good time.
Lawyer Kyaw Hla Aung, the nominee MP of 1990 for Sittwe who is also a senior staff of MSF, is not yet released despite the government replied during Quintana visit that he has been released along with some political prisoners including Phyo Wai Aung who was sentenced to death.

6 Aug: A source received from Sittwe confirmed that the Rohingya leaders raised about the permission to distribute food for shelterless Rohingyas in other regions during in a meeting with Vice-President Sai Mauk Kham and Rohingya leaders in Sittwe on 4 Aug. Rohingya political prisoner Mv.Abdu Shukur, Imam Jabul Haque, current village secretary- Master Shwe Hla, Khobir, and other acting leaders were attended in the meeting.
The vice president did not said about normalization of the situation nor the restoration of Laws and Orders. Instead, he informed that the Rakhine community wanted to live separately from muslim people therefore he asked the remaining a few Rohingyas and Kamans in the town are whether willing to move to townside areas.
3 Aug: The number of shelterless Rohingyas living along the refugee camps are more than those living in the tents of all the five refugee camps of Darpaine (Daebaine), Taechaung (Gwaladil), Chicha Fara, Bawdupa (Baduadil), Thankaybyin (Sakki Fara). Most of those shelterless Rohingyas lifted to Ongdawgyi (Bariza Fara or known as Coconut Field) a day before UN Envoy Quintana visit, have been placed without foods and shelter. The number estimate at least 10,000 persons.

One of the survivors who were shot by Nasaka at the Tambi village (Tambi Fara or new Chicha Fara) on 31 July, has been died from wound on 1st Aug.
The Nasaka troops have been raiding the village during nights from the night of 31 July. All the villagers were laid on the ground after pulled out from their houses and abused them therefore a few villagers have been reportedly escaped.
One more Rohingya of 176 persons who are mostly from Rathedaung town and detained at military base camp during the violence, was died with tortures since a week ago. The rest 174 persons were transferred to Sittwe Prison. Of them, 2 Religious leaders are palced in the execution cell,  22 persons in a separate cell and the rest are in a different block.
A boat load of about 50 Rohingyas involving women and children, was sank near the mouth of Sittwe Bay on 2 Aug. They were heading to Sittwe from Pauktaw town after they been stucked more than 50 days without foods and shelter.
One of the twin babies was died as a result of the Red Cross staffs ran away from the refugee camp of Bawdupa (Badwadil) after a threaten phone call received from a Rakhine during they were treating the baby.
31 JulyA Rohingya family going across the farming land of Tambi village (Tambi Fara or new Chicha Fara), were arrested by Nasaka forces in the afternoon of 31 July. The father was tied up and hanged at the tree while the rest were laid on the ground. The forces accused them as members of Al-Qaeda and shot the father's hand first. When the family members screamed and craved for help, another bullet shot at the forehead of the father, the elder son was shot at tight, the younger son was shot at around abdomen and the mother was beaten to unconscious.
Both the father and the younger son were died on the spot and the rest two were still unknown.

Afternoon, after the UNDP staffs leaved the camps, two police and a RNDP member came to arrest a Rohingya who work as an interpreter for UNDP. During they grabbing away the interpreter, the villagers noisily came out and rescued the interpreter. The police throw the guns away and ran towards outside the village. After that, the two police reported as the Rohingya villagers began mutiny against the authority.

The gangs of RNDP await across the roads near by Roghingya villages. They rush to check every vehicle come out from Rohingya villages. They informed the driver that they will take over in case any Rohingya found in the vehicle.

A ship load of foods sent by Yangon based Muslim organizations has been arrived at Sittwe bay but it was blocked by Rakhine authorities administered by the Arakan state minster Dr Aye Maung who is also chief of RNDP. Despite it has been permitted by president Thein Sein.  First, the Rakhine authority asked to distribute 80% to Rakhine, 10% to military and the rest 10% for Muslim. In this manner, the ship has been stopped more than 3 days and totally not allowed to come near the jetty.
According to the source received today, the ship has been finally allowed to park at the jetty with the agreement of 20% distribution for Rakhine people. But it is not sure whether all the foods will be handed first to the authority.

Rakhine people destroyed their huts and some bamboo houses in Rakhine village of Mingan and rushed to take shelter today at the Buddhist monastery before the arrival of UN envoy. Remaining muslim villagers in Aungmingala village, have been forced to go to the bazaar and authority prepared to film it.
20 July: Four Rohingyas of Don Byan (Dua Mraung) village were grabbing away by 4 Paramilitary forces followed by 5 Rakhines during gathering for Friday prayer and brutally beating along the way. When the villagers came out after hearing screaming voices, the forces opened fires to the crowd. A woman and a man were hit bullets in the scene.
Some villagers reported to Military Head Quarter and brought back those taking away 4 Rohingyas. Because of they been beaten-up brutally, they were remained at military medical service for medication.

The source also said that from the past week, UNHCR is contributing medical services and WFP is supplying mainly rice, bean and oil in all four Rohingya refugee camps along Darbaine (Dae-baine)Gwaladil (Taechaung)Shisha Fara and Thakkaybyin (Sakki Fara) villages.
19 July: (evening): A boat load of about 120 Rohingyans who were departing from Sittwe beach after 6 weeks of confinement and starvation, was captured around 40 miles away by Navy forces. Their relatives had followed by communicating with authority. But they have been quickly transferred into hidden.
11 July: Source came from authority confirmed Rakhine party-RNDP is continuously denying aid supply to homeless Rohingya people. The party's present Dr Aye Maung who is also Rakhine state minister responded that he could not agree for delivery of aid for terrorist illegal Bengali immigrants.
Yangon based Burmese muslims face failed to deliver aid for  muslims of Rakhine/Arakan because high-ranking authority said it must be approved by Rakhine state minister.

In the past 5 days a pregnant woman died from lack of care and another one from Thakaybyin (Sakki fara) died after 3 days of gave-birth.

Some Na-Sa-ka forces transferred from Maungdaw have been deployed in Badwa-dil (Bawdupa) near Darbaine (Taechaing) and started exercising of various harassments since the past 3 days.

The source confirmed, dozen of dead bodies belong to the boats sank on 7 July were washed out near Darbain beach (Taechaung). A professor of mathematics for Sittwe University and the whole of her family who were Kaman-muslims from Fishing village, were among the deads.

According to the letter of Muslim Liberation Organization of Burma-MLOB based in Thailand sent to president Thein Sein on 10 July 2012, the notorious family members who are Kaman and Rakhine muslims were also among the deaths. Some identified are; the relatives of Lieutenant Colonel Kyaw Khin of Military Medical Service and Yangon RIT lecturer Dr.Saw Fru's relatives who lived in Zayhaung Mawleik (Rohingya Fara), the writter Daw Saw Mon Nyin's relatives lived in Mizan village and Major Kyaw Hla Aung's relatives lived in Pa-taleik-chake Quarter.
7 July
17:30pm: A victim of survivor confirmed that 3 out of 4 boats load of homeless hunger Rohingya people involving women and kids who were heading for Gualadil beach (Darbaine village area) from Sandama side (opposite of Sittwe call Sandawshin), were sank in the dumping waves of Sittwe sea at around 4pm local time. Each boat carried average 70 to 85 people and all of them were groups of people who escaped by boats to Sandama side from Paiketay Yat (Zaila Fara), Mizan and Shwe Bya villages near Sittwe Jetty.
5 July
Morning: A Rakhine man who was going to buy foods for Rohingya, was beaten by a group of Rakhines in front of the Enterprise own by Aung Tan at Minbagyi Road.

Evening: A Rakhine man who was going to torch with patrol bottle was arrested by military from Minbargyi Road of Aungmingala Quarter (Mole Fra). An hour later, military sent him to police station No.(1) after police did not arrive to take as a result of it own Rakhine.
The authority locked one of the Rohingya leader, Bsc Hla Maung's house in the Ambala Quarter area (down-town) since the past two days.
A reliable source confirmed that despite Muslim community from Yangon delivered the aid of 400 millions Kyat for homeless hunger Rohingyas of Arakan state during the past two weeks, no aid is supplied for Rohingya.
The source also confirmed that a few staffs from NGOs had visited Rohingya Refugees camps along Darbaine and Thakkaybyin villages in the past week and after that they received only about 0.2 Kg of plane rice once per each.
The various staffs of NGOs and governmental departments are visiting on daily basis at the relief centres of where Rakhine people are'.
4 July
Afternoon: A dead body of Rohingya woman was discovered from the box of a Rakhine house in Toe Shay village (extended or new village) of Ambala Quarter. The dead body was discovered by military after military heard screaming voices of Rakhine women from the house. It is confirmed that the body was chopped into picies by Rakhines and placed into the box. The reason Rakhine women were screaming was they suffered night-mare and dreamt with the dead body.
The body was handed over to muslims and local reporters and authority were arrived in the scene. 

16:30pm: Four military forces who guard Aungmingala Quarter were beaten-up by a group of Rakhines near the central market as a result of they came to buy foods for Rohingyans. The money military have about four lakhs Kyat given from Rohingya villagers were also looted. Because of seriously injured, the military were admitted to hospital and the 3 related Rakhines were also arrested.

A few hour later, a group of Rakhines crossed Minbargyi Road and chanted to set fire the remaining houses..
3 July, Tuesday

 A source came from authority confirmed that a group of 9 Rohingya women going to find foods to 3 miles far Thakkaybyin (Sakki Fara) village from Santoli village(behind Sittwe lake), were stopped by 3 military forces beside 'GE Wood Mill' on entrance of Thakkaybyin road. One of them under age was picked up and grabbed into the store and the rest were allowed to leave.
On the time of the rest eight women reported to military chief via their relatives, it was too late. By afternoon, the victim was accepted at hospital based on military authority's arrangement.
However, one of their relatives said there is no trust at all over hospital staffs and local police who took over the victim's case. They would dismiss the fact like in the past weeks there were some wounded Rohingyans who approached at hospital were not survived.
29 June, Friday

There are total 172 Rohingyans involving under age detained in military camp. The source confirmed all of them were brought from Rathedaung township after tortured in the hands of Rakhines from Ku Taung.  One of them was died yesterday and burried at Thakkaybyin village (Sakki Fara).
30 of them were reportedly taken to unknown. They were neither sent back to Rathedaung nor transferred to custody. 

 Bsc Hla Maung's house in the Ambala area (down town) was attacked by a group of Rakhines and looted all goods and cash when Police and Paramilitary forces are surrounding from out side.

Six international and local staffs of INGOs, were arrested. The source said they are aid workers from UN organization, AZG and WHO. Thier arrest could be suspect of whether they have any recording devices.

Morning: A Hindu woman came out from Aungmingala area, was beaten by four Rakhines in the present of police. Her live was spared after they knew she is not really a muslim.
28 June, Thursday
Morning: 5 Rohingya women from Aungmingala quarter who went to the market of Sittwe to buy foods after starved for two weeks, were brutally beaten by a group of Rakhine people and handed over to No(1) Police station by giving false statement. After police saw they were seriously injured, all five women were sent to hospital. One of them, sister of Soe Raza was died a hour later and the condition of the rest are still unknown.
It is also confirmed that the hospital staffs who are also Rakhines did treat them roughly because of muslim. Following next day, another one of them was also died and the rest two were sent back to the village of Aungmingala.

We are getting reports from Sittwe that the relief aids are delivering to Rakhine alone and homeless Rohingya people still face stavation and lack of medicine. Some Rohingyans were loaded to trucks and shifting to unknown locations. the source also confirmed that some water tanks in Rohingya areas were found poisoned.
26-27 June
Authority led by town municipal asked Rohingya shop owners to remove the remaining things from the shops and informed that all muslim shops will be seized from today.
Authority demolished all the remnant parts of houses, half destroyed houses and remaining a few houses belong to Rohingyans in Zayhaung Mawleik (Rohingya Fara), Paiktay Yat (Zaila Fara) and Mizan, and Palot Taung (Holton) villages.

25 June, Monday
Morning: Chief of state Immigration Instruction arrived at Sittwe from Yangon and he accompanied by Rakhine politicians toured all affected areas. 
He instructed local authority that he don't want to see any muslim residing in the town. Local authority informed based on administrative instruction, a few remaining 'Kalar' houses in the town would also be relocated in designated areas of refugee camp along Dar-baine and Sakki Fara (Thakkaybyin) villages.
A few hour later, local immigration authority announced to conduct immigration status of Rohingya and began it from afternoon in Sakki fara (Thakkaybyin) village.
Authorities say that they are providing eight square feet tent for each muslim homeless family and the signboards of "Ethnic People' Land" are erected in all over Rohingya lands which were burnt down during sectarian attacks.

24 June, Sunday
Night: A group of Rakines set fire at some buildings belong to Markinnya along the downtown in Mawleik area of Sittwe. But It was stop on time after military and police forces arrived there.  
Evening: Immigration authority warned a few Rohingya villagers remaining in the town not to shelter any homeless Bengali illegal immigrants. Immigration also told that they will conduct an operation to check guest from the night of 25 June.

About dozen of Rohingya including boys those arrested from Rathedaung township were taken into Sittwe Prison.

23 June, Saturday
Night: Authority checked the mosque of Mole Fara (Aungmingala quarter) with the suspect of homeless Bengali hiding into it.
The government authority are saying that they are assisting to relocate unregistered illegal Bengali immigrants to temporarily erected tents along the townside from inside the town. It was already reported in RFA news. It is very visible view of how the government hates on muslims. While local Burmese newspapers and tv are continued to portray the false image of Rohingya across the country.

22 June, Friday
Eveing: Homeless 60 Rohingya girls were selectively taken away by government authorities from Mole fara (Aaungmingalar quarter) evening still don’t know where they are.
Many Rohingya houses lists were taken by immigration authorities. Burned down Rohingya villages will be provided to Rakhine according to authorities.
Remaining Rohingya houses in the town were forcefully removing from their houses by the authority town area and relocating them in the remote area according to BBC Burmese news.

From morning: Thousands of homeless Rohingyans mostly women and children who are taking refuge in Mole-Fara (Aungmingala quarter) were forcefully lifted by authority's trucks. The remaining Rohingya villagers from Mole-Fara were also proposed to abandon their houses in good time and to begin new life along Dar-baine and Sakki Fara (Thakkaybyin) villages. Authority explained that there is no place for Rohingya in the town and the authority could not protect from instant attacks therefore they must shift to townsides if they want to secure their lives.
Rakhines people those arrested with arms were also released today as authority believed they were just helping in the scene of burning houses.

21 June, Thursday
Afternoon: A group of Rakhines were came to set fire remaining a few Rohingya houses in Mole-fara (Aungmingala quarter) but it was broke away soon after military forces arrived there.

20 June, Wednesday
21:20pm: Rohingya houses along the street of beside the old College were attacked by a group of Rakhines. The house of Daw Khin Khin (Kaman) who work at Sittwe Post office, was burnt down and car workshop owner Josh Hla Maung's building was destroyed.

19 June, Tuesday
Morning: Fishing villager 3 Rohingyans were forced to sign in a ready made statement prepared by No(1) police station. In the form, it states to agree with those houses burnt in the villages were by their own. Two of them who had given signature were released soon but the other one who did not sign was not returned.
The villagers also confirmed that, Mr Shwe Hla, secretary of Mole-fara (Aungmingala quarter) was also taken to police custody for sign on such ready made statement on 13 June. He was released from police custody after 3 days but since then he refused to explain about the fact to his villagers.
The Nazi-villagers also confirmed that now police authority are gathering to attain such forms of signatures from acting Rohingya leaders and village heads.

Note: There are more than 12,000 displaced Rohingyas in Mole-fara (Aungmingalar quarter), Evacuations Camp. Four old man were died from lack of food and medicine. They don’t have even water to drink.
The authorities mentioned that they will not allow Rohingyas to settle in the town. Government authorities said that those burnt down Rohingya’s villages will be relocated for Rakhines who were intentionally brought from other towns of Arakan state.

According to Narinjara news report, the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Relief and Resettlement, U Phone Swe and the Chairman of the Merchant Association of Arakan, U Shwe Tun Aung, and regional officials, including the Chief Minister, officials from local political parties, and the town elders were hold a meeting on the cleanliness and beautification of the city that was held at 1 pm on 19 June in the house of the regional parliament in the state capital Sittwe. In the meeting, U Shwe Tun Aung is said to have suggested that this is the time for the government to distinguish its nationals and the immigrants and to be decisive for its union and sovereignty.

18 June, Monday
Night: Rakhine people attacked in Myu-kul village (situated opposite of Sittwe, Sandama side) and some Rohingya houses were burning but no causality is escalated.
Authority seized hand phones from a few Rohingya villagers across Sittwe..

17 June, Sunday
Government authorities are planning to allocate Rakhine on Rohingya’s villages which were burnt by Rakhines.

16 June, Saturday
12:00pm: Remaining half-burnt Rohingya houses in Holton (Palot Taung) village were set fire by Rakhines.
Morning: Navy forces returned 30 empty boats of Rohingya. Rohingyans from Sittwe say that those on board were mostly Rohingya women and children departed by these boats from Sittwe beach were not found.

15 June, Friday
Evening: A Barugua was died after jumped-off from the top of coconut-tree when military stop him from throwing fire at a Rohingya house in Mole-fara (Aungmingala) quarter.

Afternoon: Remaining half-burnt Rohingya houses of Fishing village (Zaila-fara, Paike Tay Yat) were set fire by a group of Rakhines. Military arrived there lately and shot dead 2 Rakhines and captured the 3 other Rakhines.
From Morning: Rohingya dead bodies were carrying with Pa-la-ka trucks and buried 20 to 30 bodies in each trench in newly located graveyard near Dar-paine village.

Early morning: Military forces took control of Rohingya villages from security forces. Moving house to house is allowed during day light.
However, there are more than 50,000 homeless Rohingyans are in need of basic amenities, foods and medication. Communication and electric are still cut-off  while all amenities are available for Rakhines. Now, heavy raining in Akyab but these homeless Rohingyans do not have shelters to protect from raining. Unlike Rakhine families, homeless Rohingya women and children victims are not yet received any kind of assistance from government authority.

14 June, Thursday
6.00pm: A group of 30 other Rakhines mixed of Marmagyi and Hidu people with arms were arrested by military while they are trying to touch fire at Rohingya villages. They confessed that they are organized to do this by a group of Rakhines.
Local Burmese tv (MRTV) has aired about the arrest of a group of Rohingyans with knives and bottles beside them. In deed, it is just a modern way of providing wrong image of Rohingya like it dealt with thousands of political activists who were imprisoned with false charges in the past.

Early morning: Full load of deadly weapons recovered from Buddhist temples by the military personnel, following the arrest of two Rakhine who attempted to burn down the Rohingya houses and shot the innocents in early morning today.

13 June, Wednesday
There are 1000 of Rohingya dead bodies are uncollected along the burnt down villages of NaziHundhi-Khawla (Chin Byan Lan) and Ambala villages. Tens of Rohingya dead bodies were found in the cemetary near Foktoli. Plus, hundred of Rohingya injuries those killed in hospitals were shaped their head, defamed their faces and put yellow robes of monk for media circulation.

After noon: Rakhines those rounding timely are chanting- "Rakhine Pray..Rakhine Pray, Kalar..Kalar..Aloe-ma-shi" (Rakhaing Kingdom, no more foreigner).  

Evening: Rakhine people those rounding timely with long lethal knives are shouting to continuously eliminate Rohingya from the land when security forces proposing the remaining Rohingya villagers to leave with empty hands. Shortly after, shooting between military and security force took place in Mole-fara (Aungmingala) quarter on the account of some military dealing to help trapped Rohingya women and children. The Rakhines shot dead an army officer today that caused confrontation between military and armed Rakhines.

Morning: Villagers from Nazi village area were dropped to along the beach side of Darpaine village by military trucks. Rakhine and security forces attacking during moving to there, killed some Rohingyans were also laid along the way.
(Note: Despite there were about 30,000 Rohingya population in the biggest Rohingya village of Nazi, only around 2,000 Rohingyans were found during military trucks carrying them to beach side Darbaine village.)
As a result of raining from yesterday evening the fire was stopped near the school and it saved from burning of the Mole-fara (Aungmingla quarter).

12 June, Tuesday
16:00pm: Rohingya People who were escaping from burning in Mole-fara (Aungmingala quarter) were shot dead by the jointly Police, Hluntin and Rakhine. Beside, Military are not taking any action.
Local authority together with Hluntin (Paramilitary forces) and Police approach to the remaining Rohingya in the city centre and demanding to give signature in the pre-written documents that agreeing voluntarily escaping from the scene to the remote area of Akayab/Sittwe. Rohingya refused to do so. They have warned that they will next in target. It may be few days to cleans up Rohingya from Akayab/Sittwe.

2:30pm: Some house in Mole-fara (Aung-min-gala) are burning..
2:20pm: Rohingya houses in Hudhi-khawla (Chin Byan Lan), Khaw-cha-fara (the edge of Thaban Lan, part of Aungmingala) were burnt down into ashes. The fire is transmitting to its closed village of Mole-fara (Aungmingala quarter).
U Tan Win, current chairman of Aungmingala village is leading a team and directly involved in setting fires.

Morning: Military forces were deployed in Rohingya villages and the situation was calmed up to the mid-day.

11 June, Monday
22:00pm: Rakhine people continuously chanting to eliminate remaining Rohingya villages. Rakhine groups who are rounding in and out of Rohingya villages by vehicles said, "this afternoon, we will finish all kala-villages".
19:00pm: Shabok village was attacked and little damaged, several Rohingyas were killed.

18:30pm: Huge crowd of Rakhines plus polices from No(1)police station came 2nd time to Santoli village. The security forces fires in the air first. Then setting fire on rohingyas’ houses. While the Rohingyas were trying to escape, the security forces shot them. More than 180 houses were burnt downand the rest including the mosque were damaged. In the even about 50 Rohingyans and 50 Rakhines were killed. More than (2+18) Rohingya villagers were taken away by police forces.
The dead bodies were taken to the Hospital. Reliable Source said -authorities poured acid on the faces of dead bodies, shaved their heads, dressed them as Buddhist monks to take the pictures so that they can use the pictures in making mis-propaganda against Rohingya people. Pictures were taken by Weekly Eleven Journal. In fact none of the Rakhine or monk was killed in the whole Sittwe(Akyab) by Rohingya people.

17:00pm: Some Rohingya escaping from Nazi village burning were shot dead in the road by security forces.
Evening: local tv(MRTV) came to make filming on the scene of Rohingya villagers resisting motion. In this manner, MRTV could highlight to tarnish the image of Rohingya.

16:00pm: The security forces surround Nazi village and torched fire and it is still burning. While Rohingya villagers from other villages are strictly confined and shooting gun-fires if they move. This is another form of the security forces' direct involvement in genocide against unarmed Rohingya villagers. Other large group of Rakhine people are also gathered at the biggest mosque near Sittwe-market and and Mole Fara (Aungmingala quarter) and subsequently attacking by rocks and alight patrol bottles. They are shouting to eliminate all Rohingyans from Arakan. It is totally different from what the Thein Sein government said in MRTV news.

15:30pm: Rakhine set fire on Pozu bazaar near Sittwe Markaz. Blaze of fire was seen from long distance.
14:10pm: Rohingya shops in Sittwe Central Market were breaking by Rakhines.
14:15pm: Attacking Sittwe Central mosque.

Afternoon: The local Burmese news groups are prepared to film the dead bodies of Rohingyans by dressing-up with yellow-robes of monk and misinforming to the world.

12:00pm: Rakhines are preparing to attack Nazi Village. A Member of Rakhine Party-RNDP, Ba La Gyi with thousand Rakhines is shouting with loud speaker to eliminate 'kala' and crossing through Mawleik(Ambala) village. 
Morning: Rakhine people continued to burn down a few houses those left unburnt in East Barsara(East Sanpya).

10 June, Sunday
19:30pm: Santoli village beside Sittwe Lake (Kandawgyi) was attacked and a few houses were destroyed but Rohingya villagers resisted them and drove them away. Rohingya villagers say that like in other other villages if security forces back Rakhine people they could not resist because security forces did not stop Rakhine people and only shot fires at Rohingya villagers.
The local Burmese news groups are prepared to take video shooting of the Rohingya dead bodies after dressing up with yellow robes. These actions were took place near Fishing village, Shwe-bya village and Rohingya-fara (Zay-haung-maw-leik).

Evening: Rohingyan villagers from Rohingya-fara (Zay-haung Maw-leik) near the market were pulled out from homes and beaten to death at least 7 persons including a family of 4 persons who opened restaurant in the house,
some women were raped, the mosque in the village was destroyed. Their houses in this village can't be set fire but destroyed because residents are mixed of Rakhine and Chinese. Now, most of the villagers were shifted to Ambala fara. Rakhines people are shouting that they will soon cleans this village too. After a while, tens of Rohingya houses were selectively torched fire.

17:00pm: Rohingya houses in Fishing village (Pike-thay-yat) near Sittwe Jetty were set fire and villagers were brutally attacked. Some escaped through the waters were chopped and beaten to dead. Some attempted to escape by boat were also recaptured by Navy forces and detained by the accuse of fleeing to foreign. At least 20 Rohingyans plus about 130 mixed of Kaman and Rohingya who escaped by boats were killed.
Without escalation of accurate story, the VOA aired sideously about this villagers.
A police chief's daughter (Kaman) was raped and thrown in the road, was saved by her Rakhine friend. Her father who is working in Yangon urgently transferred her to Yangon hospital. Later she was discharged from hospital as a result of many people approaching her.
16:10pm: Security forces and thousands of Rakhine people with patrol bottles crossed into Mole-fara (Aungmingala quarter).

16:00pm: Both East and West Barsara(West Sanpya) villages were attacked. About 10 Rohingya houses of West Basara and the mosque and almost all of Rohingyan villagers were completely gone to missing. About 100 houses of East Barsa (East Sanpya) village near navy camp and the mosque were also burnt down and at least 50 Rohingyan villagers were killed. Those survived were avoided into other Rohingya villages. Rohingyans from Shwe Bya villages were attacked by brutally beating, killing, sexually, looting and their houses were set fire. Most villagers escaped by boats but some about 30 escapees were recaptured by Rakhine people were killed.
(Ko Thein Shwe, former weight player and well known by Rohingya people was involved in attacking of Barsara/Sanpya)
15:00pm: At least 6 Rohingyans shot dead and more than 50 Rohingyan villagers mostly from Sakki-fara (Thakkaybyin) were taken away as a result of they went out to stop firing houses and resisting against Rakhines' attacks in a small Rohingya village beside Sakki-fara.
In the mean time, a Rakhine model village around there call Min-gan located on Rohingya lands in 1971-91, was also set fire.
14:00pm: Curfew was imposed only for Rohingyas while Rakhine are violently burning and attacking Rohingyans.
After noon: Don Byan (Duamraung) and Bumay (Furun Fara) villages including the ancient small mosque beside Sittwe airport street, and house at the edge of Nazi village were burning.
09:15am: Police Officer Than Htin killed a Rohingya girl (Ramzaan-12yo), Rohingya boy (Abdu Rahaman-10yo ) and her brother were injured. The dead body of the girl was taken by Paramilitary Forces.

4:00am: Arzimya and Nadikya (Bu May group) villages were burnt into ashes, at least 13 Rohingyas were shot dead by Police and Paramilitary Forces, 4 injured and 30 other Rohingyan villagers captured by security forces were taken away. In the meantime, Another group of Rakhines tried to burn Nazi Village but it was stopped by Rohingyan villagers.

01:30am:  Rohingyans in Magyee-Myaine (Buhar Fara) village was attacked, houses and mosque were destroyed.  
1) One of the victim who was killed is identified as Mohammed Hussein and his house was also burnt down.
2) Nur Begum was chopped and packed in a Jute bag at Mayu Road. The dead body was said to have been hidden by the police.
It has been reported that the riot have been supervised by Aung Myat Kyaw an MP at State Parliament.  
For this destruction, Aung Myat Kyaw is using Aung Tun Sein (Olympic group) and Pho Sein (Danyawadi group). The group also attacked the ancient small mosque situated opposite of this village near airport but not burn-down in this stage.
01:00am: Rakhine who are wearing muslim caps were seen roaming in the streets of Sittwe trying to pretend as Muslims. Following this, medias are filming for anti-Rohingya propaganda.

9 June, Saturday
From the evening: Rakhine people started gangly attacking of Rohingyan villagers and setting fire of Rohingya villages after security forces shot fire into the houses. Houses were burning up to morning.
In Bumay (Furun Fara) village, under the guide of Rakhine people the police shot dead 5 Rohingyans during they went into the houses of those Rakhine set fire in order to stop the flames.

Rakhine people are rounding with lethal knives and chanting with loud speakers- (“terminate kala”, “kala-kala..kill-kill”). Several other Rohingyan houses including houses from Kondan-ward (Nazi village area) were set on fire. It is also confirmed that Rakhine people those came to set fire were entering wearing muslim religious dresses. The local authorities plus police forces are encouraging the Rakhine to eliminate the Rohingyas and set fire at houses.

The Rohingya villagers confirmed that military authority refused the approached of Rohingya leaders seeking to deploy military security forces in Rohingya villages.
From the beginning of violence, thousands of Rakhine people were arrived from different towns and temporarily camped along the beach. A reliable source revealed that Rakhines those brought in Buthidaung and Sittwe were organized by current Rakhine party-RNDP.

4 June: A staff of a French NGO (Artsen Zonder Grenzen-AZG) and former political prisoner- Kyaw Hla Aung(B.A LLB), nominee MP of Rohingya party-NDPHR for Sittwe during 1990, was arrested from Ye Nwe Su (Derum fara) quarter with false charges on 4 June and taken to unknown. It is confirmed that now he is neither in the custody nor prison. But according to Yangon Press International's report the arrest was in the morning of 11 June.
His first term arrest was took placed in a few days before 1990 election in May therefore he was not became MP. He was released in the end of 1997 after serving eight years imprisonment.

3 June: Since the beginning of mass killing of 10 Muslims in Taungup on 3 June, a large group of Rakhine people firstly marched to attack the ancient Foktoli mosque and village of Nazi. But it was broke away by Rohingya villagers and security forces were lately arrived there and stop further confrontation.

6) ...........................In Kyauktaw township.....................
19 Oct (ERCA member Rofiq): In the morning about 7:00am, 2 Rohingyas namely Mutul-57 s/o Adul Bakar and Anamulhoq-22 s/o Khala Shuna from Lasaungkok (Barua Fara) village, were grabbed away by a group of Rakhine gang while they were going to bring grass from own farming land. The relatives reported to the military security guards and finally confirmed that they both had been killed and the bodies were also disappeared.
There were another report of brutality in the morning of 17 Oct that 2 Rohingyas from Khaungdok Alay Kyun (Khondol Barua Fara) were beaten-up by Rakhines during they were collecting grass for cattle. A bit later, the victims' relatives followed to the scene therefore the two victims were hardly survived. But the victims critically remained at home as they don't access for medication. Their names are not stated here as requested by their relatives.

5 Oct: Rohingya own paddy from the farming lands are reaped and taking away by Rakhine people in all over the town while Rohingyas are constantly confined and facing threats.
The two wounded men, Paiketay (Fishing) village vice president U Maung Nu s/o Nurboshor and Jalalluddin-19 who were tortured in police lock-up on 21 Sept for speaking with Inquiry Commission, were taken away again by police authority. Their relatives don't know where about them but police authority said they been transferred to Sittwe prison for further inquiry. As grantee given by Inquiry Commission members, the relatives informed to the Inquiry Commission base in Yangon but no response received so far.
30 SeptIn the afternoon about 14:00pm, hundred of Rakhines and police forces came to attack the Paiketay (Fishing) village after the Rakhine leaders spreaded false news of a Rakhine sellsman was robbed his groceries and beaten-up by Rohingyas in the village. However, the sellsman is a tribe belongs to 'Mro' ethnic from U Ris Taung rushed on the spot to the scene and explained reality to the military. Finally the military drove all of those aggressive Rakhines and police forces. After revealing  the truth, police forces wisely said that they just followed to ensure the villagers' security..

(Unreported): In the evening about 16:00pm (local time) of 21 Sept, police chief of Kyauktaw town followed by dozens of police forces selectively arrested 12 Rohingyas from Paiketay(Fishing) village with false allegation. All of these 12 Rohingyas are in deed who spoke to Inquiry Commission of president Thein Sein. During they were loading onto the police jeeps, the villagers run on the spot and confronted with police. That resulted the ten Rohingya men were able to escape but the rest two other, village vice president U Maung Nu s/o Nurboshor and Jalalluddin-19, were not because they were handcuffed on the jeep.
After taken to police station, the two men were brutally tortured up to unconscious and sent to hospital. Again in hospital, the hospital staffs said they could not grantee for their safety for several gangs are looking for them. Eventually the family members discharged both of them from the hospital with the help of military. Yet, the both men are in critical condition and still laying in the bed without medical treatment.

Despite Inquiry Commission talked to the media on the arrival of Yangon that they had been accessed easily to the affected areas and met with victims, the story of they were blocked by hundreds of Rakhines during they landed at Kyauktaw jetty and again when they were entering into Rohingya villages are not told.
It is also confirmed that the commission had not traveled to all affected areas particularly to Guvitaung, Ambari and Shwe Hlaing villages that were lately burnt down in Kyauktaw town on 5 Aug.
Moreover, the team had not also visited to Pauktaw town where Rohingya and Kaman houses plus 2 mosques from Rwa Thit (Quarter-3)Saysudaine, Quarter-4 were mainly destructed and about 1,000 of people believed to be dead according to ground reports we received.
14 SeptAccording to Mr Rofiq, a member of ERCA, a Rakhine man was slaughtered by Rakhine gang after discovery of his transferring money for Rohingya from oversea. The dead body from the Rakhine village call Tharat Rwa was thrown near by the pound of Rohinga Fihsing (Zailafara @ Paiketay Yat) village on the evening of 12 Sept and blaming on the Rohingya villagers began from the next day morning.
Two fishermen fishing near the River were brutally beaten by a group of Rakhine gang and handed over  to police as culprits. The two Rohingya victims are identified as Lalu s/o Md Rofiq and Abdu Malik s/o Junait from Fishing village. Their relatives said they were seriously wounded, one was twisted leg so they could not be survive. More arrests are going on and the Rohingya victims those tortured were forced to finger on other Rohingyas.
Muslims have been separated from Rakhine in allover Arakan state and confined with authority but the Rakhines show dissatisfaction and still planning to attacks through inciting with fabricated allegations. Rakhine leaders are mainly organizing large demonstration across the Kyauktaw town and chanting and inciting to cleanse all Rohingyas. They routinely round into Rohingya villages and ask the military guarding to be removed. Despite it is on way investigation by police and wrong or right, the two Rohingya have been also detained in police custody.
6 Sept: Rakhine gangs in Kyauktaw town are still organizing to attacks the Rohingya villages like in other towns and the government has no plan to reinstall Laws and Orders for them therefore Rohingyas still face with constant risk and starvation.
24 Aug: A gang of Rakhines with six guns and explosives devices have been arrested by military forces in Khaungdok Rakhine village situated between two muslim villages of Falom and muslim-Khaungdok Kyauktaw town on 21 Aug. 
According to ERCA member Rofiq, the members of armed gang fought each others through opening fires in the morning around 10:30am. Soon, the military forces followed to the tract of where the sounds of gun fires coming out and captured 5 armed Rakhines. Mr Rofiq said that there were more than a dozen during the fights but the rest were escaped. The five captives were taken to the Battalion Camp-378.
It is also found that most of the armed Rakhine captives are the ex-members of the Arakan Liberation Party-ALP and members of RNDP.
17 Aug (Rohingya blogger):
Maung Myint (second name) from Buthidaung reported last week, in RuaNya Village of Kyauk Taw, 10 Rakhine Militants from an India based Rakhine militant group were arrested by Myanmar government. Seven of them were caught with guns and other weapons. One of them was their leader. It is reported that these militants were brought by Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP) members. Subsequently, three of its members are being prosecuted by the government. I wonder why Burmese media didn’t mention this in their news. 

And the displaced Rohingyas in Kyauk Taw are without any assistances and shelters. Many of them (mostly Children) have been dying due to starvation and lack of medicines. They plead the government of the country and international communities to save them from meeting untimely demises.

12 Aug (Kaladan Press): Burmese Army seized 14 automatic rifles, two pistols and huge of exclusives from Rakhine villages of Kyauktaw Township, about five miles away from Kyauktaw Town on August 9, said a villager elder from. Kyauktaw Township on condition of anonymity

“The arms and explosives were seized by the Mrauk-U Battalion No.(378) led by Commander Major Myint Hpou.”
Regarding the above news, on August 8, one Rohingya youth named Noor Mohamed, hailed from Radana Bon (Rohingya village) went to nearby the bottom of a Mountain for grazing his buffaloes, but the cowboy did not return to his home in the evening. As a result, some of the relatives of the cowboy and some villagers went to look whereabouts Noor and his buffalo herd. They did not find him, but saw that buffalo flock was at the Taung Bwe ( Rakhine) village.

The following day, the relatives and villagers went to the said Mountain bottom to search again Noor, but found his dead body. He was shot dead.  After carrying the dead body, villagers went to the army  Battalion  number-378 and raised the issue in detail.
Being informed, at about 2:00 pm, a group of army, immediately went to the Taung Bwe Rakhine village and searched the village and seized five automatic rifles, two pistols and a huge amount of explosives. Regarding this, six Rakhine Nationalities Development Party (RNDP members including one female were arrested.
After that, the armies continuously searched two other Rakhine villagers and seized seven automatic rifles from Way Si Daung Rakhine village and another two automatic rifles from Ngathan Pha village. But the army did not arrest anyone regarding this as the RNDP members fled away who involved in the arms keeping matter.

According to a villager, RNDP had already provided 10-gun per village in Kyauktaw Township without taking money. If any village wants extra guns, money will be paid by villagers.
This plan has been implemented by Dr. Htay Aye, U Hla Maung, U Tun Way, U Kyaw Sein Aung and U Kyaw Sein. They are the patron of RNDP and Wathanu Rakita Organization, said another villager from Kyauktaw Township.
9 Aug: 5 Rohingya cowboys were shot dead by a gang of armed Rakhine in the filed of farming lands around upper side of  Yadanapon (Nairaung) village and took away the cattle.

8 Aug: Yesterday on 7 Aug, the shelter-less Rohingya villagers of Ambari have been surrounded and attacked by Rakhine people after heard of foods supply coming for shelter-less Rohingya villagers.
Foeyda village and PaiketayYat (Fishing village) have been surrounded by Rakhines from 5 Aug and subsequent attacks taking place.
7 Aug,
Around 10:00am, Rohingya houses of Ambari village (known as mango filed), were set fire and all about 200 houses plus 2 mosques and a governmental joint-school, were completely burnt down. It is the poorest Rohingya village and has been attacked from the evening of 5 Aug. It is the last Rohingya village of southern Kyauktaw and situated on the plane farming lands between two Rakhine villages call Dokkanchaung and Boseingya villages.
The sources said that the terrorist Rakhine gangs involving some monks explored successful attacks over the Rohingya villagers after the military and police forces surrounded the village. A few members of the gangs or the forces with civil dresses torched fires house to house with the flame-throwers.

The villagers' cattle, fishing nets, goods, boats and canoes were also took away during the attacks.
The Rohingyas have been unable to defend for their lives as result of the government armed forces' involvement like similar occasions of June and July. At lest 2 Rohingya villager dead in the attacks.
A Rohingya of Kyauktaw said that the attacks have been swiftly resumed after a week of  the military general who was in-charge in providing protection for Rohingyas has been replaced with another new general. He added, "it is being worse than in the war, in the war both sides attacking each against other with arms, surrenderers were not shot, but here is different and attacking one side".

2 Rohingya villagers of Shwe Hlaing (Maelifaung @ Sadargyi) who were hospitalized with the bullet wounds, have been died in the hospital of Kyauktaw and the authority demands 500,000 Kyat to choose the bodies. They were shot by local police forces during their village consisting about 135 houses were set fires and villgers were attacked by Rakhine people on 5 Aug. The remaining villagers estimated about 930 people are still gathered around the mosque. The death toll for this village reached at total 16 persons involved a month old baby.

The Rohingya village, Paiketay Yat (Fishing village) has been also attacked from the evening of 5 Aug. Finally, the Rakhine gang set fire a Rakhine own Rice-mill because the mill is situated within Rohingya village and secretly selling rice for Rohingya villagers.
6 Aug: After harassing the whole night, the Rohingya village Aine Fara (opposite site of Aa-fok) consisting around 100 houses plus the mosque, were set fire by morning 10:00am.

5 Aug,
13:00pm: Around 90 Rohingya houses of Guvitaung (Gu Taung Bazzar) @ Gupi Chaung village and all about 120 Rohingya houses of Maelibaung/Shwe Hlaing (Maelifaung @ Sadargyi) village, were set fire by Rakhine people.
4 Rohingyas of  Guvitaung died in the attacks and now all the villagers taking shelter near the mosque and most are wetting outside in the rain. The Rakhines also looted goods, seized all the boats and canoes to prevent from Rohingya escaping away. Soon, Rakhine followed to the mosque and destructed the mosque.

15 Rohingyas of Maelibaung (Sadargyi) were chopped to dead, 2 older man and woman burnt in the fire, more than 7 children escaped through the river were missing.

Military forces arrived after about 3 hours and did not arrest none of aggressive Rakhines.

14:20pm: 31 of remaining Rohingya houses of Apoukwa (Aa-fok) village, were set fire by Rakhine people and sudden heavy rain falling stop continuous burning. 4 Rohingya  men and a woman were chopped to dead, are Ms Fushuni-35 d/o Anamulhoq, Karla-18 s/o Bawdaya, Lala @ Nurjonauk-13 s/o Shwe Hla, Faerunmya-35 s/o Naezar Muloq and Abdu Suwan-25 s/o Abdu Khalid.
A Rohingya, Aeliyas s/o Abdu Malik from Wakan village was slaughtered by Rakhine people near Fishing village (Paiketay Yat) of Rakhine.

14:00pm: 3 Rohingyas of Nedan village going to Fishing village through river-beach, were captured near Rakhine village call Myoat Thit. 2 of them escaped on struggle and the other one Aeliyas s/o Abdu Malik was beaten to laid there.
The Rohingya villages of Ambari, Foeda, Khaungdok Alay Kyun (Barua Fara), have been surrounded by Rakhine people and the information is yet to be received.
3 Aug,
According to ERCA member Rofiq, 3 Rohingyas of Paiketay Yat (Fishing village), went for fishing were attacked by a gang of Rakhine patrolling by boat in the Kaladan River at around 2:00pm of 2 Aug. The two persons suffered minor injuries and the other one, Lalu s/o Zawbor was largely cut at many parts of the body and less condition to survive.

5 Rohingya villagers of Ambari were stopped by two police known as Naing Oo and Kyaw Zan Hlaing and looted cash about 65,000 Kyat. After that, they were surrounded by Rakhine villagers of Nabukhen-Aapoukwa and brutally beaten-up and looted their carrying goods worth about 100,000 Kyat.
26 JulyAccording to ERCA member Rofiq, 40 buffaloes from Rohingya villagers of Fa Laung Rwa (Falom fara) were taken away by Rakhines in the eveing around 3pm. During they taking away, they said that they have to killed at least Kalars' cattle.
10 July
Rohingya community ERCA based in Malaysia: 5 kids and 4 elder Rohingyans had been died from starvation in Guu Taung bazzar (opposite of Dukkan Chaung Rakhine village) in the past week, where total about 50 Rohingya houses are situated. The villagers are still confined by Police and surrounded by Rakhines.  A group of Rakhines came to attack while preparation for bury the dead bodies and removed the white sheets which shrouded the dead bodies because Rakhines said they were not sold for muslim.
Apart from the government does not deliver aid for Rohingya, they can neither order nor buy foods iva someone. While Rakhine people enjoy all sorts of aid and assistance provide by local authorities.

The source confirmed that because of Kyauktaw Rakhine people party-RNDP president Dr.Tun Aye's widely instigation with loud speaker around every Rakhine village, the lives of Rohingya villagers are still in constant risk and Rohingyans those living in isolated areas are much worry.
8 July
Mr Rofiq, head of Rohingya committee-ERCA based Malaysia confirmed that Sanghadaung mosque was completely demolished by afternoon despite it was not demolished during all of the houses were burnt down on 16 June.

He also confirmed that at around 11:pm, 7 Rohingya villager of Kansi Fara (Wakang Group) who went to plough in their farming were brutally beaten-up by a group of Rakhines and their cattle and tools were also looted. They were told that nothing is belong to foreigner and refugees should go back Bangladesh.
7 July

According to Rohingya organization-BROUK based in UK, another boat load of 65 Rohingya people sank in Kaladan River while coming from Pauktaw to Sittwe. Well known Rohingya Lecturer from Sittwe University including Daw Khin Shwe, her son and the boat owner Mr Shukkur were dead. The dead bodies were found (unconfirmed). The other 8 boats are still waiting because of turbulent weather condition. All of the boat people are lack of food and heading for Thakkaybyin (Sakki Fara) Village of Sittwe as they heard aid is providing there.

Rohingya houses in Paiketay Yat (Zaila Fara) are still rounded-up by Rakhines from yesterday afternoon and asking to leave all Rohingyans living near by the town, immediately.
3 July, Tuesday

Night: Rakhines gathering gangly began from yesterday afternoon and dispersed into every Rohingya village from evening. A group approached at Nidan village at night. Another group arrived at Khondol Barua Fara by boat at about 23:00pm and 8 of them entered into the village. After the villagers noised out together and craving for help, they left the villages.
The source said that some Rohingya elders had sought help from acting Rakhine leaders. They fingered to negotiate with local authority and RNDP party by fulfilling the demands of Rakhine public that include leaving their properties and lands.

 The  700 years old ancient mosque (Myoatma Jarmae Mosque) situated between the market and Manaegya Fara, was completely demolished by Rakhines. 
Morning: Four Rohingyans who were picked up from in the middle of Kaladan River by a group of Rakhines on 30 June, were confirmed killed and dead bodies were not returned.
30 June, Saturday
10:00am: Four Rohingyans who went for fishing from Nidan village, were surrounded in the middle of Kaladan River by a group of Rakhines and picked them away. A member of Ethnic Rohingya Community-ERC based in Malaysia and who is also relative of the four victims confirmed today that they were not returned nor handed over to authority. The four victims are identified as Shakir, Mabu, Ayub and son of Zyabul.
Rakhine people are subsequently entered into the Rohingya villages in the present of security forces and chanting to cleans the villages during night.
29 June, Friday
11:50am: The  700 years old ancient mosque (Myoatma Jarmae Mosque) situated between the market and Manaegya Fara, was destructed by a group of Rakhines. At the time of military forces arrived there after informed by a Khami (tribe people), its walls and veranda have been destroyed.
28 June, Thursday4 homeless Rohingyans of Sangadaung village (near Sugar Mill) were died from starvation and lack of shelter. The Rohingya own lands in this village were also replaced by Rakhine people themselves.

Rohingya people own shops in the market of Kyauktaw were seized by municipal authority. The valuable things were taken away by Rakhines and proudly saying that all resources and belongings in the territory of Rakhine state are their own.

Two homeless villagers from Khaungdok Alay Kyuan (Barua Fara) were died in the flood of Kaladan River. One of them is identified as a brother of Mv.Habi who live in Denmark.
22-24 June
Rakhines are still patrolling in all 11 Rohingya villages near by the town and trying to attack continuously therefore police and military are subsequently guarding the villages. Rakhines people openly declared that all Rohingya villagers should abandon their houses and leave immediately from the village. The deadline given is the 5th of July.
During Rohingyans are confined within their houses, their properties such as cattle, goats, farming lands, crops and carts were already took over by Rakhine people. There is nothing left for Rohingya and now they are trapped and starved without foods and medication.
21 June, Thursday
A Rakhine teacher informed Rohingya that tomorrow a group of 500 Rakhines from different town would arrive at Kyauktaw and wage violence. Similar information received in Myaybon township.
The Rohingya villagers are facing shortage of foods and worst for those homeless Rohingyans.

18 June, Monday 
Evening: A Rohingya mother from Fishing village(Zai-la fara) who went to bazaar was brutally beaten by a group of Rakhines.
4:00am: Rohingya houses in Khaungdok Alay-Kyuan (Barua Fara) ward were attacked by Rakhines. 19 Rohingya houses including a mosque,  50 haystacks and 30 huts were burnt down.
17 June, Sunday
22:00pm: Mv Shafuddin and 3 other Rohingya villagers were brutally beaten by Rakhines in Tan Thaung Rwa (Ta-naonh Fara). Huts and haystacks in farming lands were burnt down. Mv Sahfuddin was died one day after and no hope for the 3 others too as a result of they can't access for medication.

17:30pm: 17 Rakhines who worn muslim religious dresses and leaving after attacking of Rohingya village- Khaungdok (Khondol), were arrested by military.
About 500 Rakhines protested in a park of Kyauktaw town demanding the release of nine Rakhines from Nagaya village who were arrested with arms at around 18:00pm of 16 June and for involving in an arson attack of Rohingya village.
16 June, Saturday
20:30pm: The Rohingya villagers from Fa Laung Rwa (Falom-fara) abandoned their houses in good time and escaped into jungle. They reported before they leaved from the village.

20:00pm: 94 out of 96 Rohingya houses in San-ga-daung (near Sugar Mill) village were burnt down and 75 Rohingya villagers dead in the attacks by Rakhine people. 49 other children who were taken by Rakhines were missing. The dead bodies were not allowed to bury and Rakhines are continued to attack them therefore the rest of the Rohingya villagers escaped into jungle.
A group of 25 Rakhines who are wearing muslim religious dresses and setting fire at Rohingya houses were arrested by military.
13:30pm: Hundred of Rohingya houses in Khaungdok Alay Kyun (Barua-fara) were burning by Rakhines with collaboration of Paramilitary forces. Some Rohingya villagers approached at military but military forces who are escorting there said that they have not received order to shot Rakhines even they attacks. The dead number is not yet informed.
15 June, Friday
12:00pm: 21 houses of Rohingya and a mosque were burn down Apaukwa village.
Second term attacked by Rakhines burnt down another 25 Rohingya houses adding total 46 houses.

16:00pm: A group of Rakhines attempted to set fire in Fishing village (Zaila-fara) but it was stopped by villagers. In the event, a father and son were beaten to dead by Rakhines. Soon after military forces were arrived to control and drove Rakhines people away. Rohingya from Kyauktaw town confirmed one Rohingya died and several got injuries in the event.
A few hours later, Rakhines started setting fires of huts in Rohingya own farming lands. About 22 huts including crops, barns, haystacks were burnt down.
14 June, Thursday 
Security forces suggest the Rohingya villagers to leave with empty hands from their homes in good times.

11 June: Selling foods, oil and supplying any kind of aid are banned for Rohingyans while Curfew is imposed only in their villages.
9 June: Curfew imposed on the Rohingya villagers, asking to stop going out of villages and even from the houses. Dozen of Rohingya youths taken by authority are gone to unknown.

4) In Rathedaung township (4th largest Rohingya population, 124 Rakhine villages and 22 Rohingya villages.
19 Oct: On the Wednesday morning of 17 Oct, the Rohingya villagers of Anauk Pran (Anakpran), were invited to the Town Peace and Development Council-TPDC office for food distribution that was came after the British Ambassador Andrew Heyn who is the first diplomat visited this region.
On their arrival at the office, all of the villagers involving women and children were humiliated and beaten-up. 11 of them were harshly wounded and all of them were finally drove away from the office except some women and girls have been selectively kept in the office and taken to authorities' homes. They still face molestation plus sexual abuses by authorities.
28 Sept: In the evening, the military forces from 536 regime came to the Nyaung Pingyi (Muzadiya) village and seized a few mobile phones. Several villagers were beaten-up by the forces in the scene. As a result, most of the villagers had to hide into remote areas near by the creek.
26 Aug: Military authority met with acting Rohingya leaders from Nyaung Pin Gyi(Muzadia), Anauk Pran(Anakpran), Samila and Sangudaine villages and reiterated about their relocation to Maungdaw town.
Except from 
Nyaung Pin Gyi (Muzadia) and 51 houses of Anauk Pran(Anakpran), the rest of Rohingya houses in Anauk Pran(Anakpran), Samila, Sangudaine villages were not set fire. But the military authority said that they could no longer protect the villagers and the relocation will be only solution.
The villagers however responded that they would only move to Sittwe town in case they would be forced. Because the military authority in Sittwe are not abusive unlike in Maungdaw.

The aid delivered by Yangon based muslim organizations were brought by military in Rathedaung town on 21 Aug. The homeless Rohingya victims were asked to unload the rice packages from the boat. The villages requested to dock the boat closer to the shore. Instead, the military forces began beating and pounding with guns and forced the villagers to go down into the waters. 10 villagers of Anauk Pran (Anakpran) village and 30 villagers of Nyaung Pin Gyi (Muzadia) village, were beaten up. Of them, the village head of Nyaung Pin Gyi (Muzadia), Habirahman was seriously beaten up and still in coma.
- 24 Aug, (kaladanpress): Most of the people from Tharapyin, Prynkhon, Kudan Gone, Thami Hla and Sango Daung villages of Rathedaung township have been taking shelter at Don Say Para and Shilkhli villages of Rathedaung west since one month ago as their villages were relocated by security forces and Rakhines. At present, they are facing acute food and shelter crisis. Some of the villagers had already been died of diseases and starvation. No NGOs and rations were reached at the place. So, the villagers requested to the NGOs and donors to help them immediately, otherwise, they will die soon. Villagers are not allowed to go out of their villages, according to a youth from Don Say Para.
20 Sept(Anwar S. Arkani)Rohingyas from Anauk Prang and Mo-zei island are being harassed and beaten everyday by the local Rakhines with collaboration of security forces. Rohingyas are facing acute food shortage in that area. Older people and young children are dying from starvation. 
- 17 Aug (Rohingya blogger): In Kalachaung village (a Rohingya village), in the evening of 15th August 2012, some unknown people fired with guns at the village. Soon after, these people ran away and the authorities could not trace who these people were. Rakhine authorities accuse that these people were Rohingyas. Why would Rohingyas shoot at their own village? Shockingly, Rakhine authorities and military are raiding the Rohingya village and killing, arresting Rohingyas and looting their properties.
13 Aug (Kaladan Press): More than 3000 Rohingyas from Thet pying, Thara pying ,Anauk pying and others villages of Rathedaung and they had fled from their village to save their lives after threatening  Rakhines, had fled  from their villages of  Rathedaung Township since August 8.

The Rohingyas had crossed the mountain pass and they entered Burma border security force (Nasaka) area number 8. The Rohingyas are now near the Thawan Chang, Kodankauk and Chilkhali villages under the Nasaka camp of  Kodankauk, said a villager  from Thawan Chang village.
The Nasaka personnel are not allowing the Rohingyas to pass the camp and they are in the jungle. Now, the weather is now monsoon, when raining, the Rohingyas only take shelter under threes. They have no foods, no clothes and no shelters.
8 Aug, (Kaladan Press): Yesterday, 32 Rohingya villagers including (4 children, 7 women and 21 old men) died from starving in Don Say Para. Over one thousand villagers of Anauk Pyin and other villagers of Rathedaung Township migrated to western side of Mayu Mountain to take shelter as their villagers were burned down recently by Rakhine mobs with the cooperation of police, Hluntin, Nasaka and army. They are temporarily taking shelter in other Rohingya villages, but they have no food. It is learnt that army forcibly sent back some refugees to their original villages and some are stranded on the way in the open sky.  Villagers have been suffering acute difficulties such as— food, health and shelter. No one went there to see the situation of them, said an elder.
If the process is going on, all the Rohingya villagers will die by starvation. Rakhine villagers are giving threatening to the Rohingya villagers that they will kill all the Rohingya by starvation but not by slaughtering.

Homeless Rohingya villagers of Kararo Kondan (Sara-parang) were trasnferred to Shinkhali (Shil-Kha-Li) villages since about 12 July and the villagers received 9 Lakhs Kyat from president of Village Peace and Development Council-VPDC. But they are still confined there like other Rohngyas therefore the villagers requested from the VPDC president to provide rations. Upon their request, Khala s/o Ashrafmya and Abdul Rahim s/o Nur Mamad were brutally beaten. The villagers do not know about the money came from where.
The report also confirmed that homeless Rohingya villagers of Kondan (Kutti Chaung) and Saw Farang Fara, were moved themselves to Doonsey and upper Razabil villages.
The authority told the villagers not to risk their lives by going out from designated area or going back to their villages which were burnt down.
But the two other groups of homeless villagers of Nyaung Pin Gyi Rwa (Muzadiya) and Tabretaw Rwa (Zufrang) are still residing beside their burnt down villages.
19 July, Kaladan Press: Yesterday, army went to the Rajabill (Auknanra) village and tried to arrest the villagers but all the villagers ran away. At last, the army arrested one villager, Abul Shama-45 and his wife who was Rakhine origin.

2 July
NDPHR member, Mr Sayad living in Sydney confirmed that 7 of his villagers of Tararo Kondan (Sarapran) including his youngest brother Khairul Amin and 2 INGO staffs were brutally beaten by military forces in relation to tele-communication. Meanwhile, the military discovered a cell phone from Khairul Amin and the rest 6 other who used it and accusing for informing to central authority and others.

He also confirmed that now their cattle, properties and farming-lands were taken by Rakhines. Rakhine people delivered letters daily that written to chop all homeless Rohingya villagers if they do not go away from the burnt village. The villagers are still critically living with they own made tents of leaves and plastic beside their burnt houses.  (Mr Sayad can be reach at +(61) 4 69303342)

The military provided 50 bags of rice for more than 500  Rohingya villagers but the source can't confirm it came from who.
27 June, Wednesday
Today and earlier, 22 plus 60 villagers were arrested by Na-Sa-Ka from Anukpran (Anakpran) village. After arrest, they were sent to Rakhine villages where they were tortured severally by Rakhine villagers transferred to Akyab/Sittwe. The fate of the arrested villagers is not known to their relatives.

26 June, Tuesday
About 42 Rohingya kids Anukpran (Anakpran) village who were locked up in the school were released after tortured but the authority informed that they all would be expelled from school as a result of disqualifying in immigration status.
The villagers said that authority started searching on their bodies and took golds, cash and some women faced brutal abuses for refusing to surrender.
23-24 June
Night: Police, Paramilitary forces, Sa-Ra-Pa(Intelligence), military and a group of Rakhines well equipped with swords were entered into the tents of homeless Rohingyans. After they asked to line up all elders, boys over 11yo and women, about 100 Rohingyans including around 12yo boys were taken away, women were raped there. and about 10 families about 30 persons including some pregnant women were beaten to death as a result of they refused to follow. Those dead are identified as 10 people from Anunkprin village, and the rest were from Nyaunpingyi village.

In the police custody of Anukpran (Anakpran), Some of 21 Rohingyans group arrested are identifed as;
1) U Yusoop s/o KasimAli, former village chairman, 2) U Abdu Rahman @ Maung Maung Win s/o Yusoop, current village chairman, 3) U Ba Tin s/o Mohamed Alam, former Secretary, 70 years old, 4) U Ali Akbar s/o Kalu, 60 years, 5) Huson chay s/o Sayed, currently village council member, 6) U Zayid Hussan s/o Dil Mohamed, 30 years, 7) U Mamet Ali @ Maung Maung Khin s/o Dil Mohamed, 18 years, 8) U Laydaryar s/o Mohammed, 9) Mrs Banu d/o Zawbaur.
Escalated some remaining cellphones were also seized from them.
21 June, Thursday
The villagers face starvation due to continuous confinement. Some of homeless Rohingyans were beaten up for requesting foods and shelter from military.
BBC misreported about burning of Rohingya villages in Rathedaung township.

Evening: Another 30 Rohingya villagers were taken away by military.
Morning: 20 Rohingya villagers were taken away by military.
20 June, Wednesday
Military seized handphones from homeless Rohingyan villagers of Anukpran (Anakpran) and Kara-ro Kondan (Sara-pran).
19 June, Tuesday
Afternoon: Mv Sayed Kassim who reside in Sydney of Australia confirms that his village, Kara-ro Kondan (Sara-parang/Tharapran) village consisting about 120 Rohingya houses were burnt down by Rakhines. This village is situated among 24 Rakhine villages and this was the 4th time attack by all Rakhines from 24 Rakhine villages. 35 Rohingya villagers including women and children were died.
Despite Rohingyan villagers had reported to military whenever Rakhine people approaches and agreed to offer payment for military guards, the military had not provided protection for them.

Morning: Rohingya village –Nyaung Pin Gyi (Muzardiya)- was burned down  by Rakhines. In the attack, 6 Rakhines and 2 Rohingyas died.

Morning: Rohingya houses in Anukpran (Anakpran) village were set fire by Rakhines. 51 out of 480 houses were burnt down. 8 Rohingya villagers died during gun-fires by police. Two bodies were escalated and the rest 6 bodies were taken away by Rakhine people. Witnesses say that police chief inspector U Tan Oo was directly involved in the attacks.

8:30am: Approximately 1,000 Rakhines with fire arms attacked Rohingya village of Anukpran (Anakpran) by the help of in-charge Police of Kodaung. In the attack, 60 out of 500 Rohingya houses were burnt down, 8 Rohingyas shot dead and many were injuired. 8 Rakhines were also died after Rohingya villager resisted against them. A Platoon of Army watched the scene from out side the village. Finally, the army entered to control the situation. The villagers are very worrying for attacks at night.
14 June 
Early morning: Mv Sayed kasim from Rathedaung township who reside in Australia, confirmed that at least 200 Rohingyans were killed in his hometown today in the attack of Saw-fa-rang Fara by Rakhines. There were more than 200 Rohingya houses in this village.
13 June
Evening: Over 1,000 Rakhine were gathered and torched many Rohingya houses in Kondan (Kuti-chaung) village jointly with police and Hlun Tin. Numbers of dead were unknown. About 50 Rohingya houses consisted in this village.
From the beginning, a few houses in Rathedaung were set fire, while the rests are in serious fear.

5) .................Buthidaung township................... 
12 Oct (Kaladan Press): Three Rohingyas- Mv. Salamat from Lamba Gona, Abdu Salam from Washa village and another one is from Gudu Sara village of Maungdaw south, were killed in torture by the concerned authorities in Buthidaung Jail on the first week of October 2012. They were severely tortured by the concerned authorities in the jail after British Ambassador Andrew Heyn accompanied by two others visited in Buthidaung recently. However, the dead bodies were not handed over to their family members by the authority, but they were buried in a Rohingya cemetery nearby Buthidaung jail. The Rohingya prisoners are languishing in the critical condition.

23 Sept (Kaladan Press): A Rohingya dead body of Mohammed Siddik-45 s/o Mozaffar from Maung Gri Taung – laydown in the paddy field of the same village – was found on September 22. The dead body was brought to the Police Station of Buthidaung for further investigation.
20 Sept (Anwar S. Arkani's email)Military and Nay-tinn 'Area Control Unit' [of security forces] have been arresting Rohingyas from southern Buthidaung in the last 6 days. Many adults [men] from KwasonZayditaungSinn-daing, Ferullah, Nyaung Chaung, Godaung Prang [Godam Fara], Phoe-khong villages, etc- have been arrested, severely beaten-up and incarcerated in the Army Stations. Whoever managed to pay high bribe were only released and the rest are routinely beaten. Almost all the detainees are severely wounded and broken legs, hands, ribs, heads and many are bleeding. All of his extended family members [uncles, cousins, and nephews] are on the run and some are arrested.

Nearly 300 families were herded out from Maung Nah Fara by the security forces and they are not allowed to take shelter anywhere. Security forces are still destroying houses of Rohingyas and forces them to flee.
17 Sept (Kaladan Press): Army personnel from Battalion No.532  committed robbery to the villagers  of Pyin Hla (under  the Prapyin  Thein Tan village tract) on the night of September 15. The army forcibly entered the houses of rich villagers and arbitrary tortured the family members to show them –gold, ornaments, money and key without giving any allegation. They looted all the money, gold, ornaments from the villagers.
Besides, they also arrested eight villagers and brought to their camp because of not getting any money and gold ornaments from their houses. The arrested villagers are identified as– two sons of Sham Shu namely - Fayazul Islam-22, Kamal Hussain-18,  Amir Faizal-21s/o  Nuru,  Osman-25 s/o Ayas, Gaffar Ullah-20 s/o Noor Mohamed, two sons of Nurul Islam namely Sayed Islam-14 and Mohamed Shoyeb-22, and  Abdu Rahim-25 s/o Basa Meah.  Later, they were released after taking Kyat 200,000 t0 300,000 from each.
16 Sept (kaladanpress): Mv. Mohammed Rafique s/o Gul Mohamed hailed from Gudu Sora who was arrested from Maungdaw Township by the Nasaka personnel over allegation two years ago, was killed in tortured by the concerned authorities in jail of Buthidaung on September 11. According to a reliable source, Rafique had completed his jail term over two years in the Buthidaung jail. He was severely tortured and beaten up furiously by the concerned authorities in the jail after occurred communal violence between Rakhines and Rohingyas. There were some spots in the dead body's face and whole body.
Like Rafique, many Rohingya Muslim prisoners were severely tortured and killed by the concerned authorities and buried without knowledge of their relatives during the communal violence, different sources said. However, the dead body was not handed over to his family members by the Burmese authority, but he was buried in a Rohingya cemetery nearby Buthidaung jail, a villager elder told at Kaladanpress.
The prisoners are now languishing in the critical condition. They are suffering from food, medical assistance and etc. They can't bathe every day, but they can bathe once in a week and the water is very limited. The prisoners are provided food with Dal very imperfect twice a day, but no curry and no breakfast. So, many prisoners are suffering of skin diseases and food in the jail..
According to police and Hluntin from Maungdaw Township, about 450 prisoners are detained in the jail since (June the riot was occurred in Maungdaw.  However, according to SBTO, of Buthidaung, over 880 prisoners are detained in the jail.
24 Aug, (kaladanpress):
The house of Mogul Ahmed, hailed from Phoneyu Lake village, under the Nasaka area No. 9 of Buthidaung south was robbed by army on August 19, at about 1:00 pm. The army robbed 50 Ticals of gold and Kyat 20 million after fastening all the family members, said a village elder from the village.

On August 7 and 8 in Kyangdang Village of Buthidaung Township, six girls including women were raped by army. They are identified Mostafa Khatun-35 d/o Abdul Hakim, Femani-40 w/o Subhan, Nur Ayesh-18 d/o Eliyas, Afam-20 w/o Esague, Amina-16 d/o Rafiqual Kader and Tasnima-19 w/o Khaled Hussain. They severely beat up a female named Anzam-35 w/o Sayed Alam as she resisted the army’s attempt to rape and made hue and cry.
8 Aug, (Kaladan Press): The armies of MOC (Military Operation Command) of Buthidaung Township have been collecting big bamboos from Rohingya villagers since one week ago for construction of new Rakhine village nearby the MOC. Rohingya villagers believe that the army will invite Rakhine community from the southern side of Arakan to settle them there.

6 Aug, (Kaladan Press): Kamal Husson-32 s/o Abul Husson  hailed from Durabil village of Zapinenya village tract  was killed by the authority in Buthidaung jail who was arrested during period of riot in Maungdaw. He left  3 young children and his wife. 
27 Julyfrom BROUK's press release:
"In Buthidaung Jail 43 dead bodies of Rohingyas were buried in a mass grave near the jail's fencing on the 24th of July. 
 They were tortured jointly by the Rakhine and jail’s authorities. There are over 500 Rohingya prisoners arrested from Maung Daw and Buthidaung recently,  have been tortured and leaving without food and drink.
Similar concern of "Summary Execution In Buthidaung Prison", was raised by Burmese Rohingya Association in Thailand (BRAT) during a memorandum submission at Government House on the same day of Burmese Junta Thein Sein visit on 23 July 2012. The statement said,
"The information received from a prisoner who got released recently on Saturday- 22 July 2012 after completion of two years sentences, confirmed that there are 650 Rohingya detainees in a compound of Buthidaung Jail. 5 Rohingyas are dying daily from inhumane tortures. The dead bodies were packed by gunny and Rakhines carried away by bamboo pole in every early morning. It is very horrible that none of these Rohingyas prisoners can walk well and stand strait. They
sent messages to their families that they could not be able to back alive and the wounds they got were damaged inner parts of organs."
23 July (Kaladan Press): Husson Johar- Regional Development Association (RDA) secretary hailed from Ward Number (3), Buthidaung , Yasin (Bamboo agent) from same Ward were arrested by police.
Another 43 Rohingyas from Ward Number (7) were arrested from Mosque while they praying afternoon.
Syed Ahmed s/o Amir Rafique, Salim s/o Abdul Amin, Shakar s/o Sultan, Salim s/o Faid Ahmed and Abdul Rahaman s/o Abdul Malek  from Ywama village of Buthidaung were arrested by police for praying in Mosque by afternoon.

8 Rohingyas from Railway Block of Buthidaung were arrested by police.

18 July (Kaladan Press): Some Rohingyas including Abdul Rahim-14 s/o Hafez Adul Ali from Ward number(5) were arrested by police yesterday.

Missing report of 16 July,
According to Abdul Razak, a member of Ethnic Rohingya Committee of Arakan-ERCA based in Malaysia, 75 of thousand of Rohingyas who are currently detained in Buthidaung prison were sentenced 5 to 10 years with false immigration charges on Monday- 16 July 2012. Before the judge handed down the decision in the court, they were humiliated by the judge on their skin-colour and race and lack of document.
17 July: According to Mr Sharuk, a member of Rohingya Human Rights Organization-MERHROM based in Malaysia, most of the male Rohingyans were fled away from U Hla Fay village upon the arrival of authority in the evening. Then authority started raping, looting and brutal abuses. Family members who confronted with authority during abuses were beaten to death. At least 4 women and 2 men were dead in the scene.

11 July
A source confirmed that the two staffs of UNDP (the two are brothers and one is Maung Khine Swe and from Ward-4 Thabray Gong ), who were taken away by security forces from the beginning of violence are gone to missing.
6 July
Kaldan press report of 10 July: 2 villagers were killed by army at Naya Fara village nearby Government High School. They victim were identified as Nabi Hussain-35 s/o Ali Akbar and Fokira-15 s/o Gora Meah.
26 June, Tuesday
Kaladan Press- 27 June: during night, 4-Rohingya man was arrested by army personnel of Military Operation Command  (MOC) No.15 of Buthidaung Township over the allegation that they have been involved in political matter. After arrest, they were brought to unknown place. The arrestees are: two sons of Master Abu Tayub, Imam Hussain, and Abin Chay. They all belong to Ward No.7 of Buthidaung Town.  This is the first time arresting occurred in Buthidaung Township.
18 June, Monday
Na-Sa-Ka (Border Security Forces) of No-9 region completely destroyed a large two floor religious school building in Taungbazar village. In the beginning, Na Sa Ka themselves destroyed the building and then the local villagers were forced destroy it. The building was made of wood and the roof was of tin sheets.
More than 2,000 Rohingyas are taking shelter in Nyaung chaung village high school of Buthidaung. They were escaped from Rathadaung Town after they were attacked and their houses were burnt down  by Rakhine. 3 of them were died due to lack of foods.
14 June, Thursday
22:00pm: Police forces shot a Rohingya (Noor Alam) who live in Maraung Village of Buthidaung Town.

Evening: Rakhines alert to begin in Buthidaung from tonight.  
Morning: A Rohingya Ko Soe Myint, senior staff of UNHCR senior staff of UNHCR was arrested and beaten by authority. Many other Rohingya who worked for UN organizations in Maungdaw and Buthidaung are also gone to missing.

11 June, Monday
22:15pm : About 500 Rakhine brought from Taunggote were arrived in Buthidaung.
10 June, Sunday 
00:35am:  Two boatloads of Rakhine were brought in to the town of Buthidaung from other places under the arrangement of local authorities.

9 June, Saturday
Rohingya villages are under highly alert, while the authorities are seizing all kinds of metal knives and etc.

3) Pauktaw township-(Rohingya live in 18 villages)
5 Oct: Four Rohingyas from Rwa Thit (Naya Fara) went for fishing in Thabya Chaung river were chased by Rakhine gang on the arrival of Thara Chaung river in the evening of 29 Sept. Two of them were firstly captured and soon the rest two escapees were also captured.  The source says that the four Rohingya men were attacked firstly by arrows and slaughtered later according to the wounds found on their bodies. One of the body was firstly discovered burying in the mud near by the river on 30 Sept and the rest 3 bodies were later discovered along the river on 2 Oct.  Three of them were identified as Boshir-40, Farus Khan-56 and his son Shukur-25. Despite the police authority taken the bodies for examination, no inquiry is made yet. The source attained photos of the victims but no alternative way to pass them.

8 Aug (unreported news
From the beginning of violence, Rohingyas in all villages have been under attacks. Of them, five Rohingya villages have been heavily attacked and totally destructed by fires. They are PaiketayYat (Fishing village), Rwa Thit (Noaya Fara), Seysudaine, Quarter-4 (Furun Fara), and Quarter-3. The shelter-less Rohingyas plus Kamans and Rakhine muslims in these regions do not received any food or aid. Their situation was not even reported.
The sources confirmed that there were at least 1 to 3 Rohingyas died in other villages which are still under attacks and surrounded by Rakhine and local police forces. The death toll for the Pauktaw town estimates around a thousand comprising the Rohingya, Kamans and Rakhine muslims.

More details about the five villages which were heavily attacked and all the houses were totally burnt down, are;-
PaiketayYat (Fishing village) and Rwa Thit (Noaya Fara), were firstly attacked from 8 June and Rohingya houses were destructed. Despite the survivor villagers estimate the death toll at least 30 Rohingyas, half of the villagers missing are never found.

There were all about 70 Rohingya houses in Saysudaine village and estimated about 700 people. The villagers have been attacked similarly from 8 June. At least 100 people died in the attacks and most of the rest escaped from the village were recaptured by Rakhine people. Additionally on 10 July, police forces jointly with Rakhine people selectively chose out the 32 Rohingya elders from where they are temporarily gathered and brutally beaten to death in front the villgers. In this manner, now only around 100 villagers left and all of the rest are believed to be killed.

The Quarter(4) @ Furun Fara, estimated about 2,500 Rohingyas, had been attacked by Rakhine people on 10 June and 13 houses were burnt down and the rest were destructed. A few of those died in the attacks were escalated as; the two brother- Dil Mohamad-35 and Sultan Amin-25 s/o Chicha Alam, Nor Mohamed-25 s/o Sultan Ahmed, and Karlarya-15 s/o Abdul Sidik.

10 July 2012: 32 Rohingya villager of Seysuden were chose out from where homeless Rohingya people gathered and humiliatingly beaten to dead in front of the villagers.

21:00pm of 11 June: Burning of Rohingya houses begin in Pauktaw Town. Hundred of Rohingya houses in Fishing village, Myukul @ Sandawma and Seysuden village plus the mosque, were burnt down.

Rohingya village, has been surrounded by Rakhine people from 9 June.  

Mrauk-U township: (22 muslim villages)
Following the report of Rohingya organization-BROUK based in UK, military officials asked all Rohingya villagers from all villages to be gathered in one place. Local villagers have raised their voices why they should have to concentrate in one place. The villagers have strongly raised their voice that they cannot gather in one place because they all owned farmland, cattle, houses and other immovable properties. The villagers are worrying what will happen to them in the next days.
From the beginning of violence in Sittwe, Rohingya villages in Mrauk U township are under-way to be attacked, while dozens of Rohingyas arrested by the Rakhines were taken into missing.

Min Bya Township
16 June: Rakhines rounded up by Aung Dine village and Sakyar villages. Rohingya people from Min Bya town are worrying and do not know what time Rakhines will set fire their houses.

Ponnagyuan town (only one Rohingya village Sidikul Fara)
7 Aug: Setting fire of Rohingya houses in Taedak Kadi (Sidikul Fara) village have been stop somehow after military forces arrived there. However, the military led by Major Myint Zaw of Regiment(378) gathered all the villagers on the ground and selectively beat every elder and then  took away 6 religious leaders. They were brutally pounded by guns and steaks. But none of the aggressive Rakhine people has been arrested. The six Rohingya victims are;
1) Mv Abu Ahmad-25 whose leg was beaten to broke down,
2) Mv Abdu Khalik-25, whose hand was beaten to broke down,
3) Mv Mojiburahman-35 whose one side of eyeball was took off,
4) Hf Amin Sharif-24,
5) Hf Dil Mohamed-20, and
6) Hf Abdu Zolil-70.

5 Aug, Evening: Only one Rohingya village known as Taedak Kadi (Sidikul Fara) village in Ponnagyuan town, was attacked.
The sources said that the Rakhine people have been attacking this village since five days ago and the dead bodies of 2 Rohingyas (Md Aesak-22 and Ayaz-16 s/o Adu Salam) who were taken away were thrown at the village on 4 Aug.

Tandwe Township
3 Aug,
4 muslims believe to be Kaman ethnic, have been arrested with false charges on 31 July and detained in police lock-up..
The source also confirmed that the Rakhines jointly with monks are timely inciting across the town and also for their victory over Kalars.

Kyuakpyu township
26 Aug (Rohingya blogger): Since yesterday, Rakhine extremists along with Security Forces (Hlun Tin) attack PAIK THAY YWA (Fisherman Village) and its villagers.

6 Aug (Kaladan Press): Kyaukpru paiseik (fishing) village was attacked by Rakhines today.

19 July: Muslims are still confined by military. From the past weeks Rakhine people demand to isolate all muslims aside by removing from the town that means they all would be relocated at designated area. The source said authorities and Rakhine leaders had several meetings for implementation of it.

Rambre Township/Island (Rohingya population is less than 10% of the town's population)
11 Sept: Rakhine gangs are still prepared to attack muslims of Kyauknimaw village and blocked the food transporting into the village. Despite neighbouring Rakhine villagers are not attacking, the Rakhine perpetrator gang leaders are routinely inciting. The main seven gang leaders are identified as;
1) the village clerk Mya Thaung
2) rich-man Mye Pu
3) trader Ango Chi (aka) Tan Tun
4) trader Yae Tun
5) police chief Kaung Thu
6) lawyer Ba Chaing, origin from Kyaukpyu town, and
7) Aye Maung from Rakhine party member.
The source also confirmed that Rakhine gangs in Taungup town are checking in Taungup gate to ensure no food going for muslims. Therefore the villagers are still facing starvation, assaults and constant threats. While no aid group or delegate visited the displace and confined muslims of this area from the beginning.

29 June: Mr Hashim confirmed the villagers were not yet returned to their houses since they dispersed into hiding from 10 June.

10 June, 12:30pm: Mr Hashim from Rambre, now residing in Australia confirms that 21 houses mixed of Rohingya and Kaman and two mosques in the village of Tan Rwa, were set fire. About 30 youths taken away buy authority.
( Causalities are yet to be escalated from these regions due to no communication available. The villagers are escaped into jungle. There is no information about Kyauknimaw village at all.)

Myebon Township [(muslim live in only the two villages of Alay Baine Quarter in central area and Taungbaw Rwa (mountain village)]
Muslims in Myebon township are mixed of Rakhine muslim, Kaman and  Rohingya and population make up around 700 people that size is just about 1% of total Rakhine population in Myebon. Their houses are situated in the two villages of Alay Baine Quarter (central area) and  Khataktin village of Taungbaw Quarter (mountain village). 

8 Aug: Four muslim houses in  Alay Baine Quarter have been destructed by a group of Rakhine on 7 Aug.
From the beginning, the local Rakhine village head and its secretary are trying to prevent any attacks against muslims. It was uncontrollable in some points after some outsider Rakhine people came from different areas are organizing local Rakhine people to launch attacks from 5 Aug.

3 July: Their houses were rounded up by Rakhine people who came from different areas during the time of violences occurred in Sittwe. However, their neighbour who have been lived together for decades are not agreed with any attacks upon muslims and prevented as much as they can. Due to such disputations, military were arrived on time and protected them.
One of their neighbour respected Rakhine leader explained outsider Rakhines those came to attacks muslims that these muslims people have been living with them for generations without any problems and they speak only Rakhine language either. They have already asked to pave away to out from Myebon, they will abandon everything if they could. But these muslim people have no place to escape. So, they would be died here but not alone and their houses within Rakhine village. Incase these few houses of muslims were torched, most of Rakhine houses beside them will be burnt down.
But some Rakhines set fire a muslim house which was only one in central area (Alay Baine) that caused 20 of Rakhine houses inlcuding that muslim house were burnt down since the beginning of violence.
Up to yesterday 2nd July, Rakhines those came from different regions are awaited to attack therefore military forcing are still protecting muslim. Despite native Rakhine leaders ask outsider Rakhines who came to attack to be leave, they said they will not leave unless at least cutting off of 30 muslim heads.
Based on various sources we received, it come to understand that the military forces deployed in Myebon, Kyauktaw and Sittwe are seem as not much abusive and somehow they are protecting muslims. They are much different from those deployed in Maungdaw, Rathedaung and Buthidaung townships.

In Paletwa township, Chin State:  Paletwa is within Chin state its has connecting with Arakan state through Kaladan River and administration is kept under Arakan state. Despite the majority are tribal people of Khami, Mro and Chin and living in townside, most of those live in the town are native convert Buddhist and mixed Rakhine people. These Rakhine people are very much sympathetic and kind-loving people compare to Rakhines of Arakan. However there are some Rakhines who are originally settled from Arakan have been believed to be corporated with extremist and nationalist Rakhine politicians and gangs therefore the attacks have been reached at Paletwa town beyond Arakan.
According to Mr Rofiq, chairman of Ethnic Rohingya Community-ERC based in Malaysia, a group of Rakhines with arms mostly who are not from Paletwa were entered into the muslim village and attacked against the villagers in the evening of about 21 June. Fortunately, the government authority arrived there in good time and seized all arms from Rakhines and drove them away. The authority promised to look after the villagers. However, up to today 25 June, they are confined within the village and
their properties and they own shops in the bazaar are likely to be destroyed.

FYI: Three are about 17 houses with estimated less than a hundred muslims belong to Rohingya are living in a hillside village, part of Myoatma Quarter, beside Rabyit Taung (Rabyit Mountain) of Chin people. It is only one muslim village in all over Paletwa town and Chins state as well. The town is 45 miles far from Kyauktaw township and situated along the Kaladan River. Originally, majority of the people of  Paletwa are Khami and Chin people and some Rakhine people living in the town were later arrivals from Arakan/Rakhine state.

In Yangon 
 Immigration authority conducts a check on immigration status of muslims living in Yangon. About dozen of the pink colour national IDs found from muslims were confirmed seized.

In refer to 130 Rohingyan boat people capsized in Gwa Island on 24 June of Arakan state, immigration minister U Khin Yi illogically misquoted in a meeting with 88 generation students on 1 July by saying that people smugglers are bring more Bengali immigrants from Begaladesh. In deed there is no foreigner willing to enter into extreme environment of Arakan. Remaining Rohingyans are leaving day after day. But the number of Rakhines settlment into Arakan from Bangladesh is increasing day to day..

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