Monday, 11 February 2013

Update News of Arakan

Compiled by Habib,
Kyauktaw town
10 Feb (BRAT- Mg Kyaw Nu): Lahsaungkok and Zaila fara (fishing village) are surrounded by Rakhine people and aggressive attacks have been carried-out from 2 Feb 2012. By afternoon 2pm of 10 Feb, a Rohingya, Norjun's house Lahsaungkok (baró fara), was set fire by a gang of Rakhine. But, local authorities arrest Rohingya villagers and extort money from them.
Recently two battalions have been shifted to Kyauktaw from Maungdaw. The Rohingya villagers understood that it is only additional preparation for own military purposes since Rakhine rebel forces have continuously entering into the town.
8 Feb (ERCA- Rofiq): A boat load with about 200 arms, was apprehanded by government military in a Rakhine village of Taungpauk village. Earlier this, about 20 items of hidden bombs in a Mro village call Athak Gauk Rwa, were discovered after a Mro-villager reported to military. Surprisingly, no Rakhine has been arrested so far..
Maungdaw town
10 Feb (Kaladanpress): Four Rohingya minor children from Deen Mohamed's family namely- Nuruzawma, Rozena Begum,Yasmin Ara and Mozena, aged 10, 8, 6 and 4 (three females and one male) from Khaza Bill (Sapaikone) village under Nasaka area No.(5), were slaughtered and a Rakhine was killed and three wounded by unknown miscreants in Maungdaw north yesterday night. 
 "On that night, a group of unknown miscreants went to Deen Mohamed's house of Khaza Bill (Sapaikone) village,under Nasaka area No.5 of Maungdaw north while he was not present in the house. He has been working with GE military at Burma- Bangladesh border. After entering the house, the miscreants slaughtered all four minor children and abducted the mother –Roza- of the children and she is yet to be found."
In the early morning, a group of Nasaka personnel from Nasaka area No.(5) went to the spot, and arrested villagers arbitrarily from the road, and from fishing project while on the way to village, said another villager on condition of anonymity.

Besides, last night, at around 1:00 pm, Rohingya villagers heard firing sound from Nga Khura (Rakhine -Myothet) village. So, from nearby Rohingya villagers tried to go to the spot, to see the matter, but Nasaka stopped them from going, said a local business man from the locality.
But, in the morning, the Rohingya villagers came to know that one Rakhine villager was dead and another three Rakhine villagers including U Ba Chit, were wounded, among them two are serious, the businessman added.

At present, the Nasaka (Burma border security force) are surrounding the Loung Don village (Rohingya village) to arrest villagers as the Nasaka and local Rakhine villagers believed that the unknown miscreants are neighboring villagers. At around 6:00 pm, 107 villagers (including 26 women and 32 children) were arrested and were brought to the Nasaka camp, according to a local elder.
6 Feb (Kaladanpress):
11 Rohingya villagers who were arrested by the security force after 8 June bigoted violence between Rakhine and Rohingya, were sentenced to 10 years jail by the Judge of speedy Trial Tribunal No.(2) without any proper inquiry and asking any questions.
The victims were identified as---
Jaker Hussain-25 s/o Abdul Hakim, Eliyas-30 s/o Habi Ullah, and Sayed Amin-44 s/o Bosho, hailed from Hati Para (village),
Enam-35 s/o Hairul Boshor, Keramat Ali-25 s/o Moktol Hussain, Monshi Alam-25 s/o Abul Khasim, Abdu Karim-25 and his younger brother Taher-18 s/o Nabi Hussain, Jor Moluk-45, Hairul Boshor-27 s/o Shokot Ali, and Salim-35 s/o Boshor,hailed from Zedi Pyin village.
The three other villagers released after paying money are - Ali Zuhar-18 s/o Ali Ahmed hailed from Meazan Para, Wadul Haque-35 s/o Gura Meah of Gret Chaung village were released yesterday and another villager was freed earlier by paying huge money.

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