Saturday 2 March 2013

Diplomats’ silence is danger for nation

Source extracted from FB, 2 Mar
 Written by Goshal Lay
No diplomat opens their hearts and mind to point out Myanmar's presidential tour of five countries in Europe recently about the deadlocks to change in Myanmar is conscripting children to become soldiers serving in Myanmar armed forces by building 432 children shelters (Ye Moon Camps) through the country.

Myanmar tricky government laid the children saving projects around the country since 1965 to now and the children who are cored and threaded to follow military force collectors or recruiters are suffering for lack of education and social relationship knowledge during military rehabilitation centers, where most of kids are fatherless and motherless from around the country because of famine, civil war and rough weather as Cyclone Nargis in Irrawaddy delta and Giri in Rakhine State.

But the Myanmar military released two dozen children from service as part of a pledge to end conscription practices, a U.N. before the President Thein Sein starts his EU tour.

The agreement calls on Myanmar to ensure all children are released from military service. The United Nations didn't provide an estimate of how many children were serving with the Tatmadaw.

 "I call for the acceleration of the release of all children from the Tatmadaw and for the non-State armed groups to also do the same," Ashok Nigam who is U.N. resident coordinator in Myanmar, attended a ceremony for the release from duty of 24 children who served in the military.
Even though the army leaders in Myanmar are showing up how sympathy on the children to make attraction to international, the true image of Myanmar armed leaders' tricky plan reported by Child Soldiers International documents the use of child soldiers by the Burmese army (Tatmadaw), Border Guard Forces (under the command of the Tatmadaw and made up of former members of armed groups) does not change.

 For the point of movement, the president tour group is boastfully opening tone of voice how they are stepping a changing stone as a monument which everyone never see before. And the diplomats in EU are keeping silence to ask even a few words of suspected question to Myaanmar president and a nation in Asia in which civil war is still ongoing is danger for uncertain future.

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