Wednesday 18 April 2012

Yangon: Rohingyans Imprisoned for Traveling

Source from thesail, 17 April 2012

Last week on about 10 April 2012, 14 Rohingyans from Akyab/Sittwe were arrested in various areas of Yangon during an operation conducted to check the guests. They were charged with illegally staying and absenting to report at Village Peace and Development Council-VPDC.

Despite they bear '45 days official travelling permit', authority arrested them.
They are currently detained in Insein Prison and had already appeared at the court. But the type of sentence is not yet known.

Again in the end of August last year, 9 Rohingyans were arrested in Tamu Township of Sagaing Region in northwest Burma near the border with the eastern Indian state of Manipur.
They coincidentally met with high-ranking authorities who were arrived there. After questioning, they were arrested and lifted to Monywa city for investigation.

They are identified as origin from Kyauktaw, Maungdaw, Buthidaung and Sittwe/Akyab of Rakhine/Arakan state. Four men from Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships have official 'temporary registration cards' and the rest have recommendation letters of VPDC.

However, they were brought to the Monywa Court separately four men and five men. Their documents were not proved and their explanation were not favoured in the court.
The court given the highest sentence of 5 years imprisonment for illegally trespassing into the country from foreign and bearing no official identity. Finally, they were sent to Monywa Jail.

Rohingya and Changes in Burma:
Despite current political reforms and sanctions lifting by developed countries are favour towards on going changes in Burma, the facts that continuous activating various restrictions and violations, denial of citizenship and ethnicity, remaining thousand of Rohingya prisoners, silences of opposition NLD and Thein Sein government in Rohingya issue, corroborate that there is nothing about Rohingya and nothing to do with Rohingya.
Rohingya Parties namely; National Democratic party for Development-NDPD and government backs National Development and Peace Party-NDPP and other politicians had submitted appeal letters to president Thein Sein on 21 Oct 2011, 28 Oct 2011 and 12 Feb 2012. For lawfully consideration and to remove the role of discrimination against Rohingya and attached a short account of the historical existence of Rohingya.
There is only one that Rohingyans have to trust much is upon Suu Kyi rather than NLD because NLD vice president U Tin Oo interviewed with RFA on 1st Oct 2011 and and immigration minister U Khin Yi interviewed with BBC on 2 Oct 2011, quoted the Rohingyans as illegal Bengali immigrants.
Anyhow, Burma's first refugee Rohingyans do not find solution in home or exile therefore intl communities and world leaders must actively interfere to persuade to solve Rohingya problems.
The slang word 'kala' is still used to call Rohingyan and Hindu people in Arakan. Which was largely used against Indian community during Coolie strike in 1936-37 and Chinese community during nationalizing in 1963. But Rohingyans are treated much lower than the other kalas.

Looting and Arrest in Maungdaw:
A few days ago, a group of Rakhine people gang with weapons had looted properties and cashes from Rohingyan villagers.
The villagers identify this gang as armed members of Arakan Liberation Party-ALP who entered from Bangaladesh and have been newly relocated in Maungdaw after cease-fire agreement with the government.
Even though authority received accurate information about this gang, authority just arrested 11 Rohingyans and laid the charges upon them.
Three of them were released by 350,000 Kyats payments and the rest are still remaining in torture.
Members of ALP who were arrived for cease-fire talks, had been warmly welcomed by current Rakhine state minister and Rakhine people. While its head-office to place in Paletwa twonship of Chin state was rejected by people of Paletwa.

Communal Riot against Muslims in Pagu region:
A group of radical Burman people led by chairman of Union Solidarity and Development Association-USDA,had destroyed a mosque and 11 Muslim houses in Kamma township of Magway region on 13 April 2012.

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