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The world is Dead Ruthless to Rohingya, Isn’t it?

Source burmatimes, 26 Sept

BurmaTimes (Ibrahim Shah) According to the history, it is evident that the Rohingya ethnic minority of Arakan, western Burma inhabit there since even before the first invasion of Burmese intruder in 1044 AD.

Boats carrying Rohingya Muslims from Mya

The Burmese imperialists have been perpetuating crimes against Humanity or Rohingya imposing discriminatory territorial Acts perpetually since 1978.

The Burmese Hitlerite generals massacred Rohingya in reiteration by "hidden genocide"–discrimination, incrimination, land confiscation, change demographics resettling eastern untamed Buddhists whose profession is only robbery and theft. The most horrible Military operations against Rohingya are in — 1977-78, 1990-92.

Due to miscarriage of various previous Hidden genocide methods, the Burmese notorious successive generals imposed horrible fresh territorial Acts .The long massacre by marriage restriction since 1990 and the most terrible massacre by a deliberate deadly violence in amid June 2012 that is triggered to deprive the fundamental rights of Rohingya amid ongoing democracy.

Amidst the deadly violence in June, More than, 140,000 Rohingya are displaced, countless are missed and buried in mass graves, women are gang-raped and the corpses are thrown into forests by armies and Rakhine extremists , kidnapped many women and are subjected to be sex-slaves, confined the internal displaced people( IDP) in concentration camps and so on.

Due to reiterative miscarriage of gradual dead eradication of Rohingya, the Burmese genocidal regime imposed a new dehumanization Act— two child policy for Rohingya amid ongoing democratic reforms.

For "Completion of Rohingya Genocide" in a vast momentum, the quasi-civilian regime led by President Thein Sein has been carrying out three last genocidal policies simultaneously— postponement of available medication for Rohingya serious patients, deadly confinement in movement until Rohingya cannot earn daily necessities and birth control as "Two-Child Policy".

As well as, neighbor country Bangladesh recently passed a law for birth control of Rohingya. The Bangladesh authorities are utterly silent to the infiltration of the well-settled Mogh of western Burma who are involved with many crimes including smuggling Yaba Tablets.

Concurrently, Rohingya have been undergoing unprecedented persecution, starvation and unexpected diseases.

Thus,  it is deadly dreadful and crucially important to pay attention corporately to the several catastrophes that Rohingya undergo in the same breath today in their ancestral place western Burma.

Today, the Rohingya people flee desperately to escape the deadly persecution of the Burmese genocidal regime whether it is convenient or inconvenient—on foot and by wooden-boat.

Here is the climax of this article – The world is dead ruthless to Rohingya, Isn't it?— whenever Rohingya reach to any part of this earth, they are pushed back to oceans or hunted by human traffickers or imprisoned lifetime or beaten to acknowledge unwillingly as other nationalities except Rohingya.

Let's observe in the turn of respective victims of other nationalities—whoever seek asylum in any part of this world, on the double, they achieve higher dignity, protection and comfort in the same breath.

But, as asylum seekers or persecuted victims, there is no country to accept the vulnerable Rohingya who have been undergoing state-sponsored discrimination or hidden genocide since 35 years. ( )

In accordance with the observations of the Burmese dissidents, Rohingya activists and international media and observers, Rohingya undergo sudden death due to lack of proper medication and adequate food.

Accordingly, the possibility of dead extinction of Rohingya is extremely high within some years unless world bodies intervene in Rohingya issue immediately.

It is expressed with grave sorrow that the world is unawarely silent on the Rohingya plight.

Will the world be densely populated if the stateless Rohingya are granted residential cards until restoration of their deprived rights in their homeland, Burma?

No home or asylum for Rohingya in this ruthless world, in fact, it is miserable!

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