Wednesday 15 August 2012

Update news of Maungdaw on August 14, 2012

 Kaladan Press, 14 Aug 2012

Nasaka commits suicide in Maungdaw Township
Maungdaw, Arakan State:  A Nasaka (Burma’s border security force) of Nasaka area No. 5 of Maungadw north, Arakan State committed suicide on August 13, at about 10:00 pm while sitting in a house of Rakhine village named Aukpruma, according to a Nasaka aide.

He was one of the members of a petrol group from the Nasaka camp. After patrolling a long time along the villages, they took rest at the house of U Hla Sein (45), son of U Aung San of Kasari Bill (Auk-prua) village. Before suicide, he and his colleagues were over drinking in the house. After that, suddenly a bullet was fired from his gun, but it hit his jaws and a few minutes later he was dead on the spot.
Hearing the sound of the firing, a group of Nasaka from nearby the camp rushed to the spot to see the incident. It is learnt that who committed suicide was very disappointed as the officers discriminate the soldiers.  Later, the dead body was brought to the Nasaka camp and buried there.

Maungdaw-Aley Than Kyaw higway opened
Maungdaw, Arakan State: Maungdaw – Aley Than Kyaw has been opened since August 11,by the concerned authority. But, a Nasaka out-post  is established nearby the black bridge, which is near Khadir Bill (Yaung Chaung)  and Pandaw Pyin ( Nolbonia)  to collect money from the Rohingya community who cross the bridge. The Nasaka collects Kyat 300 to 1,000 per each who cross the bridge according to people status, said a businessman from Maungdaw.

Prisoners extremely discriminated in Buthidaung Jail
At present, there are about 700 prisoners in Buthidaung jail. They are being kept in No. 2 hostel of the prison. All the prisoners who have brands including Maulanas (religious leaders) have to be clean shaved.  They are allowed to go out of the room one time per week to take bath. They are supplied only five cups of water to take bath. They are all naked when they get out from the room, though the 400 longies were donated to the prisoners by a philanthropist from Buthidaung. Their care takers are Rakhine youths so that they can discriminate the prisoners as they want.  The prisoners are fed only one time per day.  After sun set, the prisoners are fed chick peas for Iftari. These prisoners are arrested within two months since June 8. They are arrested with false and fabricated cases, said a man from Buthidaung on condition of anonymity.

Police and Hluntin extort money from Rohingya shopkeepers in Maungdaw
In Maungdaw town, the general administration officer recently ordered to the Rohingya shopkeepers to open their shops which are established along the road not in the Municipal market.  The police and Hluntin went to the shop and extorted money from the owners of the shops and sometimes looted goods from the shops without paying money.  If the matter is appraised to the higher concerned authorities, they do not take any heed.  U  Aye Tun Sein, the police officer of police station of Maungdaw Town checked all the Rohingya travelers from the Clock Tower junction of Maungdaw Town and looted all the goods that they have. When the villagers appraised the matter to the concerned authorities, they do not take any action against them, according to a shopkeeper from Maungdaw.

Forced labor still going on in Maungdaw
Rohingya community from Maungdaw and resident of Nurulllah and Bagona villages are forced to transport logs and Bamboos for rebuilding Natala villages –Kharay Myan and Kanpin Thaseez- while Rohingya are going to Bagona for visit or residents of said village went to market to buy foodstuffs of kitchen, said a Rohingya who pay forced labor yesterday.
The Maungdaw town Rohingyas who went to the Bagona village for visit relatives are forced to carry the logs and bamboo for Natala village. It is the ordered of Nasaka.

Looting and harassing Rohingya in Maungdaw
Rohingyas are facing harassment and looting their belonging while they are going to Maungdaw market from their villages, said a villager from Ward number 2.
“Hluntin personnel stationed at old cinema hall and Bomu village –along the connecting road of Myoma Kayoungdan village and Kanree village ( Ward number 2) are harassing and looting Rohingyas while they pass the station.”

“The Hluntin camp of these two stationed also stopped and checked Rohingyas when crossing the outpoat. At that time, some Rakhines were beating the Rohingya severely who were checking by hluntin. The Hluntin didn’t stop the Rakhine who were beating the Rohingyas.”
Some Rakhines are start thronging stone to the Rohingya rickshaw pullers when the Rohingya pass the Shesoe photograph shop from Ward number 4 of Sanpya village, since Sunday. The Rakhine may be getting support from police or Hlunti to do this, said a school teacher.

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