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Nobody Buoy Rohingya in Cambodia for Asylum Seeker

Source Burmatimes, 21 Sept

Burma Times) Ibrahim shah – It is learnt accurately by our correspondent that about 32 Rohingya people in Cambodia are in dire situation who fled Burma desperately to escape discrimination of the Burmese Buddhist majority regime and finally reached there since 2010.

They are still out of refugee or asylum seeker status despite they pleaded many times to various NGOs, humanitarian organizations and UNHCR. In reiteration, many institutions interviewed them; however, in consequence it is in vain yet.

A brief statement of the Rohingya in Cambodia: Chris Lewa, founder and director of The Arakan Project visited in Cambodia in 19 may 2010 and returned after three days. During her stay with us, She had met with UNHCR, JRS, and head of the refugee-office in Cambodia and submitted our matter and consulted it with them evidently. She told us that certainly we would be granted refugee status on the double. She worked hard relentlessly to solve our matter with JRS and UNHCR. Reiteratively, due to miscarriage she advised us to contact with Rohingya organizations and other humanitarian organizations. JRS helps us only for rent roomwater and electricity except food. Here we cannot work since we are not granted officially as asylum seekers. For reiterative pleas to UNHCR, at last, told us that they can only help for medication.

Apparently, the Rohingya in Cambodia are not granted as asylum seekers yet despite Rohingya are recognized by UN as one of the worlds most persecuted ethnic minority group. They pleaded in reiteration to concerned authorities and several institutions to be granted officially as asylum seekers so that they could earn something for their daily necessities. Without official grant as asylum seekers, they spend their daily lives with dead sufferings. In point of fact, it is miserable to hear their tearful pleas that how they inhabit there as human beings without adequate food despite Rohingya are descended from Human beings.

Is the Rohingya commune not a part of this world?

Moreover, it is terribly deplorable that the world charitable organizations, UN, UNHCR, OIC and other humanitarian organizations are out of concern to the plea of some Rohingya for survival as human beings who are remained distressed since 2010 without official recognition as refugee in Cambodia.

If the UN declared Human right is not effective in the turn of human beings, when and for whom it will be effective?

Currently, it is crucial to concentrate the crisis of Rohingya in Cambodia who are conveniently forgotten by their fellow human beings.

Rohingya commune is the ethnic minority group who has been living in western Burma since immemorial decades and has been discriminated perpetually by the Burmese Buddhist majority regime.

The details of the Rohingya in Cambodia:


NO. Name S/O , D/O Village Family Township
01 Abu Khalid Abbas Ali Pocktopyin No Buthidaung
02 Jahid Sultan Ahamed Quarter  No. 1 No Buthidaung
03. Hafzu Rahman Roshid Ahamed Du Yong Pyin Gyi No Maungdaw
04 Mhd Tayub Sultan Ahamed Zawmated No Maungdaw
05 Abdullah   Kaangdong Yes Buthidaung
06 Mhd Zakaria   Yangma[Taungbazar] Yes Buthidaung
07 Mhd Rafiq Mhd Hasan Ba Assra No Sittwe
08 Mhd Zigar Jahid Hussain Darga Para No Maungdaw
09 Mhd Asad Ullah Mhd Haroon Zobbor Para No Buthidaung
10 Omar Sadek Ahamed Hussain   No Kyauktaw
11 Alyas Ahamed     No Kyauktaw
12 Mhd Akram Mhd Shafi Phawat Chaung No Maungdaw
13 Salim Abul Khair Sinyimbya Yes Buthidaung
15 Zafar Alam Saedd Alam Kyauk Chaung No Maungdaw
16 Dil Mhd Saeed Ahamed Kyauk Chaung No Maungdaw
17 Dil Mhd Sonali   Yes  
18 Nor Hashim Abdu Rakim Hnari Para Yes Pouktaw
19 Mhd Yusuf     No  
20 Mhd Zubair   Yangma/Taungbazar No Buthidaung

 Address in Cambodia:

No. 255, ST-598, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmei,

Khan Russey Keo, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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