Sunday 16 February 2014

The Awful Life of Rohingyas in Own Soil

source burmatimesnet, 13 Feb

By Mir Ahmed A.B Siddiquee Exclusive Burma Times 14 Feb 2014

Jeddah-According to several kinds of sources from the soil of Arakan, viewers hearing every day that "all kinds of torture, rape, killing and massacre are being activated each day in Arakan, western Myanmar." This is not the first time people are being killed and unfortunately this is not going to be the last time and something much more drastic and sort of independent. The UNSC needs to be done and action needs to be taken. Otherwise, it will become a sample for the world, Rakhine terrorist will cleans up all Rohingyas from the soil of *ARAKAN*.

Nowadays, in northern Maungdaw, new faces of Rakhine terrorists are roaming in mountain and Rakhine Natala villages (model villages set up by government in Rohingya quarters for Buddhists) and ready with arms and weapons. Muslim village administrators informed it to Police Camps but they are doing nothing to terrorist. Muslim villagers are not sleeping at night since two weeks for the fear of Rakhine Terrorist attack. Some native Rakhines informed to their Muslim friends for about newly sneaked armed terrorist and also about collaboration of Government Security Forces (Police Forces). Not only in Phawatt Chaung but also all the Rakhine Natala villages are feeding Rakhine terrorist each day. Police teams are drinking alcohol together at evening time with their new religious brother *Rakhine terrorist*.

In Ywet Nyo Taung Village (Rongyadong), a young police man tried to hunt on Muslim women repeatedly while they were fetching drinking water from hand pump at early morning and late evening. Village elders complained it to camp in charge, and he said to complainers that the young police is crazy; so your people go away from here will be better. When the village elders asked again that where they will go to, the camp in charge said again to go west (neighboring Bangladesh) or jail. Then, the villagers returned and stopped fetching water from the hand pump. The hand pump was donated by ACF/UNHCR just beside the Muslim hamlet not too far from police family housing.

Now the hand pump is free all time. It was also a tactic to create new problems in the region. Similarly, in Ngakhuya, Rakhine elders informed about the movement of new faces among them, fresh plan of Rakhine terrorist group saving arms and weapons in all Rakhine Natala villages. Although the terrorist movement becomes evident, the security forces are doing nothing with them. Some police forces asserted the terrorist so called Rakhine army for self-defense as a legal armed force that is already legalized for self-defense of Rakhine community in the region.

Simultaneously, President U Thein Sein and his government including opposition group repeatedly denied about the dynasty of Rohingyas in Arakan. Almost all the Buddhist monks don't want to keep Muslim in Myanmar and pre-planned to drive out from the soil of Buddha-Myanmar both politically and diplomatically.

Since Rohingya have been officially confined in particular in movement and higher education, Rohingya are vulnerable and they are unable even to confront against the attackers to protect themselves from enemy attack. Apparently, in this critical moment, what shall Rohingya do for their future survival?

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