Sunday, 17 March 2013

Turkey to pay university expenses of Rohingya Muslim students

Source World Bulletin / News, 15 Mar

Turkey to pay university expenses of Rohingya Muslim students
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The Turkish Religious Affairs Foundation (TDV) started a project for the Rohingya Muslim students in order to cover their university expenses.

A hundred students are to be supported at two universities, with which agreements have been concluded. TDV Deputy Director General Mustafa Tutkun told AA that the Rohingya Muslims faced serious problems about receiving education and that they could not make their voice heard when they did not have access to higher education.

"As long as the Rohingya Muslims stay uneducated they can not contribute to their cases on solving their problems," said Tutkun.

Tutkun said that they met with officials from the International Islamic University Chittagong in Bangladesh and made an agreement on covering the educational expenses and scholarships of the Rohingya Muslims that are to study there. He said that the project was conducted together with the Rohingya Solidarity Organization and that TDV would pay for the expenditures and scholarships of these students.

Stating that they valued the departments in which the students were going to study at, Tutkun said they supported the law department for the Rohingya Muslims to claim their rights, medicine for the wide-spread health problems Rohingya Muslims faced, and public relations for making their voice heard to the world.

Muhammed Yunus, president of the Rohingya Solidarity Organization, said that the Myanmar administration did not allow Rohingya Muslims to receive higher education.

"Without education, it is not possible for people to step out of their problems and have a look at it from the outside. Therefore, it is substantial that our people are educated at any cost," Yunus said.

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