Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Burma Government made Model Village lands of Rohingya

Source Bangaltimes, 6 Mar

By Mohamed Ibrahim

To implement its Human Barrier policy the government of Burma has taken a plan to establish Model Villages to populate the Rohingya majority areas of Arakan by the Rakhaine and Buddhists people. Model villages have been established in the confiscated lands of the Rohingya communities. The government has replaced Rohingya Holy places, historical monuments and relics by building monasteries, pagodas and other Buddhist structures.

Under the border area development program the junta has provided each of Rohingya lands for cultivation, 0.2 acres of land for housing. They distributed each of the new settler families with kyat 40,000 as lump sum monetary help, Kg 40 per head free of cost per month, one pair of bullocks and one bullock cart. Each of such model villages has been provided fifteen 5 Hp Honda Tractors.

The Thein Sein has a policy of relocation Burmans or Rakhine Families into new Model Villages comprising the land that have been seized from the Rohingyas. There are 50 such model villages in Rohingya Township with 200 families in each.

The settlers of these so-called model villages are Nasaka members and their families, former insurgents. Non Rohingyas and people from plain localities. Thus the Rohingyas become landless, shelterless with no means of livelihood. They ultimately end up by taking refuge in Bangladesh and other country as well.

Source, the plight of the Stateless Rohingyas.

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