Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Update News of Kyauktaw and Mrauk U

Four Rohingya shot by Rakhine Rebels in Kyauktaw twonship
by Habib,
According to Mr. Rofiq from Kyawtaw township, Rakhine rebels came to ransack the Rohingya village of Taung Taung Khaya (Fulbari Fara) and opened fire at the villagers when some villagers came out to check them.
The incident took place in the afternoon (local time) of 14 April and confirmed four Rohingyas were shot but one was died on the spot and the rest three others have been hospitalized.
The victims are identified as
1) Zafar Ahmed-30 (died)
2) Kalu
3) Abu Ali, and
4) Zawbaw.
The Thein Sein government just curtailing international pressure by delivering gentle speeches across the media. However, similar like Rohingya in other areas, restriction of Rohingya aid, confinement by authorities and occasional attacks by Rakhine people, have been going on against Rohingya of Kyauktaw township.
Five Rohingya held in Mrauk U
Source Mayupress, 14 April

Mohamed Farooq
The Rakhine mob had flogged barbarously five Rohingya and pushed to Burmese army sentry post near Bandulla Bridge of Mrauk U at about 3 am on 14th April 2013.

The victims Rohingya are hailed from Paunn Doke village in Mrauk U. They were coming back passing a Rakhine village from the market getting household bazaar and rice for their family. Impetuously, a Rakhine mob appeared towards them and squeezed all their belonging consisted of money. The Buddhist Rakhine racists stroked them unconscious to put down flat in the ground.

The Rakhine racists tied those Rohingya with steel chain in one line. As usual falsified allegations against vulnerable Rohingya minority, the extremists also made them carrying gallons and rubber containers of Diesel and matches as the Rohingya entered Rakhine village to be blazed the houses.

A crowd of Rakhines dragged those Rohingya to the nearest Army personnel with a complaint of suspicious be arson to Buddhist village.

International concerned units; UN, USA, EU, OIC, Human Right Watch, Amnesty International and other peace wants NGOs and organizations attempt to halt immediately sectarian unrest to Muslims in Burma whereas Buddhists Rakhine and state officials striving much to drive out Rohingya from Arakan soonest with long term imprisonment, killing, raping, vandalizing, blazing, looting and extorting money etc.

List of Rohingya arrested:

  1. Dilmohammad,20, s/o Abdu Malik
  2. Abdukarim,21, s/o Amin Hossain
  3. Sabbir Ahmed.40, s/o Foto
  4. Potia @ Maung Chaye,20, s/o Shamsu
  5. Yunus,20, s/o Yusuf

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