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Source Burmatimesnet, 7 April
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Burma Times – On 06/04/2014, about 11:30 am local Rohingya peoples from Nganchaung village informed about Rakhine terrorist to Myanmar Regiment no. 537, is gathering in Maungdaw north along Maungnama village to Londoon village. A group of army, lead by a captain followed behind the terrorist and arrest six Rakhine terrorist and two run away.

The army got from arrestees, 2 pistols, 2 lances (2 meter of each) and 2 swords and powders to burn the houses (powders used before in arson attack). Among six of them, one from Pawat chaung NATALA Rakhine village, two from Raimyat taung NATALA Rakhine village and three from Bangladesh hill area.

In Maungdaw north, there is 2 Myanmar regiment gathering in Rohingya villages and near by mountains in east. The Regiment 537 is leading by colonel Zaw Min Latt sitting in Pawatt Chaung NATALA Rakhine village, the second is Regiment 564 leading by colonel Myo Nyunt Oo sitting in Pyawnpike village looking for Muslim extremist according Rakhines state government information got from their loyal Buddhist from Bangladesh hill area.

Most of villagers said, "Rakhine extremist trying to fabricate a new conflict along these Rohingya villages as were in other parts of southern Maungdaw and in other towns".

Now a days, Rakhine state government informed to Myanmar Army to save land from Muslim extremist which includes all Muslim countries of the world, indeed the situation is opposite of their information, the poor Rohingyas are only human, half died hungry as usual under slavery.

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