Tuesday 31 July 2012

Burma's Rakhine Provocateurs are Hypocrites but the June Massacre is an Open Wound

Abid Bahar

From my research on Arakanese Rakhines and the Rohingyas for the past 32 years, I have no doubt in my mind that the report by MS Anwar (see below) coming directly from Arakan is true. Rakhines are masters of cruel deception. This time to the visiting UN Special Rapporteur, Mr. Tomas Ojea Quintana deceiving the actual situation of Arakan.(http://www.rohingyablogger.com/2012/07/current-situation-of-arakan-30th-july.html) The cover up of the crime scenes is clear even from Burmese President's previous statement asking for Rohingya's mass deportation.

Today, these Rakhine ultra nationalists are powerful in the Burmese army, security force and in the police. Most dangerous of all is that these Rakhine extremists are also the followers of a Rakhasa Buddhism. Like their cousins in Cambodian and Sri Lanka, they are capable of committing genocide.

Here in Arakan, Rakhine religion of Rakhassa have been used as a religious ideology;meaning Arakan is for Rakhine race only, killing the Rohingyas man, women and children randomly by the use of machetes,with the excuse of Rohingyas as being "foreigners." This is even when the victim Rohingya ancestors were there for centuries, even from the time of the Indian Chandras. For the Rakhine Mogh's historic barbarity in the region, no wonder why Arakan was named by Bengalis as the Moghur Mulluk "Land of the lawless people".

When there is a planned ethnic cleansing (genocide) going on, I wonder why Suu Kyi lost her voice, and Dalai Lama is in his deep meditation, and where is America's fight against terrorism this time when for the sake of its business interest in Burma, how can it define Rakhine terrorism against the Rohingya?

Burma's Rakhine problem is not over yet, Rakhine extremists are dangerous elements and in collaboration with the Generals are good at playing the cat and mouse game, of course until they are caught red handed. I am sure, Mr. Tomas Ojea Quintana and his expert team (different from the previous Indian naive visitor) and the international body already know and couldn't be fooled many times. I am sure, they are almost there because the massacre is an open wound from a full-blown genocide!

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