Saturday 22 February 2014

Two Malaysians Trapped Under Five-Hour Seige In Sitwee, Return Home Safely

Source Bernama, 21 Feb

SEPANG, Feb 21 (Bernama) -- Two Malaysians working for Al-Hijrah television had a fright of their lives when they were besieged for five hours by about one hundred villagers in Sitwee, Myanmar, on Thursday.

Mohd Muhaimin Samad, 28, an assistant producer, said in the incident at about 8pm, he was out of the hotel with cameraman Mohd Fithri Ahmad, 42.

The journalist was in Myanmar since Tuesday on a humanitarian mission organised by the Malaysian Consultative Council for Islamic Organisations (MAPIM) as well as to shoot a documentary on the lives of the Rohingya community there.

"We had just met another humanitarian group before being surrounded. Fortunately, about 50 policemen came to our rescue," he said when met by reporters at theKuala Lumpur International Airport after arriving from Yangon, Myanmar Friday night.

He said the group of police escorted them inside the hotel to ensure their safety.

Mohd Muhaimin said at the hotel, they were questioned by the villagers on the purpose of their visit.

"Luckily, one of the villagers could understand Bahasa Melayu and helped us clear the situation," he said.

After that, both of them were brought to a police station at about 1am and remained there until 5pm Friday, before flying home in the evening.

He said even though they had been to the country several times, this was the first time they came across such a harrowing experience and they were also pleased their filming was safe as well.

It is learnt that four more MAPIM volunteers were still at Sitwee under the same mission but they could not be contacted.


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