Sunday, 29 July 2012

Government Authorities Fabricate Ahead of UN Envoy Quintana's Visit

by NDPHR(exile),

From yesterday, the authorities escalate homeless Rohingyas those languish outside and grabbed into refugee camp of Badwadil village. The ancient mosque near Sittwe airport has been renovated from the past 3 days in order to show the government is doing everything.
But the lands of those destructed Rohingya houses and
the rest 28 mosques of 32 Rohingya villages in all over Sittwe have been completely bulldozed and made as a plane ground. So, no sign nor evidence left to claim that they were belong to Rohingyas.

Sittwe Crisis:
There are at least 7 Rohingyas dying from starvation and lack of medication in Sittwe refugee camps. Most of those died are children and older people. Medical services providing in refugee camps is just like First Aid that does not meet actual requirement. Food providing is not enough for everyone and those received are also once per day.
Remaining Rohingya houses in isolate area such as Santole, Aungmingala villages are in the worst situation and they receive no food supply.

Nasaka forces (Border Security Force) deployed in Naya Fara, Badwa-dil, Gwala-dil, Barsara and other villages, are harassing the Rohingya villagers and the worst are around Aung Daine and Alsan villages where the Nasaka camps base.

Rakhine people are still chanting across the roads with the banner written supporting "Rohingya Relocation Plan of president Thein Sein" while the others are still sporadically await to attack Rohingyas who ever come out from the village.
By afternoon of 27 July, two foreigner Indian workers of ESSAR Oil Company were brutally beaten up by a gang of Rakhine people on the main road of Sittwe (Lanmagyi) because their faces similar to Rohingya. Police and military forces lately came to intervene and sent them to hospital.

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