Monday 3 February 2014

Death List of 52 Rohingyas Given To National Human Rights Commission of Myanmar

Source Rohingyablogger, 2 Feb

Maungdaw, Arakan – A delegation led by U Sit Myaing from National Human Rights Commission of Myanmar visited Duchiradan village on February 1, at 10 am where the mass killing took place. The delegation met with villagers in Duchiradan middle hamlet and were told the following facts by them:

(1) Duchiradan village administrator Aung Zan Phyu, police sergeant Aung Kyaw Thein killed eight innocent Rohingyas before January 13th, who were coming to Maungdaw through Mayu hills.

(2) At midnight on January 13th the police and Rakhine extremists entered the village and killed more than hundred innocent people and many are still missing.

(3) We were forced to leave from the village at that night and our houses were under custody of police but they permitted Rakhine extremists to take all our personal belongings and properties. All evidence is available and can be checked at any time.

(4) 22 houses were burnt to ashes in Duchiradan west hamlet by police with the collaboration of Rakhine extremists. Police Brigadier General Tin Ko Ko was stationed nearby the village. His outpost was just about 100 yards away from the village.

(5) On the day that the homes were burnt in west hamlet, the police and extremists came into the village and forced us to leave from our homes. They were holding knives, swords and sticks. Then they poured the patrol and burned the houses. They didn't give us time to take any of our belongings.

(6) We are glad that National Human Rights Commission visit us and listen to our voices.

The team of National Human Rights Commission visited Duchiradan west hamlet after the meeting with the people. The villagers submitted a death list of 52 people. They said that the death toll is higher than 100 and that they can have a full list once all the remaining villagers return to the village.

Death List of 52 Rohingyas --

(1) Shafika D/o Abu Siddique (3-months-old) – (The baby was taken from mother's hand and hacked into pieces by Rakhine extremists.)

(2) Mamed Sultan S/o Azizul Hoque (16-years-old)

(3) Fatema D/o Azizul Hoque (22-years-old)

(4) Farooque S/o Rahmat Ullah (17-years-old)

(5) Shabir Ahmed S/o Sayed Alam (20-years-old)

(6) Kabir Ahmed S/o Sayed Alam (18-years-old)

(7) Abdul Fayaz S/o Mamed Husson (16-years-old)

(8) Samira D/o Abul Hashim (19-years-old)

(9) Azizda D/o Abul Hashim (17-years-old)

(10) Anamul Hoque S/o Abul Zohar (19-years-old)

(11) Samira D/o Numar Hakim (20-years-old)

(12) Rafiul Kader S/o Abdul Shakur (18-years-old)

(13) Azizra Khatoo D/o Eliyas (16-years-old)

(14) Salim Ullah S/o Siddique (65-years-old)

(15) Sawmuda D/o Kala Miah (18-years-old)

(16) Haroon S/o Einus (20-years-old)

(17) Issaque S/o Einus (18-years-old)

(18) Rowaida D/o Amir Hamza (20-years-old)

(19) Mamed Waris S/o Hamid (18-years-old)

(20) Rahmat Ullah S/o Ali Husson (19-years-old)

(21) Aziz S/o Haroon (20-years-old)

(22) Nur Husson S/o Uzir Ahmed (22-years-old)

(23) Nurul Hoque S/o Issaque (17-years-old)

(24) Shafique S/o Kadir Husson (25-years-old)

(25) Shabir Ullah S/o Aman Ullah (17-years-old)

(26) Hamida D/o Sayed Hussein (17-years-old)

(27) Nur Faisal S/o Anzul Husson (7-years-old)

(28) Eisuf S/o Fawzawl Ahmed (18-years-old)

(29) Zubair S/o Einus (3-months-old)

(30) Arnis S/o Mustaq (22-years-old)

(31) Abdul Rahman S/o Fakkir (25-years-old)

(32) Ismail S/o Kamal (30-years-old)

(33) Samira D/o Ali Johar (18-years-old)

(34) Tawyuba D/o Fawzaw Ahmed (55-years-old)

(35) Abayda Khatoo D/o Waris (7-years-old)

(36) Ziabul Hoque S/o Abdul Karim (18-years-old)

(37) Mamed Rafique S/o Bashir (16-years-old)

(38) Sayed Karim S/o Zabair (45-years-old)

(39) Rabia Khatoo D/o Nur Ahmed (30-years-old)

(40) Jamla S/o Eman Husson (18-years-old)

(41) Kabir Ahmed S/o Habi Ullah (40-years-old)

(42) Mamed Rafique S/o Abu Siddique (30-years-old)

(43) Mamed Rafique S/o Hala Miah (25-years-old)

(44) Mamed Tahir S/o Azimullah (18-years-old)

(45) Nasufi Khatoo D/o Abdul Malek (18-years-old)

(46) Mujit Sama D/o Abdul Malek (16-years-old)

(47) Jamil Ahmed S/o Nur Mamed (25-years-old)

(48) Mamed Zubair S/o Aman Ullah (18-years-old)

(49) Tawyuba D/o Khair Husson (40-years-old)

(50) Hazara Khatoo D/o Afas Uddin (60-years-old)

(51) Mamed Shahad S/o Fawzaw Ahmed (16-years-old)

(52) Mamed Yasin S/o Zakir Ahmed (19-years-old)

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