Tuesday 8 January 2013

Latest Rohingya Crises of Arakan

Rohingyablogger, 8 Jan: 70 Families Escaping Killed and Raped
Buthidaung: Recently, a group of 70 Rohingya families from Kyauktaw crossed the mountain to come to Buthidaung (particularly to Fuimali village) due to unbearable situations there and starvation as Rakhines and the authorities blocked all sources of food supply to Rohingya people. On the way many including women and children were brutally killed and raped by Rakhines, Murung, and Naskaka. Many women were seen brought naked without clothes into the Fuimali villages by Nasaka as witnessed by many in the Fuimali markets.
Furthermore, those who helped the victims were detained by Nasaka or released by offering hefty money. The situation is by no means bearable by any human beings and the Rakhines and the authorities are fully responsible for all these inhuman crimes against humanity.
Kaladanpress, 7 Dec: Mosque destroyed by Nasaka in Maungdaw

Maungdaw, Arakan State: A Mosque (10 yards in length, 5 yards in width and 3.5 yards in height) which was built in Barsara village under the Nasaka area No.(8) of Maungdaw Township in 2011, was destroyed by Burma's Border security force (Nasaka) on 5 Jan 2012.

At first, the Barsara village was situated at the sea beach of Bay of Bengal; but this village was forcibly transferred to a mountain side in 2010 and 2011. It has 80 houses and two mosques. In 2010, the Nasaka transferred 40 houses to a Mountain adjacent and then in 2011, another 40 houses were also transferred to the same mountain side.

However, on December 5, in the morning, a group of Nasaka from Inn Din Nasaka camp went to the new Barsara village and destroyed the "Belaro mosque" without giving any advanced warning to the villagers.


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