Tuesday 14 April 2009

Bali Process & Brutalities Against Rohingyas

source from congratulation letter to Malaysian the 6th Prime Minister by Arakan Rohingya Refugees Committee, 13 April 2009.

In the letter, Rohingya refugees in Malaysia congratulate the 6th Prime Minister of Malaysia and stated as below;

As we do remember that your role in time of United Malay National Organization (UMNO) Youth Chief in 1992, you had launched $26,500 fund for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, which was secured from movement members, organizations and individuals. Further in April 1992, the Malaysian Government arranged that all donations for Rohingya refugees, was sent to Malaysia Red Crescent Society for proper utilization under coordination of Ministry of National Unity and Social Development.

So, we do believe that you are keen to represent the plights of Rohingya refugees at both Bali Process and ASEAN Secretariat in Jakarta (Indonesia) as better as possible in order to find a safe place for them rather sending them back to tyrannical ruler of Burmese military.

The letter also highlighted the brutalities faced by Rohingyas, currently. pl, kindly read here;
Last week, the gang of regime slaughtered at least 7 Rohingyas in village of Fokira Bazar and locked up the Grand Mosque of Ngakura village track under Maungdaw Township, instigating communal tension and at least 11 houses were burnt down in Buthidaung .

Township as well as killed a woman after rape and 4 other men brutally murdered in Akyab, while getting the list of entire households in Maungdaw north and seizing knives, iron rods and some other kinds of hard metal instruments.

According to latest news story publicized in the Daily Purbakun, on April 11, a Bengali Language Newspaper of Bangladesh, 10 arms trained youths from every Rakhaing village are supplied arms and swords and etc. to perceive large scale of massacre during  up coming water festival of Buddhists to be started from 13th, April,2009

Following the riots, at least 30 people killed and 25 young girls remain missing. Rohingyas from Akyab Township, Rathedaung Township, Naisadaung, Taung Bro, Dekibania, Bali Bazar, Kasarbil etc. villages of Maungdaw Township passing  their lives in critical situation. 6 houses in Taung Bazar and 40 houses in other parts Buthidaung were burnt in to ashes. A Rohingy village named Amla Para has been evicted to Maungdaw Township, while Amtoilla under Shweza Village tract of Maungdaw Towship was uprooted to unknown place.

At the same time the Grand Mufti and Rohingya Islamic Scholar Maulana Sayedul Amin was arrested, imposing restriction in Friday (Juma) prayer in Maungdaw Township.

In addition , the regime members also supplying acids, poisonous chemicals, swords, hammer, axes and some stranger types of metal weapons to Rakhaing (a non-Rohingya ethnic group of Arakan) community and new settlers from proper Burma in order to sweep out the Rohingyas from their ancestral homeland.

At present, tension has broken out at all across Arakan State, which may lead to an unexpected communal riot under the patronization Burmese military regime. The regime engineered such riot in 1942 to take control of Arakan under its rule and that resulted to die over hundreds thousand Rohingyas. Similarly in February 2001, while numbers of Rohingyas were brutally killed by the gangs of military and military themselves.

It is also noted that the regime is fencing all across Burma (Arakan)-Bangladesh border in order to stop escaping Rohingya people from slow burning genocides of the regime.

Therefore, your government’s role in Bali Process and ASEAN Secretariat meeting in Jakarta is very much important for the wellbeing of Rohingyas.

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