Saturday, 17 May 2014

A Rohingya Killed In Paik Thay, Minbya By An Unknown Group

Source RB, 16 May

Minbya, Arakan – A Rohingya from Paik Thay hamlet of Kin Seik village tract in Minbya was killed by an unknown group The dead body was found near a stream situated between Paik Thay and Tha Htay Gone hamlets. 

As the Rohingyas in Paik Thay hamlet are under restriction of movement, they are getting help from the Chin ethnic people live nearby hamlet named Tha Htay Gone for their livelihood. Ismail S/o Abdul Gafur (Age 55) left from his house in Paik Thay hamlet on May 15 at 5 pm to order things from Tha Htay Gone hamlet. As the two hamlets are only just two miles away from each other it normally take just a few hours to return home. He didn't come back home that night. The Rohingya villagers started searching for him the following morning. The villagers found his dead body at 12 in the afternoon near a stream situated between Paik Thay and Tha Htay Gone hamlets. They found Ismail's dead body with several wounds.

According to the wounds on dead body, Ismail was brutally tortured to death by a group, not by just one person. As usually Rakhine extremists are only killing Rohingyas, the villagers claim that Ismail was killed by some of those Rakhine extremists. 

The villagers informed the authorities once they found the dead body. The authorities brought the body to the hospital for post-mortem examination. After that the body was handed over to the family. The family and the villagers buried him in the evening.

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