Tuesday 7 August 2012

The Genocidal Attacks Continue in Arakan

By NDPHR(exile),
The genocidal attacks against unarmed defenseless Rohingya civilians have been resumed in Arakan. The military government that quietened the 60 millions population for five decades, wisely pretends to be uncontrollable the situation while local media are still trying to neglect the ongoing violences by repeating a fabricated murder case of individual.
UN and International communities must take workable decisive action to immediately end the ongoing genocidal attacks against unarmed defenseless Rohingya community. It is the government sponsor an ethnic cleansing pogrom like the previous occasions. Allowing Independent Inquiry and ceasing violence are its irregular activities. 
Therefore, UN must immediately deploy international peacekeeping forces and save the very vulnerable victims of genocide.

Kyauktaw township: 
Today morning around 10:00am, Rohingya houses of Ambari village (known as mango filed), were set fire and all about 200 houses plus 2 mosques and a joined governmental school, were completely burnt down. It is the poorest Rohingya village and has been attacked from the evening of 5 Aug. It is the last Rohingya village of southern Kyauktaw and situated on the plane farming lands between two Rakhine villages call Dokkanchaung and Boseingya villages.

The sources said that the terrorist Rakhine gangs involving some monks explored successful attacks over the Rohingya villagers after the military and police forces surrounded the village. A few members of the gangs or the forces with civil dresses torched fires house to house with the flame-throwers.
The villagers' cattle, fishing nets, goods, boats and canoes were also took away during the attacks.
The Rohingyas have been unable to defend for their lives as result of the government armed forces' involvement like similar occasions of June and July. At lest 2 Rohingya villager dead in the attacks.
A Rohingya of Kyauktaw said that the attacks have been swiftly resumed after a week of  the military general who was in-charge in providing protection for Rohingyas has been replaced with another new general. He added, "it is being worse than in the war, in the war both sides attacking each against other with arms, surrenderers were not shot, but here is different and attacking one side".

2 Rohingya villagers of Shwe Hlaing (Maelifaung @ Sadargyi) who were hospitalized with the bullet wounds, have been died in the hospital of Kyauktaw and the authority demands 500,000 Kyat to choose the bodies. They were shot by local police forces during their village consisting about 135 houses were set fires and villgers were attacked by Rakhine people on 5 Aug. The remaining villagers estimated about 930 people are still gathered around the mosque. The death toll for this village reached at total 16 persons involved a month old baby.

The Rohingya village, Paiketay Yat (Fishing village) has been also attacked from the evening of 5 Aug. Finally, the Rakhine gang set fire a Rakhine own Rice-mill because the mill is situated within Rohingya village and secretly selling rice for Rohingya villagers.

Ponnagyuan town
Setting fire of Rohingya houses in Taedak Kadi (Sidikul Fara) village have been stop somehow after military forces arrived there. However, the military led by Major Myint Zaw of Regiment(378) gathered all the villagers on the ground and selectively beat every elder and then  took away 6 religious leaders. They were brutally pounded by guns and steaks. But none of the aggressive Rakhine people has been arrested. The six Rohingya victims are;
1) Mv Abu Ahmad-25 whose leg was beaten to broke down,
2) Mv Abdu Khalik-25, whose hand was beaten to broke down
3) Mv Mojiburahman-35 whose one side of eyeball was took off,
4) Hf Amin Sharif-24,
5) Hf Dil Mohamed-20, and
6) Hf Abdu Zolil-70.

Maungdaw and Buthidaung towns
6 Aug (Kaladan Press), Kamal Husson-32 s/o Abul Husson  hailed from Durabil village of Zapinenya village tract  was killed by the authority in Buthidaung jail who was arrested during period of riot in Maungdaw. He left  3 young children and his wife. 

Besides, Abdul Rahim s/o Abdul Kurdus Haild from Bagona village was severely beat by Moghs from Ward (4), in front of Maungdaw general Hospital today in the afternoon while he was going to the market. Despite he struggled to escape, he was died in the Myoma Kyayoungdan village due to unable to admit at local hospital run by Rakhine people.

4 Aug: About 100 cattle from Nurula villagers of Maungdaw, were took away by Rakhine people. The Rakhine people said it is democracy rule and the villagers can report at visiting UN officials if they don't satisfy.

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