Sunday 16 July 2017

Burmese Troops Gun 3 Rohingys Down, Torch a House in Northern Buthidaung

Source Rohingyavision, 11 JUly

Burmese Troops Gun 3 Rohingys Down, Torch a House in Northern Buthidaung

By RVision TV Correspondent

11th July, 2017

Buthidaung – Burmese troops surprisingly and abruptly attacked a house of Rohingya and fired the house-owner to death along with his two neighbors on July 9, 2017 in the upper site of Taung Bazar, northern Buthidaung Township under Arakan state of Burma, our correspondent reported.

Some military stationed at the hamlet of Khammwei– Buddhists who live in hillside- in Tin May village, of the upper site ofTaung Bazar on 8, July. The next day afternoon, some of them suddenly entered into the Rohingya village and started firing at the house of the son of Muhammad Yunus after besieging it.

As the bullets hit the owner, he died soon at the sport. And their bad blood didn't stop there until they burnt down the house too. Moreover, two neighboring Rohingya men died as the bullets that came out from the military's guns hit them.

Due to the military's cruel firing, the villagers did not come out of the houses. The military took away the corpses wrapping them with the pieces of black tarpaulin but none could identify the dead bodies.

On the returning way, the found a 70-year-old psychopath who was beaten inhumanely and detained later. When the old man was groaning due to torture, his grand-daughter came out to the road. But the military noticed the gold necklace in her neck which was snatched by them.

Being desperate, a local said, "The Burmese troops deployed for regional security have become killers and robbers. Some of them started robbing the Rohingyas wearing burka at night."

It has been reportedly known that military wear burka and enter into the houses of Rohingyas in the guise of female guests at night. When the male members of the families come to know that they are military, they run away to avoid the arbitrary arrests and then, the military start looting by molesting the females.

Edited by: Md. Shuaib

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