Monday, 8 June 2015

Rohingyas should go home and fight against terror government like Karen

Source freemalaysiatoday, 6 June

PAS delegate asks Rohingyas to return to Myanmar and fight for their rights saying that they are being cowards by staying here.


KUALA SELANGOR: A PAS delegate to the party's general assembly has made a slashing attack on Rohingya refugees, accusing them of being "cowards" for staying in Malaysia and not returning to Myanmar to fight for their rights.

Mohd Yusof Zaidi of Bagan PAS was reported to have said Malaysia could not be a place for "refugee dumping" and asylum-seekers from all over the world.

"We will plunge into many (negative) issues from this refugee dumpings," he was quoted as saying. "If we keep accepting all of them (Rohingyas), then the Vietnamese will come, then the Cambodians, and even the Americans, and we will find ourselves as the dumping ground for refugees," he said, according to Malay Mail Online.

Rohingya refugees have fled violence and what is described as state-sponsored persecution in Myanmar, where they are regarded as stateless descendants of immigrants from Bengal.

More than 1,000 boat people, comprising Bangladeshi migrants and Rohingya refugees, landed in Langkawi on May 10 and are being held in an immigration detention centre in Kedah. Many thousands more are believed to be afloat in the Andaman Sea and Malacca Straits, being refused entry by Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Mohd Yusof Zaidi said the Rohingya community should go back to Myanmar and fight for their rights. "Why are they being cowards by staying here?" he was reported to have said.

Yusof said the root of the Rohingya problem was the Myanmar government. "Find ways to stop the violence… start with Burma and if needed, we ask those here to leave their families to go back to fight their government," he was quoted as saying.

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