Thursday 12 July 2012

Emergency Crisis of Arakan

By NDPHR(exile),
Emergency Crisis of Arakan
The overall situation in Arakan/Rakhine state is still worse and there are tens of thousands of Rohingya with lack of food and shelter, particularly in isolated areas like in Rambre, Kyauktaw, Rathedaung township where muslims are very minority. The dead numbers from starvation and lack of medic are steadily rising day to day.   

A few thousands of those live in the tents of refugee camps along Darbaine (Daebaine) village, Gwaladil (Taechaung) village, Shisha Fara and Thakkaybyin (Sakki fara) village, are also facing flood due to heavy raining season.

Systematic confinement without food, shelter and not allowing to find or manage food, is another crime related to slow extermination system of the government. The death toll of Rohingyan passed 10,000 from Sittwe township alone and more than 100,000 are homeless. Again, day to day a number of sick people including women and children are dying from starvation, lack of medical care and shelter.
We are seriously concern for the victims those lost lives and properties and those currently put in risks. We are very disappointed for UN is not yet dealing effectively. It has been one month now the communities from around the world are restlessly callings and already elucidated in many reports. The failures in Burmese affairs like in the past by UN and Western Developed Countries would escalate more death toll.
Therefore, UN must pave decisive measure and in place immediate intervention in ongoing crisis of Arakan. UN must not be deliberative with this matter.

Newly founded the Myanmar National Human Rights Commission which founded on 5 Sept 2011 by three retired military generals and three professors, had provided report last week after four days visit to Arakan from 27 June. In the statement, 56 of 72 relief stations are at Buddhist monasteries and being met with basic needs.
It is also found that the commission's report was referred for Rakhine nationals and all sorts of aid have been distributed to Rakhine people under the supervising of local authorities that included distribution to unrelated four relief stations for Rakhine people of Rathedaung township and at least two relief stations for Rakhine people of Ponnagyun township.
In deed, There were no Rakhine displacement except from less than 10,000 Rakhines those from model villages of Maungdaw town and about 500 people those from about 50 houses of Mingan village of Sittwe town. All authorities do considered are for its national people while muslims are not considered as national at all.

Conduction checks on immigartion status of muslims by immigration authority came from Yangon jointly with local authority, has been reached at Aungmingala Quarter of Sittwe and all of those listed were categorized as Bengali. The list has been taken at the house of secretary of Aungmingala Quarter, known as Saya Shwe Hla. Regardless of origin Kaman or Rakhine muslim or Rohingya, it is described in the official paper that these Bengali people are come to live in the following village.
It clearly indicates the government's draconian plan to exclude all muslims from Arakan before it conduct the census by 2014. Previously, it is not a matter for muslims of Arakan to become Rakhine muslim or Arakanese muslim or Burmese muslim but the problems with like now the government is branding them as illegal immigrant, depriving their rights and taking away their properties.

 ..............................................Update from Arakan......................................

Sittwe township
Source came from authority confirmed that the Rakhine party-RNDP is continuously denying aid supply to homeless Rohingya people. The party's present Dr Aye Maung who is also Rakhine state minister responded that he could not agree for delivery of aid for terrorist illegal Bengali immigrants.
Yangon based Burmese muslims face failed to deliver aid for  muslims of Rakhine/Arakan because high-ranking authority said it must be approved by Rakhine state minister.

In the past 5 days a pregnant woman died from lack of care and another one from Thakaybyin (Sakki fara) died after 3 days of gave-birth.

Some Na-Sa-ka forces transferred from Maungdaw have been deployed in Badwa-dil (Bawdupa) near Darbaine (Taechaing) and started exercising of various harassments since the past 3 days.

The source confirmed, dozen of dead bodies belong to the boats sank on 7 July were washed out near Darbain beach (Taechaung). A professor of mathematics for Sittwe University and the whole of her family who were Kaman-muslims from Fishing village, were among the deads.

According to the letter of Muslim Liberation Organization of Burma-MLOB based in Thailand sent to president Thein Sein on 10 July 2012, the nortorious family members who are Kaman and Rakhine muslims were also among the deads. Some identified are; the relatives of Lieutenant Colonel Kyaw Khin of Military Medical Service and Yangon RIT lecturer Dr.Saw Fru's relatives who lived in Zayhaung Mawleik (Rohingya Fara), the writter Daw Saw Mon Nyin's relatives lived in Mizan village and Major Kyaw Hla Aung's relatives lived in Pa-taleik-chake Quarter.

Maungdaw Township
9 July
Rohingya organization-GWAB report confirmed that police officer Thein Sein with Lun Htin (paramilitary forces) raided  the market along the Cinema Road and broke two muslim shops so far and loaded goods to their truck.  The shop owners are  identified as Yasin s/o Osman and Ismail s/o Osman. The authorities continued to break 3 more shops.

8 July
The GWAB's report also confirmed that the same group of authorities led by police officer Thein Sein raided a house of Rafique in the village behind the cinema, Quarter No(5) and looted a lot of goods from the house and damaged a Jeep-car own by Rafique..

Rakhine mobs entered into the village of Sanda Fara of Alethangyaw (Haisuratha) and tried to rape women. As a result of thousand of villagers from nearby villages gathered on the scene instantly with the traditional slogan, the military forces arrived there and opened fire towards Rakhine mob. 2 Rakhines died on the spot and some injured. The villagers later dispersed to their homes by the request of the army.

Kaladan Press report of 11 July: 7 villagers of Lound Don and Daybonia (Taungbro letwe) were arrested by Nasaka authority came from Nasaka Headquarters of Hawar Bill (Kyigan Pyin) at about 14:00pm.

Buthidaung Township

A source from yesterday confirmed that the two staffs of UNDP ( the two are brothers and one is Maung Khine Swe and from Ward-4 Thabray Gong ), who were taken away by security forces from the beginning of violence are gone to missing.

6 July
Kaldan press report of 10 July: 2 villagers were killed by army at Naya Para village nearby Government High School. They victim were identified as Nabi Hussain-35 s/o Ali Akbar and Fokira-15 s/o Gora Meah.

Kyauktaw Twonship
10 July
Rohingya community ERCA based in Malaysia: 5 kids and 4 elder Rohingyans had been died from starvation in Guu Taung bazzar (opposite of Dukkan Chaung Rakhine village) in the past week, where total about 50 Rohingya houses are situated. The villagers are still confined by Police and surrounded by Rakhines.  A group of Rakhines came to attack while preparation for bury the dead bodies and removed the white sheets which shrouded the dead bodies because Rakhines said they were not sold for muslim.
Apart from the government does not deliver aid for Rohingya, they can neither order foods nor buy via someone. While Rakhine people enjoy all sorts of aid and assistance provide by local authorities.

The source confirmed that because of Kyauktaw Rakhine people party-RNDP president Dr.Tun Aye's widely instigation with loud speaker around every Rakhine village, the lives of Rohingya villagers are still in constant risk and Rohingyans those living in isolated areas are much worry.

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