Tuesday 3 May 2016

The ex-dictator Ne Win's grandson Aye Win clings on Rohingya

by Admin,

Racial hatre against minorities and non-Buddhist belief become a core welcome in Burmese politics of today. 

The below is the expression of the ex-dictator Ne Win's grandson Aye Win about the US embassy statement expressed deep concern about the boat people Rohingya tragic in Sittwe sea on 19 April 2016 where 22 people involving children and women drowned. 

Actually, Aye Win is just bluntly accusing US ambassador for the use of the term 'Rohingya' that he said- it does not exist that actually a shameless lie and a controversial to his grandfather Ne Win's recognition of Rohingya.

After the Ne Win government took over the country from civilian government from 1962, it had officially recognized Rohingya as one of 143 ethnic groups. Later in 1978, the Ne Win government actively carried of expulsion of Rohingya throughout 'Nagamin Operation' that drove over 300,000 Rohingyas into Bangladesh within 3 months.

It is only way for this mad, Aye Win to be popular and enable to join with the country's racist politicians by disagreeing with the existence of Rohingya..

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