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MP U Shwe Maung's Parliamentary Speech in Burmese Parliament Relating to Arakan Crisis

By NDPHR(exile),
This is the direct translation of-- 
" the speeches of Union Solidarity and Development Party-USDP's MP U Shwe Maung for Buthidaung Town Constituency in his 20 minutes time in Parliament"
at Pyithu Hluttaw (Lower House) Assembly on 25 July 2012,
which has been stored in Youtube. Some part may disconnect and complex. Despite it only a very few part of explanation about the crisis, it could explain somehow about the reality of some part of the situation and how media reacted.
I would support and discuss the thesis of "to grand- the State President's Emergency Act 144, Order No.1/2012" relevant to declaration of emergency condition within Rakhine state.

The declaration of Emergency Act in Rakhine state by the state president is for the violences occurred in May and June have been broadening. And found the administrative works are being unmanageable effectively by issuing and undertaking with Emergency Act 144. Getting the military's help to undertake for urgently materialization of the public security and live peacefully.

I myself was in my constituency of Buthidaung township from 9 May to 10 June 2012. From there, I arrived at Yangon via Sittwe township.
During the violences occurring, according to the people requests I corporately discussed and undertook on time as a public representative.

18 June 2012, I went to Sittwe together with U Maung Oo of public representative for public affairs management committee, Maungdaw township parliament U Aung Zaw Win. And Providing donation to the Rakhine state government for all the people who are suffering from violence and delivered encourage speeches to the local people in the temporary camps.

In regard to the state and public welfare, I would like to state separately four parts depend on my aforesaid experience for not to happen similar violence and multi-races and multi-religions to live peacefully- "Peaceful Co-existence".
1) The root causes of occurrence violences,
2) The causes of taking two weeks long more broadening violences,
3) Suggestion not to happen the next violence and all  local public to live together and peacefully,
4) Current Rakhine state condition and to continuously apply the state president's  Emergency Act 144 Order No.: 1/2012.

Later of I have given list to discuss this thesis, I manage to express reasonably to discuss the requirement of the state president's emergency condition. But, in looking to today discussions, it is sadly found that the discussion with historical, using racial and religious words by less prioritizing on the state president's emergency condition declaration.

But, I would say to thank for the Parliament Chief of Patron had already warned intermediately. I would conserve and exert our speech usages and talks to be worth with the disposition of the Parliament. Meanwhile, our this parliament is express as the nation's highest pride, the greatest power Union Parliament.
Before I state the four facts, I would like to state the occurring cases in Rakhine state particularly in Northern Rakhine State, Middle Rakhine State. Meanwhile, I would not discuss the history as I am not a historian.

But, four parts of our discussions, these problems are; example part I would discuss, secondly the violences more broadening and why took two weeks long. 
Despite I managed to explain shortly this discussion, as a public representative i would explain a little as much as i can in regard of the well being of the nation and the people because now we could misunderstand and propagating to delude the whole nation's 60 millions people.

That is according to Rakhine region, in reality it had lived with history for era. Strengthened as separate Rakhine kingdom. The reason I am talking this, is I am expressing in order not to happen present problem in the future and to assist in solving and live peacefully. Not the purpose with contradiction.
In reality, our Rakhine history is a quite long. In discussion relating to Muslims increasing and inflating in Rakhine state, we have proverb in history that "Rakhine Sittwe and Chittagong are like  Roof and Floor". The history of Chittagong was ruled 200 years by Rakhine kings that have been known to all historians. So, this Rakhine region specially Buthidaung, Maungdaw, Sittwe and Chittagong region in Bangladesh country are closer that is the nature of border has having mutual traveling and communication are not necessary to be puzzled.

But nowadays speakings in slang language are- "came yesterday, came the day, sneaked after Independence". "Brought to work at farming during British Era". I would like to express to know a real situation rather than disputing.

Before Rakhine Independence, bringing as farmers during British era is also at the time Rakhine region's main business was farming. All ethnic people, national people of Rakhine state worked in farming. In reality, for this case we can't talk only an era of British Rule.
Before English, there were having continuity in the histories of long time ago during Rakhine kings. Because at that time our Myanmar was not formed, Rakhine kings did not have ability to rule the whole Rakhine state, much as the kingdom of the city.

Historical tradition, that time Rakhine king Min Saw Mon took refuge at the king of the other side call Gaur City in Bengal. They are many in our history. In refuging so, that king help to enthrone by sending general Sindhikhan with 30,000 troops to Rakhine state and enthroned Rakhine king at Mrauk Oo town. There are many evidence so I would not say them detail.
We are ignoring them and saying "came in English Era, all came sneaky way". I would like to say steadily that if "came during English Era, snaked after 1948". If so,  these two borders have been situated since the beginning of the world so "also came a thousand years ago". Because of the Rakhine kings ruled Chittagong for 200 years, the people of that region would come this side, this side would go there. The best example is the main races- Rakhine, local Muslim in Rakhine state.
Now problem with the term 'Rohingya'.
If we think this, very clear and easy. We are mindfully creating hard the such clear and easy thing by propagating that deems peace in Rakhine state.
In that Rakhine state, races from Myanmar border side there are Rakhine, Dainet, Tak, Mro. There are also all of these races in the other side. Chin state too is like this. Kachin state too is like this. Shan state too is like this.

If I say a word, people' facial, appearance and speak of Middle Rakhine state including Northern Rakhine Northern- are similar with the other side Chittagong, are the greatest evidence of this races are Rakhine ethnic national people. As, there are a lot of Rakhine ethnic national people in the other side. During king Tabin Shwe Thi conquered Rakhine, there were many Rakhines went to refuge at Awa Island.

Yesterday, There has been discovered the very big canoe by Bangladesh Department of Ancient Architecture. So, there are many Rakhine ethnic national people in Tripuri of India. We discovered that Rakhine ethnic national people, Dainet, Chekma are in Bangladesh, present Bangladeshi envoy is Chekma descendant of Rakhine  race too. So, the other side accepted all of these people as ethnic national people and no problem. This is being problem in our side is not natural.
Reality, it is for talking on the basis of unwilling to accept, sharing quota, unwilling to give legacy, separatism.

In reality, by looking the real situation of the primary history, solving this matter by discovering the history before the British Era in this region could be reached to the right answer.
If not, this problem will not be reached to the accurate answer. It will be always abrupt..

Later of this problem, "this people were entered illegally, illegal enterers do like this". No Rohingya in Myanmar. Taking this is- "having Rohingya or not"- is very important to check the people in this region are whether nationals? Ethnic nationals?
The checks had been done through various operation such as Kyikan, Shwe Kyi, Nagamin. Checking and checking, these people in there are like no more require to be checked. However, checking done already. But in 1990, it has not been issued for the various reasons of changing the National Identification Card with National Registration Card. So, they don't have national identity cards. It is not rational to describe these people as non-nationals. Meanwhile, becoming national and national identity are two activities. The national identity cards issue to nationals, the nationals are not become by getting national identity card.

If we look the causes of violences occurred in Rakhine state, it is found distribution inciting letters widely via internet with the name of 'Wanthanu Rakhita' of Taungup town base on a crime at Kyuknimaw village of Rambre township on 28 May 2012. On 3 June 2012, we learned a group of about 300 people grouply also committed crime in Taungup town.
On 3 June 2012, the event of violent attacks of  the No.(1) police station by 200 people was occurred. The root cause of reality of protesting was for about tendering Nazi Bazaar Relating to this, we also learned that protesting the Rakhine government and protested by using racial usages in Rakhine state parliamentary meeting.

I would like to state part(2)- the causes of taking two weeks long more broadened violences, are because of widely incitements through disadvantaging on the occasion of part(1) by some radical people who reluctant multi-races and multi-religions living together and Rakhine state's peace and stability. That lead many of Rakhine state attempted violences so the violences occurred. Here coincidentally, I would like to state a little about Buthidaung, Rathedaung, Maungdaw townships.

On Friday- 8 June 2012, I was in Buthidaung township. As a result of various rumour news, I corporately discussed with authorities for the stability of peace and in order not to transmit calamity  into my town from other towns. So, no problem was occurred. Nothing of inciting violence, attempt. But, I was hearing surprisingly from my bed the declaration of this Act 144 by town administrator during midnight for having attempts to violence in Buthidaung No.(5) Quarter and Rwama Village. I can say exactly as I assisted for peace and stability corporately with town administrator,  chief  of township police, brigadier Kyaw Kyaw Soe- chief of military division.

Moreover, relating to the occasion occurrence in the morning at Tarakpran(Sarapran) village of Rathedaung on 19 June 2012, after approaches to concern authorities were being primitive, they asked for help from me through telephone call for having the local villagers of Tarakpran(Sarapran) were threatened by a gang of arms from 3 days prior to 19 June 2012, the villagers can't sleep, the village will be set fire if the villagers did not come out, threaten to shoot by guns.
That time I was also coming from Buthidaung township and as a cooperative habit with regional authority, I contacted and expressed this matter with Buthidaung military division. That time, when 16 military personals went to safe keeping the Tarakpran(Sarapran) village, the villagers were living safe. But 3 days after, after the military personal leaved, this Tarakpran(Sarapran) village was attacked on 19 June 2012. 500 houses were burnt down and 7 villagers lost lives. But this is also a problem for them so they resisted like human nature, I learnt that caused 10 persons from the aggressive side were lost lives.

But I also noted surprisingly that this news was being reversed in journals, foreign radio meetings.
Later, I knew according to media that the police arrested over 150 villagers. But none of the aggressive attackers who attacked the Tarakpran(Sarapran) village has been detained yet.
It has been caused delaying, for at last it has been coiled up to the political mater from racial and religious matters as a result of propagating in the various journals, radios. 
Peace is important for people to live peacefully and in order not to happen like this violence with the bad part.

World famous scientist Albert Einstein told a proverb- "Peace can't be built by forces, Peace can only be built by understanding". We have to establish the peace by understating. Therefore, we all of Rakhine state must undertake by building an understating and forming a committee with inclusion of concern parliament committee, parliament members, jurists, historians.

It is instructed in our journey on 8 July 2012 with public parliament president and members. I assume  like we must contemplate to undertake- legislating for the safe guard of the benefit of ethnic nationals and nationality case and rights by contemplating concern laws by the parliament representatives.

As part(4), if we look present Rakhine state condition and the president's Emergency Act, with the assistance of military despite the situation has been stable and peace, this peace is not a stable peace.
Therefore, as I a fore stated in part(3), we must get an understating and the Parliament has to legislate a suitable law for this emergency condition. 

The withdrawal of the state president's Emergency Act Order No.: 1/2012, will be after finishing all doubts, ever thing clear, after reaching to such situation.
Before doing that, I would conclude by earnestly supporting to continuously apply the state president's Emergency Act Order No.: 1/2012
thank to all.. 

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