Monday 10 February 2014

Military Sergeant Tortures Villagers For Not Offering A Rohingya Girl

Source RBnews, 7 Feb

Mrauk-U, Arakan – A military sergeant based nearby Parein Gone village in Mrauk-U township of Arakan state have tortured villagers for not offering a Rohingya girl as sex slave to him.

Rohingya Ethnic Youth Network (REYN) told RB News that military sergeant Than Oo from infantry no. 376 based nearby Parein Gone village in Mrauk-U township entered into the village on February 5, 2014 and asked the villagers to provide a Rohingya girl for him as a sex slave. The villagers denied his order although they were threatened in the beginning. Later the sergeant tortured the villagers by various means. The infantry outpost is just 50 yards far away from the village. 

According to REYN, the sergeant has been torturing the villagers for a long time. Villagers who are out trying to keep their livelihood. Although the villagers informed the regional authorities no action has yet to be taken. REYN said sergeant could be a member of Rakhine ethnic and unnecessary tension will be arose if these types of torturing continue in the village by military men. 

There are also many rape cases committed by soldiers in the Southern part of Arakan and some girls were brought to military bases and keep them as sex slaves for long periods.

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