Friday, 15 May 2009

Burmese Opposition Groups In Malaysia Demonstrate At Burmese Embassy

Today, 9:50am (local time), a peaceful demonstration at Burmese embassy ( No.8C, Jalan Ampang Hilir, KL), was held by NDPHR-exile in Malaysia with 15 Rohingya activists.

In their statement, they condemn over the sophisticated charged of Suu Kyi under violation of detention act, human rights abuses against Rohingya population in Arakan state including model villages settlement by removing the original existence of Rohingya, force labor and forceful eviction of prisoners, and prevention of reconstruction and relief building in Irrawaddy delta. But their statement was put into the mail-box of the embassy the result of no incharge out from the embassy.

The statement is as below;

photo of demonstrate by NDPHR with 15 activists
Demonstrate by NDPHR banner with 15 activists

Ref: NDPHR (SEA-R) 1990/2009/001
Date: May 15, 2009

Statement on Burmese Atrocities against Rohingya Arakanese in Burma

On behalf of Burmese people regardless of race, religion, color and culture, we strongly condemn the ruling State Peace & Development Council (SPDC), the Burmese military regime for mis-charged of people elected and democracy icon Daw Aung San Suu Kyi under sophisticated act of violation of detention and its inhuman behaviors towards the indigenous Rohingya ethnic minority of Burma’s Arakan, State victims of human rights abuses and natural disasters.
holding playcards by activists
Showing playcards by activists 

The regime have been installing the worst proportion of inhuman pogrom against ethnic minorities in Burma, particularly of the Rohingyas in western border of Burma through  out the forced labor, force eviction, forced extortion, forced extermination, forced relocation, torture, extra judicial killings, rape, model village settlement,  restriction on their movement from one place to another, restriction on freedom of worship, thought, education, marriage, family development, business development and etc.

The tyrannies of Burmese regime are well documented by the world bodies including the United Nations Human Rights Commission and Government of the United States of America and etc. As it, the international community has called upon the SPDC to stop atrocities against the people of Burma and to bring changes to favor for the wills of people and to restore peace and stability inline of human dignity and sustainable economy in the country. But, the regime is repeatedly maintaining by ignoring the calls and denying its brutalities towards Rohingya Arakanese and other ethnic minorities, which is not only within the state but also in various regional summits and forum including in the latest 14th ASEAN Summit and Bali Process in March and April 2009 respectively.

In recent month of May and April 2009, Military had confiscated every possible belongings and properties of Rohingyas to substitute with new settlers in several villages. About 40 villages are under way to remove from both Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships. It is a planned strategy to replace non-Rohingyas in Rohingya dominated areas like before, in order to exterminate them from their original land and to prove non-existence of Rohingya population in certain area and to ignore the root causes of Rohingya as well.
Being a member state of International Labor Organization (ILO), Burma has been ignoring the call of ILO in particular and International community in general, while using the widespread forced labor against conventions, including forceful eviction of prisoners.

Burma is the only country that engages bulk of force labor in Arakan State in model village settlement, construction of roads, pagodas, military camps, fencing, irrigation, environment, embankment and carrying of military equipments.

All these inhumanity is only doing against the Rohingyas in the presence of different Non-Governmental Organization, International NGOs, including UN Refugee and Food Agencies.
Meanwhile, the regime is not a legitimate Government, which is abusing power to push the people in circle of danger with violation of both international and domestic laws.

On the other hand, the regime is widely cultivating poppy in its occupied places with a view to develop drug addictions and to buy sophisticated weapons to kill its own people, whilst misusing the country vast natural resource at all.
Burmese military regime is being shameful for the South Asia and Southeast Asian Regional Bodies which is also a threat to the regions from regime’s Nuclear Ambition.
Being an illegitimate gang of military, how can it deny the existence of an original indigenous group of the country in front of regional representatives and how can it deny the real history. Meanwhile, the regime cares nothing in the regions.
From these perspectives, the Burmese regime is found active in denial of regional mechanisms on human rights which also undoubtedly shameful for entire regions.

Therefore, we request upon the regional bodies, particularly ASEAN, SAARC and their members states to boycott regime’s participation in regional summits, forums and other kinds of regional activities with a view to put pressure to bring immediate changes in country, ceasing all kinds of atrocities against ethnic minorities, especially the Rohingyas in Arakan State, Burma. We also request ASEAN and SAARC to bring military ruler before International Court of Justice for further actions of its inhumane pogrom.

As the above mentions, we urge upon SPDC:
  1. To immediately set free of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and all other political prisoners including ethnic leaders like U Kyaw Min MP of NDPHR;
  2. To cease unconditionally all kinds of human rights abuses against ethnic Rohingya Arakanese;
  3. To confess unconditionally the ongoing brutalities in Burma before the international community’s intervention in order to ensure human dignity;
  4. To immediately bring an end of military dictatorship in order to bring democratic changes in the country for the welfare of people and country as well;
  5. To halt forced labor, mobilization of child soldiers, model village settlement in Rohingya dominated areas and all kinds of human rights abuses against Rohingya.
  6. To allow international agency to set up reconstruction of relief building for victims of cyclone nargis in Irrewaddy delta and other affected areas of natural disaster in the country.
Executive Committee
National Democratic Party for Human Rights (NDPHR) Exile
South East Asia Regional Office
PO BOX-11882, 50760 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:   +(60) 12 2595185   /   +(60) 16 3094599 

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