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Burmese Democratic Forces formed a broad based Political forum in Malaysia

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Friday March 02 2007 11:55:25 AM BDT

Mohammad Sadek

Kuala Lumpur, Feb. 26, 2007: Malaysia based Burmese democratic forces formed a broad based political representing body All Burma Democratic Force (ABDF) in Malaysia in order to serve the causes of Burmese people in exile and to achieve the goal of democratic transition in Burma.

The organization was formed on February 25, 2007, consisting of 9 Burmese organiations in Malaysia that includes National League for Democracy (NLD-LA), Allaince of Burmese Refugees in Malaysia (ABRM), Burma Refugee Organization (BRO), National Democratic Party for Human Rights (exile) NDPHR-exile Malaysia, Democratic Federation of Burma (DFB), Chin National League for Solidarity (CNLS), Christian Clinic Central Committee (CCCC), Rohingya Organization and individual youth leaders.

This body is dedicated to help all Burmese citizens in term of race and religion that does not have any discriminative policy towards any race and religion as some of the self claimed democratic organizations from Burma in exile maintain discriminative policy towards race and religion, said Ko Thuya Aung from ABRM.

However, the current ABDF is free from outside influence and does not respect racism and nepotism that only to concquire democracy, human rights, peace and justice in Burma as it is the common goal for all Burmese nationals.

The ABDF believe that is the broad based representing body can work very effectively in Malaysia for all kinds of Burmese Democracy actitivities as it respect equal rights for all including Muslims as it is their birth rights¡¨.

Ko Maung Thein from the DFB mentioned that ¡§all of the Burmese democracy movement would bring in a single platform to achieve the common goal of democracy in Burma¡¨.

At the same time, several participants from different organizations expressed their solidarity to work together and shoulder to shoulder, while reprsentative from the NDPHR-exile in Malaysia expressed some utilization policies to strengthen the movement from the sigle platform.

It may be mentioned that the ABDF is the first broad based political organization in Malaysia that is expeced to represent the causes of suffering Burmese in home and exile, particularly in Malaysia. ##

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