Wednesday, 13 May 2015

More Rohingya burial grounds found off Phuket

Source thephuketnews, 13 May


Officials inspect the area believed to hold the bodies of Rohingya human trafficking victims.

PHUKET: — Officials from Takua Pa in Phang Nga have been requested by the Imam of Baan Ao Kaiey to exhume the bodies of two Ronhingyas who were buried at the local Islamic cemetery by a local hospital.

At noon yesterday (May 12), Phang Nga Police, Chief Lt Gen Chalit Kaewyarat; Phang Nga town clerk, Tinkorn Musikwat, and Takua Pa district chief, Manit Peintong, led local officials and police to search the Islamic cemetery in Moo 4 Baan Ao Kaiey in Kuraburi district after being informed that the bodies of Ronhingya human trafficking victims may have been buried there.

Officials discovered several graves in the area, which is located next to the border of Ranong and is an abandoned Rohingya detention camp. The camp had been raided by police several months ago.

Officials also found a further area where they believe Rohingyas had been buried in Moo 12 Baan Suan Mai Kuraburi.

Officials said that the areas were old detention camps for Rohingyas who had travelled from Ranong and stayed in Kuraburi temporarily before being transported to Satun and Songkhlar.

Takua Pa District Chief, Manit Peintong, said that they had been asked to go to the areas after the local Imam had asked them to exhume the bodies of two Ronhingyas buried in the cemetary after they had been found floating in the sea.

Officials found many burial sites near the abandoned Rohingya detention camps that they believe hold the bodies of Rohingya human trafficking victims.

Searches of the areas are continuing.

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