Continuous Attacks from 21 Oct 2012

Unlike we know artificially, what happening in Arakan is not the 'clashes' of but the state sponsor ethnic cleansing pogrom through genocidal attacks but the government and local media still providing reverse information and hiding the actual numbers of causalities and facts by fancily reporting as 'a few dead and around thousand houses burnt'.

The quasi-civilian government and Rakhine people have well known about the weakness of UN and its global leaders in Burma history and their deliberative dealings. As well as, the silent on the ongoing emergency crises of Rohingya allows escalation of additional crimes.

From 20 Oct, most of those Rakhine people who violently involved in the attacks were came by boats from Taungup and Tandwe towns and they organized the rest in the respective towns where the attacks took place.
The government authority did not stop them from marching to attack the muslim villages and cutting off of the tele-communication in all over Arakan state on the time of the attacks began. Surprisingly again, the attacks were took place in the mid of the 'Martial Law' is imposed and security armed forces are heavily guarding these areas.

In total, about (6,000) houses plus at least (35) mosques were burnt down and about (1,000) people including about 20 Rakhines were also died in six different towns- Minbya, Mrauk U, Kyaukpyu, Myebon, Pauktaw and Rambre towns of Southern Arakan state. The dead bodies of 178 those found in Mrauk U town were buried in the graveyard of Yainetay (Zula Fara) village..

The terrorist Rakhines have vigilantly attacking in all over Arakan state beside due to communication difficulties.
Half of Arakanese Rohingya, Kaman and Rakhine muslims about 15,000 people escaped by boats from Southern Arakan towns are still missing and where about they are still unknown.
The rest who made to Sittwe and Maungdaw beaches have been surrounded on the shore from 24 Oct and even some Rohingya villagers from Sittwe managed to deliver foods and clothes have been threatened by Nasaka forces through several warning shots.. Those reached near Kyaukpando of Maungdaw Town South are not allowed to land despite the NGO staffs rushed to the scene.

This kind of additional harsh order intend to death from starvation is instructed by the Rakhine state chief minister, a Rakhine U Hla Maung Tin.

                                                          General Information

30 May 2013: Rohingyas hit with multiple charges for not registering as foreigner

4 April 2014: 341 Rohingya refugees from Ngat Chaung, Pauktaw camp haven't been receiving rations.

27 Mar 2014: Buddhist-led mobs tore through streets hurling stones at the offices and residences of international aid workers in Myanmar's western Rakhine state Thursday, prompting the evacuation of almost all non-essential staff, residents and officials said. Some were flown out, others placed under protection at a police guest house.

6 Mar 2013: Burma has taken a plan to establish Model Villages to populate the Rohingya majority areas of Arakan by the Rakhaine and Buddhists people. Model villages have been established in the confiscated lands of the Rohingya communities. The government has replaced Rohingya Holy places, historical monuments and relics by building monasteries, pagodas and other Buddhist structures.
Under the border area development program the junta has provided each of Rohingya lands for cultivation, 0.2 acres of land for housing. They distributed each of the new settler families with kyat 40,000 as lump sum monetary help, Kg 40 per head free of cost per month, one pair of bullocks and one bullock cart. Each of such model villages has been provided fifteen 5 Hp Honda Tractors.

by 11 Feb 2013: An estimated 1,600 Rohingyas were initially arrested in northern Arakan state after two bouts of sectarian clashes with local Buddhists, although many were later released after paying bribes "as high as 20 million kyats (USD$23,350)" to local officials, Chris Lewa from the Arakan Project told DVB.


Minbya & Mrauk U towns

7 Feb 2014:  A military sergeant based nearby Parein Gone village in Mrauk-U township of Arakan state have tortured villagers for not offering a Rohingya girl as sex slave to him.

15 Feb 2014: 11 Rohingyas from Minbya and Mrauk-U townships in Arakan state were killed while trying to make their way to Yangon on February 14, 20.

6 June 2013: four women were shot dead and five other villagers wounded in the Tuesday confrontation, which broke out when workers from another township came to unload wood to build new dwellings.
16 May 2014A Rohingya from Paik Thay hamlet of Kin Seik village tract in Minbya was killed by an unknown group

16 Mar 2013: 3 Rohingya men from Sinn Gyi Pyan helmet of Barbutaung village, Minbya Township leaved with engine boat to buy foods for the own villagers towards Letmagye , Nagaya Village on Thursday, 14 March 2013.
Those three Rohingya were brutally killed on their water way by the Rakhine extremists. The dead bodies were found near Maroung Bwe Chaung Bridge of Bu Talonk village under the track of Mauk Oo on 16 March 2013.

25 Oct 2012: More confirmation about Minbya and Mrauk U towns
As we have reported on 23 Oct the following six villages plus mosques in these villages were attacked from 21 Oct but more details have been gathered as below.

1)Yainetay (Zula Fara) village of Mrauk U town consisting about 700 houses was attacked from early morning around 8:00am(local time) of 23 Oct and all the houses plus the mosque were burnt down.
village consisting more than 500 houses plus the mosque of Mrauk U town, have been attacked from morning 4:00am(local time) of 22 Oct and all have been burnt down.
3) Nagara Pauktaw (Fauksa Fara) village of Minbya town, was attacked early morning around 8:00am(local time) of 23 Oct and about 100 of 350 houses were burnt down. The sources also confirmed new military forces sent from Sittwe town has took control of this village thus no attack is recurred yet.
4) Paiketay Rwa (Fishingvillage) of Minbya town consisting about 300 houses was attacked from from evening 22:30pm of 21 Oct and 50 out of 300 houses were burnt down. Newly arrived military forces from Sittwe town has took control the village so no more attack has been recurred.
5) Tharak Rwa of Pann Mraung village of Minbya town consisting about 190 houses within Rakhine dominated area, has been attacked from 7:00am of 22 Oct and all houses plus the mosque were burnt down.
6) Sudaine Rwa village of Minbya town was also set fire from 15:00pm of 22 Oct and all houses plus the mosque were burnt down.

For both towns, the sources despite estimate the death toll about 100 people but at the moment more than a dozen were confirmed found dead including 3 Rakhine people, in deed:
a) the death toll is more than 200 from Minbya town most of them are Nagara Pauktaw village;
b) more than 100 mostly women and children from Yainetay (Zula Fara) village of Mrauk U town who were taken by local police forces for protection were also shot dead by police authority jointly with RNDP members; and
c) the mob followed to slaughter the rest about 350 people mostly women and children from Parein village of Mrauk U town who gone to hiding areas therefore most of them believed to be killed.
In the arson attacks some Rakhine houses beside muslim houses in Rakhine dominated central areas were also transmitted fire and burnt down.

23 Oct 2012: Today early morning around 8:00am(local time), muslims houses in Yainetay (Zula Fara) village of Mrauk U town and Nagara Pauktaw village of Minbya town, have been set fire. The sources say houses are still burning and military and polices forces do not stop Rakhine people and they are just pushing out muslim villagers.
Number of causality and houses burnt are unknown yet.Around ten thousands Rakhines involved in the attacked some of them used arrows and gun. The military guards did not stop Rakhine attackings by aggressively entering into muslim villages. If military shot a few warning shots towards upside in some point later, the armed Rakhine shot into the crowd. The sources say most of the houses have been burnt down and the death toll expects about 100 people. But at the moment more than a dozen were confirmed dead including 3 Rakhine people.

Rohingya group based in Sittwe has informed to the Rakhine state minister and human rights commission members on the time from yesterday but they shouted back by quoting- "how did you see them from here Sittwe"?
There are nonstop attacks escalating after the following 3 villages from Minbya town and one village in Mrauk U town were burnt down. Some details have been recorded as below;1)Parein village consisting all more than 500 houses, has been burnt down on 22 Oct;
2)Paiketay Rwa (Fishing village) consisting about 300 houses, 50 out of 300 houses were burnt down on 21 Oct;
3)Tharak Rwa of Pann Mraung village consisting about 190 houses within Rakhine dominated area, has been burnt down on 22 Oct; and
4) Sudaine Rwa village was also set fire and all houses burnt down on 22 Oct.
For both towns, the sources estimate the death toll about 100 people but at the moment more than a dozen were confirmed found dead including 3 Rakhine people.
17:15(RARC)- Rakhine Buddhists and Police forces set fire Creek Taung Rohingya village, Min Bya Township. More than 170 Rohingya’s houses burnt down and 8 Rohingyas killed by security forces.
17:30(RARC)- Rakhine Buddhists set fire Hantha Rohingya village, Min Bya Township. More than 200 Rohingya’s houses burnt down. Police forces provided to Rakhine big container of Petrol to burnt down Rohingya’s houses.

22 Oct 2012: Rohingya, Kaman and Rakhine muslim houses in Parein village of Mrauk U town and Paiketay Rwa (Fishing village), Tharak Rwa of Pann Mraung village, Sudaine Rwa village of Minbya town, have been heavily attack from yesterday evening.
1)Parein village consisting all more than 500 houses, has been set fire from today morning 4:00am and all have been burnt down;

2)Paiketay Rwa (Fishing village) consisting about 300 houses, was torched yesterday evening 22:30pm and about 50 houses were burnt down.
3)Tharak Rwa of Pann Mraung village consisting about 190 houses within Rakhine dominated area, was attacked from 7:00am today morning and all have been burnt down; and
4) Sudaine Rwa village was also set fire today around 15:00pm today but how many houses burnt down was not yet known.
14:15(RARC)- 150 houses burnt down in Aung Dine Village, Minbya Township. Security forces and 5 Rohingya injured 2 Rohingya dead.
16:30(RARC)- at Least 2500 Rakhine and Buddhist Monks surrounded Kaung Tone village, Mrauk Oo.
18:00(RARC)- Tora, Falsa and Zolia villages are still burning in Mrauk Oo Township.
Pauktaw town

6 Nov 2013: Hluntin open fired to the mob where one refugee died on the spot and wounded three refugees

28 Oct 2012: The Rakhine people with the collaboration of Nasaka (Burma's border security force) forces attacked the Rohingya village of Kinipyin from the noon and all about 1,000 houses were burnt down and the death toll is unknown. According to the source reported at the Rohingyablogger, the Pauktaw township deputy Administrator (U Kyaw Aye) and RNDP Secretary (U Thar Htun Aung) went a Rohingya village, Ngat Chaung village on 27 Oct and told, "You must have to leave the village and you are not entitled to stay here".

28 Oct 2012, 18:00pm: Rakhines plus monks attack the Rohingya village Shikka Rwa (Sandawma @Sandawshin side), Pauktaw town. The Rakhines 2,000 came around 17:00 once but drove away by the villagers but soon they back with monks and attack with guns, arrows and torching the houses by using fire-throwers. Detail is not yet escalated because the houses are still burning and the blazes can be seen from Sittwe port.
The Rakhine people tried to attack this village from the evening of 26 Oct but the government authority didn't take any action.

26th Oct 2012: From 9:30am, the four Rohingya villages of Nga Chaung, Dong Rwa, Zawgyi and Thaung Rwa have been attacks by thousands of Rakhines. The sources say the houses are still burning. Detail is not yet escalated. Moreover, the Rohingya houses in Shikka Rwa (Mayukul) is also surrounded by Rakhines from the evening about 20:00pm.
Midnight 12:30am, the following 4 Rohingya villages were burnt down;

1) Shuli Pyin 177 houses with 1050 people,
2) Kyan Pyin 120 houses with 800 people,
3) Tae Ywa 135 houses with 890 people, and
4) Kyani Pyin 320 houses 2256 people.
On 25 Oct, Nasaka authority told the villagers frankly that they could not protect them from Rakhine's attacks therefore acting 7 Rohingya leaders from Lambadiya, Sarmyiettaung, Zawgyi, Ngachaung, Dong Rwa villages were went to find boats for their villagers. On the arrival of the shore of Rakhine village Zaycho Rwa, Rakhine gang opened fires them. 2 acting Rohingya leaders identified as Mala Ahmed-34 s/o Musta Ahmed and Ko Hla Maung-30 s/o Khawbiramed were captured by the gang and the rest 5 persons escaped. The two victims' relatives confirmed they been killed by the gang.

23 Oct 2012: Some Rohingya villages were attacked and a few houses were burnt down on 23 Oct. People are continuously escaping and hiding. A survivor who arrived in Sittwe town told that almost almost all of about 95 Rohingyas mostly women and children were attacked and killed by Rakhine gangs during they departing for Sittwe town.

22 Oct 2012 (ARRC): 16:00- at least 2000 Rakhine and Buddhist Monks surrounded to burn ward(3) and ward(4) in Pauktaw Town.


Myebon town
25 Oct 2012: The Rakhine gangs surrounded and attacked the hill where displaced muslims are hiding after their villages were burnt down from the evening 20:00pm of 23 Oct. Eventually, the gangs set fire the hill so what happen to them is unknown. Authority did not prevent Rakhine people torching and attacking the houses even setting fire the hill.
This information was firstly received by ARU and confirmed again by our sources.

23 Oct 2012: All the scattered muslim houses about 200 in Alaybaine Rwa (central area) and Taungbaw Rwa (mountain village) plus the mosque of Myebon town were also attacked from the evening 20:00pm of 23 Oct and burnt down where about a dozen Muslims were slaughtered. On 24 Oct, the military forces followed to the mountain where the muslim villagers hiding and shot dead 8 people. Most of the rest people were taken by police but it is also not sure whether police protected them or handed over to Rakhine people. Because the communication with these people has been lost since they been taken away.


Tandwe township

1 Oct 2013: Between 60 and 70 households in three villages in Sandoway district in western Burma were burnt down by a mob on Tuesday morning and afternoon. a 94-year-old Muslim woman was stabbed to death in the melee.

30 Sept 2013: Tandwe township, a house belong to a Kaman muslim, U Kyaw Zan Hla, was burn down during the first attack by Rakhine people by the evening of 29 Sept that followed destruction of four other houses and the mosque.
Other 50 houses of Aindaw village along there those were abandoned by muslim villagers from last year, were also burn down by following morning on 30 Sept.


Kyaukpyu town

19 Dec 2013: Kyaukpyu, A mosque was partially damaged in western Burma on Monday evening, after a mob of drunken Buddhists celebrating the full moon festival attacked the building

26 Oct 2012: Some hundreds of displaced muslims lifted to poliie station from 24 Oct morning are still laid on the ground within police station premise and no food or water has been provided yet. As well as, police authority threatening them to say those houses burnt down were by their own.
A Kaman muslim, Dr Maung Ni was chased by police after interviewed with VOA quoting about he is going to get the boat. His villagers doubt on VOA reporter because the police chasing him was very soon after his conversation with VOA reporter.
The displaced survivors who arrived in Sittwe town also confirmed that the Rakhine gangs attacked the two other boats loads of about 200 Rohingyas which were pulling by another boat after the engines broke down during they departing from Kyaukpyu town. The boat that pulled the two other had also loaded about hundred Rohingyas therefore they left the two boats behind. The boats were sank by gun shots and the people on board swam towards the shore. How many killed, drowned and survived are unknown.

25 Oct 2012: The remaining houses in Fishing village of Kyaukpyu town have been heavily attack again jointly with Rakhine people and local authorities including fire-fighters pouring with the patrols from the morning 8:00am of 24 Oct. The villagers confirmed that there are about (2,000) houses of Rohingya, Kaman and Rakhine muslims in this village. The first attacked on 23 Oct caused only about 60 houses plus the mosque were burnt down and about a dozen dead.
Beside the other village call Pyinpyumo village consisting around 100 houses plus the mosque were also burnt down.
Some muslim houses in Rakhine dominated central areas were not set fire but the people were brutally expelled by Rakhines and armed forces. Most of the people with 38 different boats had been departed from Kyaukpyu town and so far 16 boats load of more than thousand people were already landed in Sittwe town. But there is no place for them too in over crowded concentration camps. The fates of the rest many hundreds who are escaping on the way by boats, are unknown. The reason they headed to Sittwe town is after the navy forces who are patrolling across the Tandwe town waters have been given permission to shot those escapee boat-people.
The reliable sources confirmed that total killing in the scene, in hiding areas and during escaping by the boats, is estimated about 500 people for Kyaukpyu town alone.

23 Oct 2012: Fishing village of Kyaukpyu town has been attacked by thousands of Rakhine terrorists. Houses are still burning from 21:00pm (local time). Rakhine people are armed with guns, arrows and long knives and heavily attackings over the villagers. The villagers confirmed that the fire-bridge-car which expected to extinguished the fire poured patrols instead of waters therefore almost the whole village is burning.
The villagers those fled from villages were also shot dead by security forces while Rakhine people follow up to the jungle to slaughter escapee villager muslims. The sources say the death toll could be more than 100.
22 Oct 2012: The two mosques of Anauk Paikseik (West Fishing village) and Arashi Quarter around 23:00pm of 22 Oct. The villagers had able to extinguished the fire so only the fences were burnt down. But when the authorityy followed to the scene, they arrested the imam and the guards and accusing that they themselves set fire the mosques.
Rambre town
19 Nov 2012: Two Rohingya youths from Taungbo Quarter going for fishing in the afternoon, were brutally beaten up by a group of Rakhine in the farming field of Alaypaine Quarter (Central Quarter). The two Rohingya fishermen were found dead in the filed.

19 Nov 2012: The village has more than 58 houses and the Nasaka personnel have already driven out from the village with open fire, then the Rakhines set on fire the village at 20:00 hour after listening the news at 20:00 hour from Burma broadcasting service.

26 Oct 2012: From the morning of 25 Oct, the military forces who are non-Buddhists newly took control of the village Kyuaknimaw. The remaining villagers decided not to escape anymore and better to die in the village because the Rakhine gangs are await on the shore and followed behind the escapees.

25 Oct 2012: The dead line to abandon the villages voluntarily was set within 3 days therefore the muslim villagers from Rambre town are escaping by boats.

23 Oct 2012: The villagers of Kyauknimaw village of Rambre town are also very much worry because communication lost with their families and villagers.

Kyauktaw town

4 April 2014:  A Rohingya from Kyauktaw Township of Arakan state was hacked by a group of Rakhine extremists

8 Feb 2013: A boat load with about 200 arms, was apprehanded by government military in a Rakhine village of Taungpauk village. Earlier this, about 20 items of hidden bombs in a Mro village call Athak Gauk Rwa, were discovered after a Mro-villager reported to military. Surprisingly, no Rakhine has been arrested so far..

24 April 2013: Two Rohingyas fishing captured by a group of Rakhine people were chopped to death

14 April 2013: A Rohingya died on the spot and the rest three others have been hospitalized.
Mrauk U: The Rakhine mob had flogged barbarously five Rohingya and pushed to Burmese army sentry post near Bandulla Bridge of Mrauk U at about 3 am on 14th April 2013.

7 Feb 2013: Rakhine rebel forces are continuously occupying all over Kyauktaw town and the government forces are unable to control them from continuously occupying the territory and waging attacks against Rohingya people.
The military forces who are guarding Rohingya villages in the town areas say that they don't have enough forces to deploy more than four forces per house

2 Feb 2013: Lahsaungkok and Zaila fara (fishing village) are surrounded by Rakhine people and aggressive attacks have been carried-out from 2 Feb 2012. By afternoon 2pm of 10 Feb, a Rohingya, Norjun's house Lahsaungkok (baró fara), was set fire by a gang of Rakhine. But, local authorities arrest Rohingya villagers and extort money from them.

20 Nov 2012: From the evening, eight acres of paddy field around the pound of Auk Paiketay (fishing village) were burnt down by Rakhine people.

29 Oct 2012: Thousands of Rakhines with various arms came to attack the Zaila Fara (Fishing village) in the evening but it was drove away by the military forces and 3 armed Rakhines shot dead in confrontation with the forces.

27 Oct 2012: A Rohingya cowboy, Junaid-15 s/o Md Shan from Khaungdok Zay Rwa (Khondol Bazar Fara) was slaughtered by a gang of Rakhine during he was cutting grass from the farming field near by his house within his village at around 10:00am.

27 Oct 2012: Marsh Fara village near the Taung Bwe village was attacked from yesterday evening around 15:30pm. 50 out of about 150 houses and 2 Rohingya killed by Rakhines in the attacks. Newly deployed military forces have been somehow prevent the attacks. But the Rakhines said they will resume the attacks by midnight until the Rohingya villagers leave from the village.

26 Oct 2012: The military forces who are other ethnic people have been removed from Taungbwe (Mura Fara) village as a result of the forces protected Rohingya villagers during the attacks occurred at 15:00pm of 25 Oct and shot dead 15 armed Rakhine terrorists.

25 Oct 2012: The government military forces redhanded 71 guns, arrows, lethal knives and explosive devices from the Rakhine people who were entering into the Rohingya village call Latsaungkok (Buhar Fara) village and more from Taungbwe (Mura Fara) village. But the military did not detained nor inquiry anyone.
The president Thein Sein's office fanatically told the RFA on 31 Oct, did not detail the reality and simply put on the crises by quoting as-
The violence has grown from "normal conflict to armed conflict [and] in some cases, security personnel had been threatened with arms,"... and "are investigating further".

25 Oct 2012: According to Mr Rofiq, member of ERCA, Rakhine gangs began attackings of Lasaungkok (Barua Fara) and Auk Paiketay (Fishing village @ Fauktoli) villages from today early morning 6:00am. In the attacks:
1) 14 houses burnt down and at least 2 Rohingyas involving a relative of Mr. Rofiq were died from Lasaungkok (Barua Fara) village; and2) 8 houses including two houses of Mr. Rogfiq's family members and 20 people wounded from Auk Paiketay (Fishing village @ Fauktoli) village.
From afternoon 15:00pm, the gangs moved to the Radanapon (Nairaung) village and began attacking of the Rohingya villagers. Rohingya houses are still seen burning and most of the villagers are gone to hiding. Phone lines are cut off by the local authority thus no detail has been escalated.
Another attack informed lately from Taungbwe (Mura Fara) village of Kyauktaw town took place from 15:00pm that caused 80 Rohingya houses burnt down, 2 Rohingyas and 15 Rakhine died. Military seized 12 arms from Rakhine terrorists but not arrested them.
The sources also confirmed that early morning, additional 8 boats load of thousand of Rakhine people came from other towns through Kaladan River were chased by military before docking to the shore. The military seized arms, knives, arrows and fuels from 4 boats but freed the people. These Rakhine people have been sheltered at the Buddhist monastery of Taung Pauk village.


Rathedaung town

28 Mar 2013: The Rathedaung Juma Mosque (Zedi Pyin)'s brick fence was totally destroyed on March 28, night by local Rakhine villager

25 Oct 2012 (Kaladan Press): Security forces opened fire in a Rohingya living area in Rathedaung- a town situated northwest of Akyab- and about 10 houses were burned, according to locals, published by Reuter on October 25, 2012.

21 Oct 2012 {RARC(aka)ARRC}:
10:00-Ten Rohingya girls were raped by Military Officer Arkar Laing groups in Nyang Bin Gyi Village.
11:00- Military and Rakhine security Forces raped 16 Rohingya girls in Nyang Bin Gyi Village.


Maungdaw town

7 May 2014: An innocent Rohingya man from Maungdaw Township of Arakan State was inhumanely beaten to death by Myanmar military based in Maungdaw Township.

20 May 2014: A 25-year-old Rohingya lady was gang-raped by a police officer and two members of village administration in Leik Ya village track of Taung Pyo Let Wal sub-township

17 May 2014: At least 36 Rohingyas have been killed by Myanmar Border Guard Police since May 17, 2014.

30 May 2014: Ten Rohingyas from Bandoola village in Northern Maungdaw Township in Arakan State has been forced to serve as porter for Myanmar military in Bangladesh-Myanmar border armed conflict.

14 April 2014: An office building of MRCS and UNHCR situated in the compound of Taung Pyo Lat Wal sub-township police station of Maungdaw district in Arakan state was torched by police.

7 April 2014: As many as 78 Rohingyas from Kyauktaw township are missing as armed Rakhine (Maghs) terrorists attacked them in a forest on their way to Buthidaung and Maungdaw

26 March 2014: Northern Maungdaw, Arakan- Around 4.15 AM on 26th March 2014, Rohingya shops at the market of village of Dudan (Ludain), northern Maungdaw, were set ablaze apparently by two unidentified 969 Group.

24 Mar 2014: Maungdaw, Arakan – Police from Kyain Chaung police station have burned the genitals of five innocent Rohingya women after being arrested on March 10th and 15th on false allegations.

19 Mar 2014: For the third time, a fire has been reported in Longdon village tract in Maungdaw Township of Arakan state. The fire didn't burn many houses but it wasn't accidental. As usual, it was a systematic torching.
The fire started on the roof of a Rohingya house at 10 pm on 19/03/14 in Kyun Gaung hamlet of Longdon village tract in Maungdaw Township. The fire spread to the Madarasa (Islamic School) but the Rohingya villagers managed to extinguish the fire once it did. The house and the Madarasa were damaged by the fire but not completely burnt.

9 Mar 2014: Maungdaw: A fire broke out in Duchiradan middle hamlet on the morning of March 9, 2014 at 10:30am in the middle hamlet in Duchiradan village in the Maungdaw Township of Arakan State. 11 Rohingya houses, a shop and a mosque burnt down into ashes there.

25 Feb 2014: Three Rohingya houses were torched in Duchiradan village tract of Maungdaw.

28 Jan 2014: The west-hamlet of the village of Duchiradan (Kilaindaung) in southern Maungdaw is on fire now. The fire caught Rohingya houses at around 9pm on 28th January 2014.

 14 Jan 2014: Duchiradan is the village which was hit by the Myanmar-Regime-sponsored violence on 14thJanuary 2014. Myanmar and Security Force together with Rakhine terrorists mutiliated and killed around 50 innocent people. They raped women/girls. Rohingyas' homes were destroyed and their properties were looted by Rakhine extremists. They arbitrarily arrested many people. More than 300 people are still missing. People believe they were also massacred.

23 Nov 2013: The Maungdaw central market was set on fire at about 7:00pm today by some Rakhine miscreant groups, (soem shop burned down)
Sawmawna village- that Rakhine set on fire a mosque –near the road and three miles pagoda- at 9:00pm

30 Oct 2013: Around 102 shops were gutted when a fire swept through a market in Bawli Bazar (Kyin Chaung) of Maungdaw Township midnight of October 30

9 May 2013: Security forces –police, Hluntin and Nasaka- shot and wounded a Rohingya in Maungni village of Maungdaw yesterday night

8 Mar 2013: During curfew period around mid-night 12:30am, some Rakhines with the help of Myanmar security forces (Hlun Tin and Police) entered Rohingya village of Myo Ma Kayein Dan (back and south of Maungdaw High School) and six houses were set fire .

2 Mar 2013: More than 13 Rohingyas and one Rakhine were killed by unknown miscreants, but most of Rohingya believed the killing was made by security forces, Natala villagers and case-fire arms group – Rakhine."

26 Feb 2013: Burmese Military shoot two Rohingya man // Para-military and Rakhine beat up a Rohingya unconscious in Maungdaw

16 Feb 2013: The Burmese government supplies ten guns to each Rakhine village on 16 February 2013 in Northern Maungdaw. The Arakan Liberation Party (ALP) and Rakhine National Development Party (RNDP) formed a youth group having a leader to every Rakhine village who are under training with gun and long swords to attack Rohingya at any time.

10 Feb 2013: Four Rohingya minor children from Deen Mohamed's family namely- Nuruzawma, Rozena Begum,Yasmin Ara and Mozena, aged 10, 8, 6 and 4 (three females and one male) from Khaza Bill (Sapaikone) village under Nasaka area No.(5), were slaughtered and a Rakhine was killed and three wounded by unknown miscreants in Maungdaw north yesterday night.

6 Feb 2013: 11 Rohingya villagers who were arrested by the security force after 8 June bigoted violence between Rakhine and Rohingya, were sentenced to 10 years jail by the Judge of speedy Trial Tribunal No.(2) without any proper inquiry and asking any questions.

5 Jan 2013: A Mosque (10 yards in length, 5 yards in width and 3.5 yards in height) which was built in Barsara village under the Nasaka area No.(8) of Maungdaw Township in 2011, was destroyed by Burma's Border security force (Nasaka) on 5 Jan 2012.

8 Nov 2012: Burmese army arrest 17 armed Rakhine terrorists in Maungdaw
 The Burmese army arrested 17 Rakhines with arms and ammunition at Burmese border security force (Nasaka) area number 1- a Rakhine village near the Bandullah camp – today , according to a reliable source from Nasaka headquarters

29 Dec 2012: Since 5am this morning, the village of Khadir Bil (Nyaung Chaung), Maung Daw has been under the besiege and blockage of a joint department of Police, Hluntin (Security Forces), NaSaKa (Border Security Froces) and Military. The joint department is carrying out mass arbitrary arrests of innocent Rohingyas in the village.
-U Khin Maung Shwe [sic], the Judge of the Court of Maung Daw Tsp, has been issuing arbitrary arrest warrants of Rohingyas in Maung Daw with the baseless accusations of their involvements in the violence. In the village of Baggona alone, there is an arrest warrant issued for 42 Rohingya people in addition to the previously arrested 54 innocent Rohingyas who are in the detention cells (the hells on earth) in Buthidaung
Also issued an arrest warrant for 14 people in Nyaung Chaung village

5 Dec 2014: A group of Nasaka numbering about 40, entered Bagona east village with the name of family list checking and arrested 5 villagers with false allegation
At last, the Nasaka entered to the village market and set on fire the fish market line, but the villagers managed to control the fire

31 Oct 2012 (Kaladanpress): The dead bodies were floating in the sea near Udaung Village on October 28, at about 4:00 pm.
Villagers believe that the dead bodies are probably from boat people who fled from Kyaukpru town who reached to land at Maungdaw South for shelter.
There are many wounded people on the boats. People who died on the boats were also thrown into the sea. Villagers informed to the local Nasaka camp about the dead bodies and a group of Nasaka went to the spot and asked the villagers to push the dead bodies into deep sea.
7 boats load of muslims were seized by Burmese Navy and kept in the camp and released only 4 boats.
The authorities are not giving them to land and kept on the boat for three to four days. These boats load of Rohingyas finally back to the sea as a reuslt of they were not getting any foods, water and medicine. Even, they are not allowed to meet anylocal Rohingyas from Maungdaw south by Nasaka.

28 Oct 2012: The number of total boats landed in Maungdaw town is 20 boats and all of them were brought separately into the land by yesterday but about where they would be relocate is unknown yet.

Sittwe/Akyab town

10 May 2014: A 16 month old Rohingya baby died in Sittwe general hospital

28 April 2014: Another murder conducted by the doctors in Myanmar's notorious Sittwe General Hospital against a Rohingya patient has been recorded after an 18-year-old pregnant woman was killed on April 24.

22 April 2014: A Rohingya refugee from Thet Kay Pyin in Sittwe city of Arakan state was arrested by Hlun Htaine police. He was tortured and robbed

10 Sept 2013: At 6 pm, four Rohingya fishermen from Ka Din Pike Gyi hamlet and 2 Rohingya fishermen from Ka Din Pike Chay hamlet left for fishing... on the sea. They were attacked by Rakhine hooligans when they arrived 6 miles away from Ka Din Pike village tract. The Rakhines attacked them by a big boat and their boat was sank.

9 Aug 2013: at least  5 people having been killed in a series of incidents sparked by the fatal bashing of a fisherman by police (about 15 to 20 people on a truck and arrest)

26 July 2013: Muslims living in camps for displaced people near the Rakhine capital Sittwe say police have been conducting regular nighttime raids to confiscate laptops and smartphones.

16 July 2013: Kyaw Hla Aung, 73, worked as the administrator for the Netherlands-based AZG International NGO'sRakhine branch, arrested on Monday afternoon at a Rohingya refugee camp outside the town
Kyaw Hla Aung’s arrest came on the same day that President Thein Sein pledged to release all political prisoners by the end of the year. Thein Sein is currently in the UK

12 Feb 2013: A prominent Rohingya human rights activist and interpreter (Aung Win), who has helped many international journalists travelling to the conflict-torn Arakan state in western Burma, was detained by authorities in Sittwe on Tuesday morning,

(survivor boat people)
28 Oct 2012: Yesterday evening on 27 Oct, about 53 boats total landed in Ongdaw (Bariza fara @ Coconut filed) who are mostly from Kyaukpyu town since 25 Oct, were freed to refuge in Sittwe refugee camps after negotiation was approached by the aid staffs of UN and Turkey.
However, the rest 12 boats load of about 2,000 displaced Rohingyas landed on the shore of Taechaung who are from Ward-3 and Ward-4 of Pauktaw town since 23 Oct, are still surrounded by the Nasaka forces and facing starvation and various abuses.

These survivor boatpeople who have been now freed into refugee camps say that the Nasaka forces extorted and looted cash what they had about 30 Lakhs from Kyaukpyu people and about 20 Lakhs from Pauktaw people, and looted their jeweleries in exchange to allow to land and refuge in Sittwe refugee camps. Some of them were also beaten up for saying about 'Rakhines burnt down their houses'.

27 Oct 2012: total boats landed are counted as below;
1) 3 boats and 40 canoes load of about 700 Rohingyas of Pauktaw town have been stopped by Navy forces on the arrival of the mount of Sittwe Point from yesterday dark evening.
2) Ko Ko Lin email confirmed that 3 more boats floating near Shamapura Island of Bangladesh today after-noon. But the Bangladeshi border security forces blocked them from landing on their soil.
3) 12 boats load of about 2,000 displaced Rohingyas landed on the shore of Taechaung from Ward-3 and Ward-4 of Pauktaw town after their villages were burnt down on 23 Oct, are also still floating and the Nasaka authority doesn't allow them to land.
4)13 out of 17 boats arrived from Kyaukpyu town on 25 Oct are still surrounded on the shore of Ongdaw (Bariza fara @ Coconut filed) of Sittwe town.
All of them been have been starved for days and many of them are bared but none of them received foods, waters and clothes. The Nasaka authority opened fires to the Rohingya villagers from Sittwe who approach to hand foods and clothes.

26 Oct 2012: More than ten thousands of displaced muslims arrived by 17 different boats from Kyaukpyu town from 25 Oct are still surrounded on the shore of Ongdaw (Bariza fara @ Coconut filed) and the authority does not allow them to get shelter at refugee camps or Rohingya villages under the instruction of Rakhine state chief minister U Hla Maung Tin after a request came from Kyaukpyu town police chief. However, 4 boats loads of Rohingyas have been entered into before the authority's interception.
Another 12 boats load of about 2,000 displaced Rohingyas landed on the shore of Taechaung from Ward-3 and Ward-4 of Pauktaw town after their villages were burnt down on 23 Oct, are also still floating and the Nasaka authority doesn't allow them to came down from the boats.

None of these displaced boat-people are provided food or waters by authority and even some Rohingya villagers from Sittwe managed to deliver foods and clothes have been threatened by warning shots.

25 Oct 2012: Thousands of Rakhine people involving monks are asking to relocate the following villages and they timely march and prepare to attack the Rohingya villages;
-a few Kaman muslim houses beside the Sittwe Old College,
-Rohingya villages near by Sittwe New College which built on Rohingya farming lands of Bumay (Furun Fara) and open from year 2000,
-Northern Rohingya villages near by newly built GTC college beside military camp which was also built on farming lands of Fyalikchaung villagers.
The dead line to abandon the villages voluntarily was set within 3 days therefore the muslim villagers from Rambre town are escaping by boats.

23 Oct 2012: Muslim villages in Sittwe, Myebon and Rambre towns have been also surrounded by Rakhines led by the monks from the front. They told that they will attack in Myebon on 24 Oct. In Sittwe the military has somehow dispersed the aggressive Rakhines after nearly one hour confrontation between 22:00 to 23:00pm of 22 Oct.

Buthidaung township
24 May 2014: 8 Rohingya families living in the compound of the Buthidaung high school situated in Ward No(1), Buthidaung Township of Arakan State were forced to vacate their houses by the local authority.

30 April 2014: A Rohingya working for an INGO from France, Action Contre La Faim (ACF) in Buthidaung Township of Arakan State was attacked by a Rakhine extremist.

1 Dec 2013: The administrator of Kin Daung village who lives in Dum Pine Buddhist village is collecting money 2000 or 3000 or 5000kyats from the villagers according to their status today on 30 NOV 2013.

12 March 2013: On 12th March 2013, a police patrol team found out 18 guns in the forest near Nyung Kron village under Let Way Dak village tract of Buthidaung Township. The other Police personnel grabbed 28 hand-made guns in a valley near Pri long mountain range situated between Myauk Taung and Malar village on 14 March 2013 in Kyauk Taw Township where violence had occurred and slaughtered many Rohingya Muslims. Simultaneously, they had got 29 guns more in the jungle of Alar Taung Mountain, five miles away from Nga Saung Bek village in Kyauk Taw.
Moreover, some Rakhine habitants mostly from rural areas in Arakan have to handover 726 hand-made guns, 130 swords, 506 javelins, 112 cross bows, 611 arrows, 1408 arrows used to slingshot and 398 slingshots to the Police after an official order.

16 June 2013: Four Rohingya villagers were brutally killed by a group of Natala villagers

23 Jan 2013: Around 10:30pm, at least 2 Rohingya houses were burnt down into aches at Ward No. 1 of Buthidaung Township

8 Jan 2013: Recently, a group of 70 Rohingya families from Kyauktaw crossed the mountain to come to Buthidaung (particularly to Fuimali village) due to unbearable situations there

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