Tuesday 15 January 2013


by Dr. Abid Bahar

New report shows that the present anti Rohingya racism in Arakan was originally created by some Bengali Rakhines who illegallly entered into Arakan after 1948. The leader of them is Aye Maung. He is also the president of RNDP and the mastermind of the June Rohingya massacre.These Bengali Rakhines were popularly known as the Mogh (pirates) people, the decedents of the Mogh pirates in Medieval Bengal. Aung Aung is right, these bunch members of of a cult group are xenophobes believe in the cult of Awkhuntha, they know Arakanese history," through Awakhuntha which makes them cruel human on earth." They indoctrinate innocent Rakhines in "Awakhuntha Monastery." This group not only destroys Rohingyas by killing and destroying their homes, they also destroys Rohingya existence in Arakan by removing Muslim sounding or Rohingya sounding names.

About the nature of their activities, Aung Aung says: There is "no history recorded as Rakhine, there was no Rakhine in the ancient history. I am Buddhist but I love reality. Gautama commands us to follow eight fold paths, no discrimination, no racism, no double standard ,what is wrong with my Rakhine Buddhists mentality, why are you insulting our religion, why are you treating Rohingyas as animals? A person who think other human fellow as an animal,he is also animal. Unfortunately, no Rakhine can claim that Arakan is Rakhine's word. I studied a lot history regarding Arakan and literature, I couldn't find the words such as Akyab, Arakan, Naf etc. On Myanmar literature, there are thousands of experts, if anyone can prove those words as Myanmar or Rakhine, then I will be his slave as long as he lives. I am not kidding, whoever can write to me I will give the name of place where we can meet. Whatever is going on in Rakhine State is because of Awakhunethas's propaganda . Dr. Aye Maung and all of his colleagues are Awakhunthas like Dr. Aye Chan and Dr.Aye Kyaw.

"It is still fresh in my mind the day in 1984, Muslims Students were beaten severely and kicked out from the hostel. I was a first year student in Sittwe Degree College, Saya Saw Aung and Saya Tha Zan Maung who were Rakhines became very angry and gave lecture in the class that Rakhine should learn world history to become human, whoever can not recognize as a human he can not be a human, he will be lower than animal. I don't want to be lower than animal. Saya Saw Maung ,our Physic teacher
and Saya Tha Zan Maung, our Political science teacher, opened my eyes and from that time I hate those who hate Muslims without reason.

"Now Rakhine are killing Rohingyas ,every Rakhine knows but they were afraid of Rakhine Party. I don't want to be lower than animal in my next life, even I can give my life for the reality. I don't want to hide the truth, I don't want Buddhism as racism,I hate Awakhunstha, I never attend Awakhuntha Monastery."

I can see Aung Aung is right and there is problems injected by the Bengali Rakhine Mogh illegal immigrants in Arakan. But how to solve it? No doubt, the victims of Arakan's Awkhuntha racism is unrest in Arakan and the massacre of the Rohingya people.

How to enlighten good Rakhines to stay away from xenophobes like Aye Maung, Aye Chan, KO Ko Gyi and Ashin Nayaka from spreading this racist Awkhuntha anti Buddhist ideology?

It seems that this Awkhuntha pirate world views is spreading among Buddhists all over Burma and Bangladesh. Like Nazism, it is causing disstability and human misery in the region. Before it is too late I suggest:

(1) To stop the illegal Bengali Rakhines entering Arakan with Awkhuntha pirate ideas to indoctrinate the Rakhines of Arakan.

(2) Detain the marked criminals.

(3) Educate the common people of citizenship rights based on birth not ethnicity.

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