Wednesday 11 July 2012

The world to interfere in extermination

 By Habib,

The word 'kalar' or 'kala' is a pejorative context to refer  foreigner particularly to Indiana. It is a common ethnic slur that can be assimilated to "Negro" or “Nigger” in other term. This brings back to the time in USA where there was slavery and special laws for black people under severe oppression.
The case of Rohingyas is a mix of similarities that have happen over history like;
  • APARTHEID in South Africa
  • Hitler & Nazi extermination of the Jews
  • Palestine of Asia ( as Rohingya or muslim in Arakan are restricted from every social, economic and political development, particularly in Northern Arakan )
Why Rohingya are compare to such situation is very cleared that based on race and belief of Rohingya no matter who ruled the country,  they are;
  • massacred and expelled from their homelands in every power transition periods
  • rendered stateless to homeless,
  • treated like less human beings,
  • looted their goods and properties even their religious buildings, and
  • deprive from their rights to livelihood.
Burmese consulate general Ye Myint Aung in Hong Kong too had made similar expression of Rohingya as "ugly as ogres" in Feb 2009.
Rakhine National Democratic Party-RNDP president Dr Aye Maung's speeches aired in RFA on 27 June 2012 that included they could not share lands and properties or any resources for Rohingya.
Again RNDP's official letter on 26 June 2012- asked for separate placement and resettlement of Rohingya are very mockery.

The sign of Rakhine people wearing Nazi t-shirt, driving on truck where is written Nazi & Hitler, slur words writting and posting coarse pictures widely on social network and Rakhine people blogs, are also part of campaigning to exterminate Rohingya or muslim  from Arakan.

 (This picture is the latest of Burmese media- ( Burma's Irresponsible New Media )

The Thaluan Myanmar-English Pocket Dictionary of U Win Naing in Nov 2000, translated the word ‘kala’ as native of India.  It was most popular during the times of Nationalizing against Asia-Chinese in 1960 and Coolie Strike (known as Indian-Burman Roit) in 1930-38. But today Rohingya are being referred as the latest or the lowest rank of 'kalar'.

No Rohingya in Burma can claim they are Rohingya because otherwise they will get killed or jailed because Rohingya word was always forbidden. The Rohingya U Kyaw Min MP for NDPHR and member of Committee Representing People’s Parliament-CRPP, was detained on 17 March 2005 and sentenced 47 years for claiming Rohingya. At the same time, his wife Daw Tiza, his two daughters Kin Kin Nu and Way Way Nu and his son Maung Aung Naing had also sentenced to 17 years imprisonment respectively.
Therefore many Rohingya have no choice to avoid brutality and agreed to accept whatever identity of Bengali or Foreigner or Temporary Card. But when they are accepting it, the government again planed another step to dispose and cleans them.
                                                              (photo from- Rohingya blogger)
Rakhines and government knowingly rejecting the existence of Rohingya. Despite there were many visible historical existences and documentation evidences, the previous government announced in Burmese newspaper on 23 Feb 1973 which appeared with the head line of "There are Union of Ethnic Races 143 and already prepared to take census list" and having many quotation by Burma first democratically elected prime minister U Sao Shwe Thaik.
(In this newspaper report of July 1961, it was written- "National Rohingyans living within Mayu district are, nationals of Union of Myanmar".)

Again in 1799, the word Rooinga was written in the Fifth Volume of "A Comparative Vocabulary of Some of the Languages Spoken in the Burma Empire".

Let say they foreigners or Bengali or Muslims or dark people then would they be killed and persecuted?
In deed, the word ‘kala’ is origin from Pali-word  (middle Indo-Aryan language or Prakrit of India) and its correct spelling is (ku-la / ukvm;), but not as (kuu-la / ul;vm). Pali is the best known as the language of the earliest extant Buddhist scriptures.. If we translate through it,
So, the word kala  means Professor of healing in Pali term. Another term is a combining or descendent of race Buddha itself was came from part of India.

Later, Rakhine people widely use the word ‘kala’ to prefer the muslim people of Arakan and Burma plus whoever muslim, Hindu of foreign people of around the world, as well.   For example, it was sophisticated as ;
Ka-la-fru     (ukvm;jzL)  to white people  (white ka-la)
Ka-la-mae   (ukvm;rJ)   to black people   (black ka-la)
During miliatry govenment campaigned for New Constitution in later of 1992, the military junta scandalized the noble laureate by misquoting ‘Kala Fyu Mayaa S++ K++(‘fru’ is white and ‘mayaa is wife in Burmese # wife of a white).  And it was published widely in Burmese newspapers.

How muslim-phobic is that they want to completely cleans muslims from Burma in various ways despite Rohingya or muslims living in Arakan have been strucked from citizenship since 1982 and non of they been given citizen or Rohingya ID card, no matter muslim claim what. But it is not enough for Rakhines and government.They want to exterminate from Burma territory that is why they materialized the pogroms decade after decade.
Think about why killing of 10 non-Rohingya or non-Bengali on 3 June 2012??? Think why non-Rohingya like Kaman and Rakhine muslims were killed in current crisis???

Unlike other ethnic groups of Burma those only have problems with central government, Rohingya are caught between Rakhine and Government. They both corporately cleansing our people. Current ongoing violence in Arakan brought the death toll of Rohingyan exceeds 10,000 from Sittwe township alone and at least, 25,000 of Rohingya houses were burnt down and more than 100,000 are homeless.

Therefore it is the moment given the extermination against Rohingya in Burma and the world's interfering urgently is only option..

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