Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Villager shot dead in Maungdaw south

Source Kaldanpress, 25 Aug

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A villager was shot dead in Maungdaw south by police on August 23, at about 8:00 pm while he was going to his home from outside the village, according to Mohamed Jalil, the father of the victim. The victim was identified as—-Abdul Hakim (32), son of Mohamed Jalil, hailed from Kyaukpandhu ( Sitar Pawrika) of Maungdaw Township."

On August 23, at about 8: 00 pm, a group of Burmese Border Guard Police (BGP) of Kyaukpandhu out-post camp went to patrol out of the camp and saw two Rohingya villagers were talking to each other with mobile sets on the road. So the police chased them to arrest, but they managed to flee from the scene, said a local elder on condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile, a villager named Abdul Hakim, son of Mohamed Jalil was going to his home and met with the patrol group. The police asked him his name and where he is going to. Hearing the answer from the villager, they went back to their destination. But, after a few minutes later, the police came again and shot dead to Abdul Hakim on the spot without giving any reasons, the elder more added.

Being informed, Mohamed Jalil, the father of the victim went to the spot to see his son and proceeded to the police camp and appraised the matter but he was severely tortured by the police in the camp, according to family source.

The police did not hand over the dead body to the parents and brought to Maungdaw Town by car. The relatives of the victim do not know so far, whereabouts the dead body, whether it was buried or not.

A village elder said, "The police increase harassment against the Rohingya community without giving any condition."

A local youth said, "It is a minor case to kill Rohingya by the concerned authority."

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