Friday, 11 April 2014

Urgent: 78 Rohingyas Missing as Armed Rakhine Terrorists Launch Attack

Source Rvision TV, 10 April
Kyauktaw, Arakan- As many as 78 Rohingyas from Kyauktaw township are missing as armed Rakhine (Maghs) terrorists attacked them in a forest on their way to Buthidaung and Maungdaw yesterday.

"Around 10PM on 7th April , around 90 extremely poor Rohingyas from the township of Kyauktaw were leaving their homes for Buthidaung and Maungdaw through Rathedaung as they were rendered jobless and all their access to livelihoods were cut off by the government and Rakhine extremists. Besides, they receive no aids from any NGOs or INGOs.

There were 15 females and other were males including children and adults. And there were three agents with them as well. Amidst a forest called 'Aaga Taung" on their way to Rathedaung at the last territory of Kyauktaw township, a group of armed Magh (Rakhine) Terrorists launched gun attacks on them. As a result, they got dispersed and lost contact with one another as they ran for their lives to their sights.

Twelve of them managed to come back to Kyauktaw and others are still missing. No woman has returned yet. No one knows their whereabouts yet. They might have been killed or are still alive. Therefore, we request anyone who finds any of them out to give them refugee as they are in grave trouble" anxiously said a local of Kyauktaw.

"Armed Rakhine terrorists have escalted terror activities in Arakan recently. We find no way to go. We are worried of another violence against us by Rakhine terrorists" he added.

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