Thursday, 15 August 2013

A Muslim House and Five Boats Burnt Down by 969 Network in ‪Thandwe‬

Source RB, 14 Aug

Thandwe, Arakan – A Kaman‬ Muslim house and 5 boats were set fire by members of the 969 network in Myo Taung quarter. This is in the Thandwe Township of Arakan State. It happened last night at 11 pm according to locals there.

A house and two fishing boats belonging to U Mya Win who lives in Anawyahta Street, were burnt. ...The value of the two boats is at about 16 million kyat. The 969 group also set fire to two fishing boats and two fishnets owned by U Sanay Aung. He lives at the corner of Anawyahta Street and Marga Street. The value of his boats is about 12 million kyat. The fifth fishing boat that was burnt belonged to U Kyaw Tin. He lives in downtown Thandwe. The value of his boat is unknown.

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