Thursday, 16 January 2014

7 Rohingyas involving women and children killed, 100 Rohingyas arrested

Source from BROUK president Tun Khin,

The early morning at around 3 am of 13th January 2014, a group of police, security forces, military and Rakhine entered Kiladaung village, south of Maungdaw, Arakan State. They entered a house and demanded valuables, gold and money from the Rohingya woman living there. Her husband gone for hiding when the security forces approaching. When the woman refused to give them her jewellery, the security forces raped and killed her. When her children began shouting, many villagers came and confrontation took place.

The police opened fire to the villagers. Three Rohingya women, three children and one man were killed and 4 people wounded by gunshot. About one hundred Rohingyas were arrested at that time and arrests have continued since Tuesday morning. There are reports that military, police and security forces and Rakhines are looting Rohingya properties including cows, rice and valuables. Some sources wrongfully report rumours spread by security forces and police that one police officer was killed.

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