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Ethnics' representatives including Rohingya meet British Prime Minister, David Cameron

Source from Kaldan Press, 15 April 2012

Chittagong, Bangladesh:

In the meeting, the Rohingya representative - Mr.Abu Taher- Central Executive member, Head of Political Bureau and Research and development of National Democratic Party for Development (NDPD), highlighted recent Rohingya facing--  social, economic and political-- problems in northern Arakan.

He highlighted the identification of Rohingya ethnicity and the root cause of Rohingya ethnic, where he mentioned that from Burma Socialist Programme Party (BSPP) time to till today, the regime excluded from the list of ethnic-- the 135 races- under the 1982 Myanmar Citizenship Law and that citizenship law is contradicting with 2008 Constitution.

The 1982 Myanmar Citizenship Law was designed specially in order to make deliberately Rohingyas from bona-fide citizen to non-bona-fide citizen. The law was done as a racist attitude. The regime has no legality or authority to exclude Rohingya from the list of ethnic, said the Rohingya representative in the meeting.

"The authority has to restore Rohingya ethnic rights and citizenship rights, before going durable solution, national reconciliation and durable peace process in Burma."

Ethnics' representatives meeting with British Prime Minister, David Cameron at the residence of the British ambassador in Rangoon

The representative also highlighted on going Human rights violations in Burma and especially in the area-- northern Arakan - where Rohingya community reside.

He also submitted to Prime Minister an official letter on behalf of NDPD. After the meeting they were served by dinner at British Ambassador residence.

The Rohingya representative, Abu Taher, won from People's Parliament, Buthidaung Township in 2010 election. But, Union Solidarity and Development Party (USDP) forcedly denounced his victor, according to NDPD press released and case file against Shwe Maung of USDP.

NDPD complained to Township Election Commission, the votes were recounted by the Commission where Abu Taher (NDPD) got 56,882 votes and Shwe Maung (USDP) got 53,702 votes, according to election watch in Buthidaung report.

"Obviously she [Suu Kyi] is ignoring the Rohingya problem, a key human rights issue in Burma. However, still the Rohingya have high expectations of her. Rather than avoiding the Rohingya people and their problem,... Aung San Suu Kyi should take all measures to formally accommodate Rohingya into the family of the Union of Burma, with full ethnic and citizenship rights, as one of the many ethnic nationalities of the country," Nurul Islam, President, Arakan Rohingya National Organization ( ARNO) told IRIN News agency.

British Prime Minister, David Cameron talking with ethnics' representatives

"There is no change of attitude of the new civilian government of.. Thein Sein towards Rohingya people; there is no sign of change in the human rights situation of Rohingya people. Persecution against them is actually greater than before."

Similarly, "The government is trying to show the West that they are dealing with the Karen [another aggrieved ethnic group] and other groups by giving rights and making a truce. But they are showing the carrot in one hand and the stick for us [the Rohingya] in the other. It's a distraction and a diversionary tactic," Dr. Wakar Uddin, chairman of the Burmese Rohingya Association of North America said to www.

"If somehow the Burmese government [manages] to get sanctions lifted and the Rohingya issue is not resolved, we are finished," Uddin told the BBC.

"There is no hope because they will not revisit this. Whatever needs to be done about the Rohingya, it has to be done before the sanctions are lifted."

According to the United Nations, the Rohingya who live in Burma are forbidden from owning property, marrying or even traveling without state permission. Many are subject to forced slave labor and extortion by authorities.

Many Rohingya have also moved to neighboring Bangladesh, where they are also unwanted.
Ethnics' representatives - Chin, Kachin, Shan, Karen and Rohingya-- met British Prime Minister, David Cameron, at the residence of the British ambassador in Rangoon on April 13 at 7pm- 8 pm, according to a source from Rangoon and BBC Burmese.

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