Tuesday 31 July 2012

Arakan Crisis during UN Envoy Visit

The government indulges the Rakhine people while Rakhine people party- RNDP is being the in-charge for Arakan state. From the beginning of the violence, Law and Order have not been applied on aggressive Rakhines, the local security forces have been permitted to shot Rohingyas, seizing Rohingya people's lands and forcing them into tents, rejecting their rights, blocking aid and compelling to die from starvation, and handing over to relocate at another country, are very clear part of the government's involvement.

However, UN just talking for inquiry despite that have not been agreed by the both Myanmar junta and Srilanka dictator from the past five years. Instead, UN must take another workable step.
The second visit of UN envoy could not find anything and such visit could not end the crisis either. The power of UN is also not clear as its envoys have been guided by the military generals and unable to visit freely. In this manner, all Rohingyas will be terminated progressively.

Yesterday, immigration minster Brigadier General Khin Ye talked to the press that the Bengali immigrants of Rakhine state will not be counted for census of 2015.

Sittwe Crisis (31 July):
A Rohingya family going across the farming land of Tambi village (Tambi Fara or new Chicha Fara), were arrested by Nasaka forces in the afternoon of 31 July. The father was tied up and hanged at the tree while the rest were laid on the ground. The forces accused them as members of Al-Qaeda and shot the father's hand first. When the family members screamed and craved for help, another bullet shot at the forehead of the father, the elder son was shot at tight, the younger son was shot at around abdomen and the mother was beaten to unconscious.
Both the father and the younger son were died on the spot and the rest two were still unknown.

Afternoon, after the UNDP staffs leaved the camps, two police and a RNDP member came to arrest a Rohingya who work as an interpreter for UNDP. During they grabbing away the interpreter, the villagers noisily came out and rescued the interpreter. The police throw the guns away and ran towards outside the village. After that, the two police reported as the Rohingya villagers began mutiny against the authority.

The gangs of RNDP await across the roads near by Roghingya villages. They rush to check every vehicle come out from Rohingya villages. They informed the driver that they will take over in case any Rohingya found in the vehicle.

A ship load of foods sent by Yangon based Muslim organizations has been arrived at Sittwe bay but it was blocked by Rakhine authorities administered by the Arakan state minster Dr Aye Maung who is also chief of RNDP. Despite it has been permitted by president Thein Sein.  First, the Rakhine authority asked to distribute 80% to Rakhine, 10% to military and the rest 10% for Muslim. In this manner, the ship has been stopped more than 3 days and totally not allowed to come near the jetty.
According to the source received today, the ship has been finally allowed to park at the jetty with the agreement of 20% distribution for Rakhine people. But it is not sure whether all the foods will be handed first to the authority.

Rakhine people destroyed their huts and some bamboo houses in Rakhine village of Mingan and rushed to take shelter today at the Buddhist monastery before the arrival of UN envoy. Remaining muslim villagers in Aungmingala village, have been forced to go to the bazaar and authority prepared to film it.

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