Friday, 22 March 2013

Hundred of Muslims killed and Eight Mosques destroyed in Meiktilar, Mandalay, Central Burma

Source Mayu Press, 21 Mar


There is no stability of racism under the Act-144 imposed by the Burmese government authority. The Buddhist racists continued vandalizing Muslim’s ancient Mosques and Religious school and also houses one after another. Muslim families are leaving and fleeing to avoid the life hazards from their respective own houses. The Buddhists had burnt down Mingalar Zayyu Hafiz School at midnight of 21 March 2013. According to eye-witness, Myo Oo Mosque was torched up by throwing diesel bottles and fire sticks. Muslims are under Act-144 whereas Buddhist racists are moving crowdedly with heavy iron rods, swords, sharpens knife and diesel bottles by motorcycles and three-wheel autos.
Name of Mosques burnt down and destroyed by Buddhist racists:
  1. Nyeinn Gyann Yaye Mosque (Peace Mosque)
  2. North Pye Thaya Mosque
  3. Thiyi Mingalar Mosque
  4. Mingalar Zayyu Mosque and Hafiz School
  5. Myo Oo Mosque
  6. Pakistan Mosque
  7. Hman Lon Mosque (Glass enclosed Mosque)
  8. Western Market Zamay Mosque
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The Buddhist mobs killed 28 religious students and 4 teachers in Hamayatul Islam Religious Arabic School (Maddarasa) of Mingalar Zayyu village under Meiktilar Township at about 6.30 AM, 21st March 2013.
Among the burnt down houses and buildings, Maddarasa Hamayatul Islam was the biggest one in Mingalar Zayyu village. The Buddhist extremists were entire night feeling free to mass kill, and attack Muslims and torch up houses with the Marshal Law Act-144 not to out but there is no barrier and attachment for Buddhist racists by security personnel and Army. At the night of 3 AM, a Buddhist merciful family situated near the Religious School had called and brought all the Muslim religious teachers and students to his house for the life safety. The Muslim religious school burnt into ashes around 4 AM by the racists.
At the morning 6 AM, Buddhist extremists group surrounded the house of Buddhist where Muslim students and teachers were sleeping with fear and tiredness. They asked the house owner to get out all the Muslims and shouted with iron arrows, swords, knife, iron rods, long bamboo and wood sticks. The Buddhist kind-hearted family requested them not to attack those Muslims as most of them are orphans and parentless came from far distances to acquire religious education and nothing else. The terrorists torched up the Buddhist house to come out all the Muslim students and teachers.
The Buddhist mobs brutally hit with their handed dangerous instruments till to death 28 students and 4 teachers in front of Army, Police and Hlun Tin (Riot police).
List of teachers killed by Buddhist mobs:
  1. Maulana Mohammad Shafi,45,
  2. Maulana Zakaria,40,
  3. Mufti Wazib,30, and another one
The Beginning of attacks against Muslims in Meiktilar, Mandalay
Source Mayu Press, 20 Mar

A Buddhist old woman accompanied with two young ladies came to Jewellery Shop of Haji U Tun Aye located at the eastern of Meitkilar Myoma Market to sell an imitated gold ornament (not first class gold) around 11 AM, 20 Mach 2013. The shop owner had checked the class of gold by testing then replied it was not a number one gold type. The Buddhist woman bargained and shouted to pay the sale rate of number one gold although it is not worthy to be class one. She called up a crowded Buddhist racists group accused that the shop owner destroyed her gold. It was preplanned to create communal riot by Buddhist to Muslims.
About 200 Buddhist extremists attacked and destroyed his shop into pieces including another five Muslim Shops. The security personnel detained the shop owner in the custody.
Some Buddhist racists jointly Monks from Pagodas had spread fake news as Muslim attacked Buddhists in the market which stimulated all the Buddhists to kill and hit Muslims too much. They burnt down three Mosques having a big one named as Dahehten and also torched up so many Muslim houses. Muslims frightened and left homes to safe lives.
The Buddhist extremists killed Muslims but exact quantity is not known yet. The wounded Muslims are not allowed to admit in the Hospital and clinic. The authority imposed Act-144 at the time of 09 PM in Meiktilar, Mandalay.

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