Thursday, 22 November 2012

Crises in Kyauktaw and Myebon towns of Arakan

By NDPHR(exile),
Kyauktaw town
21 Nov: A group of five military personnel walking around the town-centre were attacked by Rakhine mob in the afternoon around 14:30pm. The confrontation was began from blaming of the non-Buddhist military forces for protecting and helping the Rohingya. The mob said these soldiers are son-in-laws of Rohingyas so that they attacked harshly. A military personnel has been died on the spot and the rest other escaped with injuries. But the authority has arrested no Rakhine so far.
20 Nov: From the evening, eight acres of paddy field around the pound of Auk Paiketay (fishing village) were burnt down by Rakhine people.

From the evening around 19:00pm of 16 Nov, more than 5,000 Rakhines surrounded the fishing village of Rohingya and asking the military guards to leave from the village. They entered through walking form various sides of the villages and began attackings of the village. They loudly announced to cleans by setting fire of the remaining all Rohingya villages across Southern Arakan. As a result of aggressive actions, additional military forces are deployed there that forced Rakhines leaved the village the following morning 7:00am.
In Foeyda village, Rakhines confronted against the military forces therefore the forces opened fires several warning shots..
Again from the evening of 17 Nov, thousands of Rakhines are surrounding the Fishing village and the attacks would be developed by night, they told.
Myebon town
19 Nov: Two Rohingya youths from Taungbo Quarter going for fishing in the afternoon, were brutally beaten up by a group of Rakhine in the farming field of Alaypaine Quarter (Central Quarter). The two Rohingya fishermen were found dead in the filed.
The members of Rakhine party RNDP followed by local high ranking authority hold talks with the displaced muslim people. The authorities said that the Rakhine people do not want to stay together with muslim people so that all muslim people of the town have to choose voluntary relocation to the other area is only option.
The muslim people reiterated about how they were ambushed and about thousand of their houses burnt down in all the three villages of Alaypaine Quarter, Kartarthwar Quarter and Taungbo Quarter where about 30 muslims killed on the night of 23 Nov soon after the local Rakhine leaders plus monks approached to enhance to trust over its neighbour Rakhines.
The displaced homeless muslims therefore replied the authorities that they too are no longer safe nor willing to stay there any more and they sought relocation to Sittwe town or central Burma.

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