Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Muslim Victims of Cyclone Giri Face Discrimination

 Source from The Sail, 5 Dec 2010

Letter to humanitarian communities by a youth Kyaw Zan from Myebon,

As we know, the recent cyclone giri displaced more than 100,000 people to homeless and killing at least 45 people while over 250,000 people were affected mainly in Kyaukfru, Myebon, Minbya and Pawtaw townships of Arakan state, Burma.

The distructions recorded as Burma’s the second largest disaster after Cyclone Nargis. But, the sources of devastations and detriments are unseenable by international communities. The victims needed both emergency and recovery assistances for normalization.

Despite the emergency assistences have been reached slowly and disributed by all humanitarian partners including government agencies, authorities, local NGOs, INGOs and UN agencies, the last hand-pickers are locals. The letter reveals they did not distribute yet to any Muslim victims. Some of their neighbour Rakhines had been berated for pointing to assist equally to those needy Muslim victims who are being more vulnerable than them.

Total affected Muslim family lists is estimated as; about 300 Muslim families from Fishing village and Prangfru village of Kyaukfru township, about 200 Muslim families from Myebon township, and some Muslim families from Minbya township. Although the emergency and a little recovery assistances have been supplied in Kyaukfru, Myebon and Minbya townships, Muslim victims were isolated from such assistances.
This are unacceptable behaviours against the victims therefore the aid supply groups require to monitor its workers to supply in equal term without any distinction.

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