Reasons of Becoming "Kalar" in Burma (Burmese version)

Rohingya Community Presentation on "The Regional Impacts of Australian Asylum-seeker Policies" (click here for full report)

“A Brief Presentation on Rohingya” by clicking the below link-

(July 2014)

(interviewed with Habib on "Test of Media Liberalization")

Rohingya, Dictators, and Democracy in Myanmar |  Zaw Lwin Oo, 22 July 2012

The Equal Rights Trust - Burning Homes Sinking Lives \
(Burning Homes, Sinking Lives A situation report on violence against stateless Rohingya in Myanmar and theirrefoulementfrom Bangladesh, June 2012)

MYANMAR: What next for the Rohingyas? (March 2012)

Bangladesh: The Silent Crisis, 19 April 2011, RI
"The Rohingya ethnic minority of Burma are trapped between severe repression in their homeland and abuse in neighboring countries."

Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and Thailand, Fact finding mission to Bangladesh and Thailand,
4 to 17 February 2011, by Danish Immigration Service

U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom - Annual Reports on Burma

Burma, Bangladesh and the Rohingya: a Failure to Protect?
By Rebecca Devitt on September 6, 2011-

US Congress Calls on Burmese Regime to Recognize Rohingyas as “Full and Equal” Citizens of B, CSW, Sept 2010,

MSF: Violent crackdown fuels humanitarian crisis for unrecognised Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh (Feb 2010)

Situation of Roh Children in Malaysia, by Saiful (Dec 2009)

Trapped in a Cycle of Flight: Stateless Rohingya in Malaysia

Crimes against Humanity in Western Burma: The Situation of the Rohingyas
2010, Irish Centre for Human Rights

STATELESS and STARVING - Persecuted Rohingya Flee Burma and Starve in Bangladesh 9 March 2010, Physicians for Human Rights

Unregistered Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh: Crackdown, forced displacement and hunger
15 Feb 2010, The Arakan Project

Rohingya Refugees to Bangladesh: Historical Exclusions and Contemporary Marginalization
pages 139-161, 09 Jun 2011, by Akm Ahsan Ullah

The Rohingya Refugees: Victims Of Exploitation
5 Oct 2009, by Kyaw Soe Aung, gs for NDPHR(exile) USA,

"Perlious Plight" : Burma’s Rohingya Take to the Seas
May 26, 2009, HRW

The Plights of the Damned (by David Scott Mathieson for NY based HRW- 2009)

Plain Speaking (views on the term 'Rohingya')
Irrawaddy news magazine Mar-April 2009

“Unwanted Anywhere”

3 Feb 2009, European Parliament resolution on the situation of Burmese refugees in Thailand
(Around 1000 Rohingya and Bangladeshi boat-people were intercepted by the navy in Thai territorial waters between 18 and 30 December 2008 and were subsequently towed into international waters without navigational equipment or sufficient food and water and whereas many of them are missing and feared drowned.     
Nearly 650 Rohingya have been rescued by PersonNameIndiaPersonName and PersonNameIndonesia and their testimonies confirm the allegations levelled against the Thai military.)

23 Jan 2009, Equal Rights Trust-ERT letter to Thai PM Abhist Vejjajiva
( The first reported forced expulsion on 11 December 2008 resulted in approximately 580 Rohingya being cast out to sea. Over 230 of them are reportedly missing or dead.)
( The second forced expulsion involving over 400 persons took place in the same manner on 18 December 2008. This group was towed in a single barge and abandoned in international waters north of Thailand’s Koh Surin Island. Over 300 of this group are presumed missing or dead.)


“A people at the brink of extermination.”
Among the most persecuted and oppressed people groups in Burma are the Rohingya..
CSW visit to the Bangladesh-Burma border  26/08/2008

The Burmanization of Myanmar's Muslims2008, Cambridge Journals Online;jsessionid=E70DC858848BE1C070883F8DF9646832.journals?fromPage=online&aid=6881396

The Arakan Project To the United States Commission on International Religious FreedomTestimony by Chris Lewa,  3 Dec 2007,

Forced Migration Review No. 30 - Burma's displaced people
(80 pages report) in April 2008 (page 40- "Asia's new boat people" by Chris Lewa,  page-41- "Myanmar's forgotten people" by Nyi Nyi Kyaw)

Enemies of Burmese Revolution, 27 May 2006
Enemies of Burmese Revolution (2010-13)

Rohingya and Muslims in Arakan State: slow-burning genocide - August 2006
Date of publication:   August 2006

Myanmar’s Muslims: The Oppressed of the Oppressed, Rianne ten Veen, October 2005
SRI On-Site Action Alert: Rohingya Refugees of Burma and UNHCR’s repatriation program 17 July 2003, by Survivors' Rights International

The situation of Burmese refugees in Bangladesh 
07 November 2003, by Chris Lewa,  Forum Asia, Bangkok
Delivered at the Regional Conference on the Protection for Refugees from Burma
organised by Forum-Asia, Chiang Mai, 6 & 7 November 2003

Thousands of refugees harassed to return to Myanmar 17 September 2003, by MSF

Burma’s Muslims: Terrorists or Terrorised?, Canberra Papers on Strategy and Defence Number 150 (Strategic and Defence Studies Centre, Australian National University, Canberra, 2003).

"We are like a soccer ball, kicked by Burma, kicked by Bangladesh!"   20 June 2003, Chris Lewa

10 years for Rohingya refugees in Bangaladesh: past, present and future
by MS Frontières-Holland - 2002

Easy Targets: The Persecution of Muslims in Burma, by Karen Human Rights Group, 
May 2002-- 

"Forced Migration in the South Asian Region: Displacement, Human Rights and Conflict Resolution"
28 Feb 2001, by Chris Lewa

Minorities at Risks Project (1990-99),,,CHRON,MMR,,469f3872c,0.html

Islam in Burma, Including: List of Burmese Muslims, Persecution of Muslims in Burma, Burma Muslim Congress,
Shwe Yoe, Burmese Malays, List of Mas

List of Burmese Muslims

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