Saturday, 27 April 2013

Rakhine Authorities force Rohingya to accept Bengali identity

By Habib,

Rakhine Immigration authority followed by RNDP members, police, NaSaKa (Border Security Force) and military came to force Rohingya villagers to accept Bengali identity. The authorities visited Rohingya villages around 11am of yesterday, are Aungmingala (Moli Fara), Bumay, and Thakkaybyin (Sakki Fara).

When the villagers refused to do so thereofre the authorities said that accepting their offer is only the last resort to solve the crisis and to appease Rakhine community.

It is a recent manner of how the Thein Sein government solving the crisis. From the morning of 23 of April, Rakhine people involving monks are distributing phemplets encouraging to demolish remaining Rohingya villages and firstly to cleanse Aungmingala village (Moli Fara).
Rakhine Authorities target Rohingya villagers of Thakkaybyin (Sakki Fara)
As a result of refusal of Bengali identity and proving Rohingya identities of 1974 by Rohingya villagers, a Rohingya graduate youth who spoke on behalf of his own family and urged the immigration authority to take a copy of his family’s Rohingya identity documents was beaten by immigration officer on 26 April.
The youths and children therefore gathered in the scene and chanted the word ‘Rohingya’. The authorities run away from the scene and came back with forces in the evening. But the family members have been on time disappeared. In the end, the immigration authority accused the acting Rohingya leaders for inciting and took away Mr. Sha-min and medicine shop owner Mr. Ali Ahmed. As per our confirmation, the they have been brutally beaten up and still detained in police custody.
Similar reactions of chanting the word ‘Rohingya’ were occurred in Bawdupa refugee camp on 26 April but the anti Rohingya mainstream media “Eleven Media Group” cunningly portrays as- “the Bengali riot in Bawdupa refugee camp”.

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