Monday, 27 May 2013

Nasaka whipped a Hindu School Teacher insensible in Northern Maungdaw

Source Mayu Press,
Posted on 2013/05/26 

Mohamed Farooq ( Mayu Press)
On 23 May 2013, Zaw Myo Aung, a Nasaka personnel in the department of Immigration hailed from Camp No: 05 called Ngayin Chaung (Boutoror Ghati) under the sector two of Maungdaw Township, extorted money 25000 Kyat per oil shop in total twenty-five shops where specially sale Kerosene for house lighting at night, Diesel for engine, Petrol and Vegetable oil in Tamanta (Saheb Bazar), northern Maungdaw.

Kamhori @ Bellikka son of Denubondhu, a Hindu school teacher has an oil shop there. Kamhori @ Bellikla refused to give demanded money as he is not a Rohingya then he was beaten with long lethal rod till to unconscious by Zaw Myo Aung. He had hospitalized on the spot for his serious injuries and sense recovery at Tamanta (Saheb Bazar) rural healthcare.

Zaw Myo Aung married a Rakhine girl is primarily popular to wresting money and torturing Rohingya not in common way. He has no transference order since 2009 at a same Nasaka camp No: 05 of Ngayin Chaung as he bribes an amount to the chief of Border Immigration Headquarter (BIHQ) of Nasaka in Kyi Kan Pyan while the others Nasaka do at least once transfer within a six-to-nine month.

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