Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Burmese Military shoot two Rohingya man // Para-military and Rakhine beat up a Rohingya unconscious in Maungdaw

Compile by Habib,
Burmese Military shoot two Rohingya man
Telephonic information from reliable source It is known that Myanmar army (Military) who are camped at the Rakhine village to the east of Nurulla Village, Maungdaw township fired two (20 innocent Rohingya man mentioned below.
The two Rohingya villagers went to the forest for firewood to cook rice with some villager which is 2 miles far to the east from their village at about 2.00pm (local time) of 25 Feb, were shoot to death at about 3:30pm..
The next day, 26th Feb 2013 at 7:00,am, the villagers went to the forest and brought back the two dead bodies to the village and informed Maungdaw police camp and Magin Chaung Na Sa Ka camp. However, no action has been taken so far.
The two victims are identified as;
(1) Mohammed Roshid-32 s/o Lal Meya  from Nurulla Village around 4 miles south of Maungdaw, was shot under the right  
ear and took out the left eye.
(2) Mohammed Sayed-42 s/o Amir Hamza from Nurulla village, was cut both legs and hands.
Hlun Tin (Paramilitary) and Rakhine beat up a Rohingya unconscious in Maungdaw
Source Mayupress, 24 Feb

Last 21 February night at about 09 PM, numbers of Rakhine youths gather and shouted near the gate of Mohammad Gani, 42 years old, an educated Rohingya person in Boumo Para, Maungdaw. He shut down all his windows and doors of home for his family safety and to be free of attack. Unfortunately, the Rakhine terrorists entered his home jointly with arm force Hlun Tin. When they tried to rape his daughters and wife, Mohammad Gani requested them not to do. Then they hit critically and brought him altogether.

The Rakhine took him a picture with a camera by making him to hold a gallon of kerosene and lighter as he went to torch up Rakhine Village. But the officer of Intelligent Police (Sarapa) found that he was innocent to the created false event then released him. He is still senseless with severe pain and injured.

The doctor said to his relatives as one of his vital organs damage by severe hitting. It is not sure that he will be recovered to normal healthy one. This is daily tragedy life of Rohingya inside Arakan, Burma

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