Sunday, 24 November 2013

Maungdaw central market set on fire

Source Kaladanpress, 23 Nov

Maungdaw, Arakan State: The Maungdaw central market was set on fire at about 7:00pm today by some Rakhine miscreant groups, said Anwer (not real name), a shopkeeper from Maungdaw central market.

"Nobody was allowed to go near the market expect security force and Rakhine," he more added.

Hakhim, another shop owner said: "No Rohingya shop owners were allowed to go near the market as market was surrounded by Rakhine and security force."

"However, the Maungdaw central market was doused by governmentfire brigade at round 7:30. Some shops were burned down." 

The most of the shop owners in the Maungdaw central market are Rohingya community. Before set on fire, the electricity was cut off and all mobile network was shutdown in Maungdaw, said Ali Ahmed.

According to another local shopkeeper, some Rohingya shops had been gutted and the rest Rohingya shops are being destroyed and are looting  goods from the shops by the local Rakhine goons, but local security forces do not take any action.

Rohingyas are not allowed to distinguish their shops, but Rakhine people are allowed for looting Rohingya goods from shops, said Hamid, a shopkeeper on condition of anonymity.   
Later, army came on the spot and control the situation, all the Rakhine miscreant groups disappeared from the seen. The police and Hluntin force in duty after army arrived, said a source who is closed the market.

Another source informed Kaladan Press from three miles – Sawmawna village- that Rakhine set on fire a mosque –near the road and three miles pagoda- at 9:00pm and no Rohingya villagers were allowed to go there. Later the mosque was doused by government fire brigade.

Rakhine community across the Arakan State, are very angry because   of taking resolution regarding the Rohingya community on November19, by UN General Assembly's Human Rights Committee.

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