Friday 17 August 2012

Army kills one, more injure in Maungdaw

, kaladanpress

Maungdaw, Arakan State:  Army killed one Rohingya and more injured in Lambagona village while army open fired the village tonight at about 10; 00pm, said a villager from Lambagona village.
“The army stationed at Tharaekonbon village tract and Rakhines from Tharaekonbon (New settler) attacked Lambagona village to loot and harass the villagers at about 10:00pm where the villagers scream out for help and nearby villagers rushed to the spot to save the villagers of Lambagone.”

“When the sound of villagers rounding the village, the army open fired to the village where one villager –Abdul Salam son of Amir Husson – was shot dead on the spot and more villagers wounded for fired.”
The army officer of army station at Tharaekonbon stopped the Natala (New settler) villagers who wanted to attack the Lambagona village again and other army personnel round up the village of Lambagona, said a villager.

“The Rohingyas are staying inside the village as the army didn’t allow them to go out the village and searching the villagers who wounded in the fired. The Rohingya are not allowed to go to the hospital for medical treatment. The wounded person will be died if they will not get proper treatment.”
The high ranking military officer urged the Rohingya community from Maungdaw to stay peacefully together with Rakhine, but their soldiers are going to kill the Rohingya and trying to loot the property of Rohingya, said elder from Maungdaw.

“The authorities are trying to hide their crime against Rohingya during the period of riot and on the other side they are also killing Rohingya and looting the property with Rakhine community.”
If the authority paly double role, the conflict will not end in the Arakan State and the international community must enter to this areas and must control law and order for seek of Rohingya ethnic cleansing

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